What to pay attention to when renting an apartment in Yerevan?

Last updated: 06.04.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. District selection
  2. 2. The owners of the apartment
  3. 3. Treaty
  4. 4. Building
  5. 5. In the apartment
  6. 6. Neighbours
  7. 7. Additional Information
In Armenia big real estate market, but at finding the perfect apartment however, difficulties may arise. We will tell you how not to make a mistake with the choice.

District selection

in Yerevan 12 administrative regions. Relocants rent apartments in the central region (Kentron) and in Arabkir close to it. They are considered the most prestigious. Infrastructure, transport are developed here, roads are better, city events are held.

However, at the same time, the price is higher compared to other areas. In Kentron and Arabkir, you will always hear Russian speech and see familiar faces.
When choosing an area, pay attention to
  • availability and level of infrastructure (shops, pharmacies, shopping centers and restaurants, clinics, schools, kindergartens, parks);
  • transport communication (regularity of work public transport, road congestion), the quality of the road surface, sidewalks;
  • weather (in the foothills it is colder; in summer this is an advantage, but in winter utility bills are higher);
  • ecology (proximity of industrial enterprises);
  • street lighting (often not enough);
  • earthquakes (the most vulnerable houses in Ajapnyak);
  • utilities (how often turn off light and water).

The owners of the apartment

Agree with the owners of the apartment in advance:
  • how often will they come;
  • will the apartment be inspected every time;
  • how utilities will be paid: you will pay yourself (then ask for a subscriber number) or through the owners.

If the owner rents out several apartments, ask the tenants to talk about their interactions with the landlord. You can also chat with previous tenants.
And how they cheat when renting an apartment?

8 tricks in this article


To begin with, we note that the contract must be drawn up necessarily. In the contract, pay attention to:
  • Delivery time and price. Unscrupulous landlords may insist on early eviction or higher rents if they find tenants offering higher rents;
  • Prepaid expense. The contract may state that if you decide not to renew the lease, then you live the last month at the expense of the advance; the advance payment is not returned if you leave the apartment ahead of time or if something is damaged;
  • Breakdowns. Agree in advance on who pays for damages that you are not responsible for. If the hosts do not agree to pay the 100% cost, then offer to split it in half;
  • Condition of the apartment. Carefully inspect the apartment. If you find damage, indicate it in the contract. So you will not have claims upon eviction.

Ask the owner of the apartment if it is possible to register in it. This may be necessary, for example, to issue a bank card or enroll a child in school.
And who will help with the contract?


Most of the balconies in Soviet high-rise buildings have been completed to rooms. They build living quarters based on the canopies of the entrances or entire additional floors on the roofs. This is illegal and unsafe, especially given the possibility of earthquakes.

After the Spitak earthquake in 1988, the seismic resistance of buildings was strengthened in the Republic of Armenia. New buildings are considered more durable compared to Soviet houses, as monolithic reinforced concrete structures are now used, rather than panels.

When choosing a new building, find out if renovations are underway in neighboring apartments. Make sure that the building is completely ready for use, because sometimes even after the delivery, the walls are repainted and the elevators are finished.

Check for a buildup of wires on the poles - this can cause problems with electricity and communications. Does the intercom work, or is the door always open.

If a barrier is installed in the yard, find out how it opens: you will be given either an electronic key or a phone number.

Is the entrance clean, especially in Soviet houses. Special workers clean the entrances, but often this is not enough.

Are there lamps with a switch in the entrance (also in Soviet buildings). It happens that all the lighting on the floor is switched on only from the apartments. It can be dark in the entrance if the neighbors are at home and they personally do not need light from the outside.

We advise you to ask if there is a chat at the entrance or at home - there you can also find out about problems, ask questions.


In the apartment

Check the condition of the water pipes - whether they are leaking. Find out how to turn off the water in your apartment and whether it is possible to do this in the entire entrance.

Heating or air conditioning is not available in every apartment. If the batteries are installed, then the hot water supply is regulated through the gas boiler in your apartment, each battery is opened separately. Check if they work properly. Find out when the air conditioner was last cleaned. If not, you can negotiate with the landlords to buy it. This also applies to other necessary equipment and furniture.

Pay special attention to a gas boiler (for heating water and operating a stove), as they often try to hide it in cabinets to the detriment of security. Make sure:
  • the number of the gas boiler is visible;
  • the column is easy to get to;
  • it is easy to get close to the valve to shut off the gas;
  • the gas leak indicator works;
  • a hole was made for the removal of gas;
  • does not smell of gas.

If the apartment has a shower, check if the water is stagnant in the hole on the floor. Ventilation should also work properly, mold should not form.

Find out if the hood in the kitchen is connected correctly - if not, then the smell of food can come from you and to you.

Inspect the kitchen - if there are cockroaches, ask the owners if the neighbors complain about cockroaches.

Check for bed bugs.

You can find out about the problems of the apartment by asking the owner directly. Make a list of questions in advance, taking into account our advice.


As already mentioned, find out if repairs are underway. Stay in the apartment longer, preferably in the evening, to check the soundproofing.

Since usually all the neighbors know each other, you can also get to know each other, and at the same time ask about the owner of the rented apartment.

Non-smokers are advised to find out if neighbors smoke on the balconies, as the smell can reach you.

Pay attention not only to the residents of your house, but also to the neighbors of nearby houses, as they may also be undergoing repairs or construction. Noisy residents, as well as those engaged in agriculture, can be heard even across the road. If they don't have batteries and air conditioners, you might smell smoke.

If your home has a shop or restaurant, find out if they have cockroaches, rats, or a strong smell.

Additional Information

There are no mailboxes in the houses - mail is stored in the post office until demand.

Gas and electricity meters are installed outside the apartment, you do not need to take readings yourself. One water meter. Residents send his photo to a public utility employee on Viber, or he comes and takes pictures himself.

Often things are dried on a rope stretched from the apartment to a pole in the courtyard.

In some yards there are gazebos with barbecue facilities, all neighbors can use them.

The air in Yerevan is dry. You may need a humidifier at home.

Be careful, large spiders and scorpions are found in apartments in summer.
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