Human rights organizations in Armenia

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We tell you who and how to contact if your rights in Armenia have been violated.


Ombudsman – The defender of human rights in Armenia is Anahit Manasyan. If your rights have been violated by government officials or governmental organizations, you can file a complaint in person or in writing.

Russian organizations

Fund for Support and Protection of the Rights of Compatriots Living Abroad, two human rights centers have been organized in the territory of Armenia:

  • Public human rights organization "Russian Field" in Armenia;
  • Fund for Assistance and Assistance to Russian Compatriots in Armenia.

These centers provide Russians with free legal advice and legal assistance.


Human rights NGO "Helsinki Association" monitors compliance with international agreements in the field of human rights and freedoms, provides free legal advice and lawyers.
Yerevan, st. Pushkina, 3a
+374 10 560372
+374 10 561457

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly - Vanadzor also monitors compliance with international human rights treaties and is located in Vanadzor. You can ask for help or with a question in person or by leaving a request on the site.

Helsinki Spitak Group offers free legal assistance to all citizens, as well as psychological counseling for women and children.

NGO "Protection of rights without borders" mainly engaged in projects to monitor the observance of human rights, reforms in the judicial and political systems. He also provides free legal assistance, including filing applications with the European Court of Human Rights.

narrow focus

Freedom of access to information

You can choose a real estate agent from the Freedom of Information Center Individuals and legal entities, mass media, journalists, etc. apply to challenge in court the denials of access to information.


Human rights NGO "Pink" provides psychological, social and legal assistance to representatives LGBT communities.
+374 60 377277

"Right side" advocates for the rights of trans people and sex workers. The organization can be contacted for advice and legal assistance.

GALAS is an American organization that defends the rights of LGBT Armenians and fights for gender equality.

Women's rights

Women's Support Center fights domestic violence. Victims are provided with legal and psychological assistance, asylums are provided.
Hotline: +374 99 887808

Children's rights

Deals with children's rights UNICEF Armenia. The local office of the international organization monitors the observance of children's rights, fights for their health, safety and education.

Children who find themselves in a difficult life situation, people with disabilities, the elderly, victims of domestic violence can call the “Urgent Response Platform” at the number 114 or write to Facebook.

Help for emigrants

Organization "The ark" supports those fleeing the war legally and psychologically, finds temporary housing and helps to settle in Armenia.
Contacts: useful links
Address: Yerevan, st. Pavtos Buzand, 1/3.

Rights of military personnel

In Armenia there is Committee of Soldiers' Mothers "Zinvori Mayr"providing social and legal support to soldiers and their families. We managed to find their contact in Facebook.


You can choose a real estate agent from the EcoLur apply when faced with violations in the field of ecology, and hence the right to health and life in a clean environment. On the website of the organization, you can fill out an application with an environmental alarm.


There is no animal protection law in Armenia, therefore there are no relevant legal organizations. However, there is charity, shelters, associations that help sick and homeless animals.

Help Animals Armenia is a Facebook group where anyone can post about an animal or family in need of help.
Contacts: Facebook.

Rex - a shelter for homeless animals in the village of Nor Kharbert, 20th street, 27.
Contacts: Shelter owner Novel
useful links.

Dogs of Gyumri is a group of initiative people who help and sterilize stray dogs in Gyumri.
Contacts: Telegram.

Animal-Kind International supports shelters in different countries where there are difficulties in protecting animals. In Armenia, the organization cooperates with a shelter Save the Animals.
Address: Yerevan, 5th per. Arin Berd street, 17A.

Animal Rescue and Adoption Center - a group for those who want to help homeless animals.
Contacts: Facebook.

CAToo Cat Rescue Armenia - a shelter engaged in rescue, medical care and finding families for homeless animals.

Centaur Animal Assisted Therapy Center – an animal shelter where dogs are nurtured and trained, and then with their help and with the help of horses they provide free therapy for sick children and people with special needs.

DINGO Team – collecting help for injured animals, posting announcements about lost animals and searching for families for homeless dogs and cats.
Contacts: Facebook.

Dingo որդեգրման էջ – a page where you can find and adopt a homeless dog.
Contacts: Facebook.

JACK shelter for dogs and cats - a shelter that helps homeless animals.
Contacts: Facebook.

Jessy Adoption – helping sick animals and finding new homes for them.
Contacts: Facebook.

PAWSitive Rescue Armenia - a group to help homeless animals. Rescues sick animals, finds families for homeless cats and dogs.

SHOON - a shelter for dogs, engaged in their rescue and search for new owners.
Contacts: Facebook.

Stray Animals Center looking for homes for animals, spaying and vaccinating them.
Contacts: Facebook.

Stray Dogs of Armenia is an organization offering people from other countries to shelter or help keep dogs in Armenia.
Contacts: Facebook.

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