How to get a divorce in Armenia?

Last updated: 06.08.2023
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  2. 2. Consulate

We have already told how to register a marriage, and now we will tell you how to terminate it in Armenia.

You can get a divorce at the registry office or through the Russian consulate. It doesn't matter if two Russians or a Russian and an Armenian are getting divorced.


Contact the registry office at the place of residence in Armenia of one of the spouses or the Civil Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. Provide passports with Armenian translation and marriage certificate. If it is in Russian, then also with translation. Notarization is not required.

The registry office will give an application (in Armenian) for signature. You can view the form at Ministry website. Pay the fee - 9,000 drams, and in a month the marriage will be terminated. A stamp in the passport is not put both at the conclusion and at the dissolution of marriage. Both certificates are valid. Upon returning to Russia, you can submit a notarized translation of the certificate to the passport office and receive a stamp.

If one of the spouses cannot be present when the application is submitted, additional documents will be required. Here you can see their list.


To dissolve a marriage through the Russian consulate, make an appointment at Yerevan or GyumriRequired documents:

  • completed divorce petitionprinted on one sheet on both sides;
  • passports and their copies;
  • marriage certificate.

Consular fee – 134 400 drams.

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