How to organize a move in Armenia

Last updated: 17.05.2023
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  1. 1. Collecting things
  2. 2. Packaging materials
  3. 3. Shipping

You have decided to change housing in Armenia, have used apartment selection guide and found new place. The question remains - how to organize the move from collecting things to transferring them to an apartment. We will help you with this.

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If you have yet to draw up a rental agreement, please read our article. Also check if you have contacted scammers.

Collecting things

Helps to collect and pack things comfort service. They also have courier and delivery services.

If you decide to assemble yourself, then you will need stretch or cling film, air bubble wrap (pimple wrap) and boxes. Cheap and in one place they can be ordered at Wildberries. But if you do not have time to wait for delivery, then the materials can be found in local stores.

Packaging materials

Stretch film is impervious to steam and gases, has a higher density than food, so it is well suited for moving. But cling film is easier to find and is available at most grocery stores. For stretch film you need to go to market Gnuni, Petak or hardware stores. Among the big ones - Yerevan MarketArinj MallExpert1. You will also find bubble wrap there.

Relocants advise

Tigran Mets Avenue from the street. Christopora to st. Nar-Dos, on both sides of the shops selling all sorts of packaging materials.

good shop delivers film as well as boxes. They also sell boxes at Tukhtard Tara and at post offices.

It is not necessary to buy boxes - they are given away for free in stores, for example, Begemotik, Nor Zovq, AMS Security (Kievyan St., 7), as well as at Wildberries pick-up points.


Let's mention it again comfort service, which has both loaders and carriers.

As in Russia, Yandex delivers. The service can include loading and unloading. We advise you to call the driver and clarify whether he and (if required) the second loader will carry out and bring things into the apartment.

Personal experience

The driver-loader from "Yandex" helped load things into the car, take them out, but refused to lift them.


only not all drivers come (they want to go empty for 4 km to your point). And some may immediately refuse and put up a cash price tag for 15-20% more.
I recommend calling several different configurations at once and making screenshots (or immediately writing to support) that the loader option is really selected, because. On the order screen, this info is not displayed anywhere and you can’t prove it in any way. I was so lied to pay extra for the loader

Local taxi GG is also engaged in cargo transportation. There are services of one and two loaders.

Company helps with relocation Legara. However, as always with transportation, check the cost.


I was advised called them, tried to understand the cost. The car for a distance of 6 km was called 5 thousand drams, the loader called back, said that lifting 12 boxes would cost 15-20 thousand drams.

Loaders and deliveries offer their services on

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