Grooming, walking animals, playgrounds for them in Yerevan

Last updated: 13.07.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Grooming
  2. 2. Walking areas

We tell you where you can go in for grooming animals, as well as at what sites in Yerevan you can walk them.


Woof Grooming Salon

Address: Babayan street, 6/G
Contacts: +374 98 389977
Social network: Instagram

In addition to the complex care for dogs and cats, SPA, nail art and teeth cleaning are available. The price starts from 10 000 AMD. Online booking and free parking.

Grooming House Armenia

Address: Arshakunyats Avenue, 2
Contacts: +374 95 404020
Social network: Instagram and TikTok

In addition to the classic grooming, the services include express molting. Premium care is available for those who wish. A special feature of Grooming House Armenia is its own clothing and headwear store for dogs.

Grooming room

Address: street Surb Grigor Lusavorich, 12; Mashtots Avenue, 8
Contacts: +374 93 951049
Social network: Instagram

“Here is safe grooming without stress!” — positioning of the Grooming Room from its creator Tatiana Bori. Baths, haircuts, express shedding services. In winter, a kindergarten for pets was launched.

BB Grooming Yerevan

Address: Gyulbenkyanka street, 39B
Contacts: +374 55 105411
Social network: Instagram

Classic grooming with its own shop: food, sweets, toys for pets. Cozy SPA-salon and express molting services.

Diadella Pet Hotel & Grooming

Address: Tpagrichneri street, 9
Contacts: +374 98 818287, +374 91 818287
Social network: Instagram and Facebook

Hotel for pets. Painting, dog care. You can contact both by mobile and via Whatsapp.

snoopy grooming salon

Address: Teryan street, 54 (entrance from the yard)
Contacts: +374 95 170197
Social network: Instagram

Classic and creative grooming, trimming and even dentistry. Recording via Whatsapp and Viber. The cost of comprehensive care for one pet starts from 10,000 AMD.


Address: Azatutsyun Avenue, 14
Contacts: +374 10 209966, +374 96 209966
Social network: Instagram and Facebook

Veterinary clinic with a multilingual website (Armenian, Russian, English). There are dental services and a full pet store.


Address: Komitas Avenue, 6
Contacts: +374 11 279999, +374 99 279998
Social network: Instagram and Facebook

You can contact the veterinary clinic 24/7 at the indicated phone numbers. There are no online procedures and consultations, only personal presence with a pet.


Address: Avet Avetisyan street, 112/2; Azatutsyun avenue 8/63; Moskovyan street, 8
Contacts: +374 99 404070, +374 33 300505, +374 44 200505, +374 33 300404
Social network: Instagram

Veterinary center with its own pet shop. Working hours are from 10 am to 10 pm. In addition to Armenian, the official website is available in English. 24/7 support service, you can leave a request through contact form.

Walking areas

dog park

Address: Yeritasardutyan park

The pet garden is located near the Grigor Lusavorich Church near the new skate park.

Park on Halabyan street

Address: Location

Lyon park

Address: Erebuni, Jacques-yves Cousteau street

There is a dog walking area near the Lyon Park. Nearby is the artificial lake Vardavar and a pleasant square for walking.

Park of Love and Faith

Address: Malatia-Sebastia, microdistrict Yugo-Zapadny B2

Next to the park of love and faith, near the sports area, there is a dog playground. Nearby - 2 kindergartens and 2 secondary schools.

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