Construction and repair in Armenia

Last updated: 19.05.2023
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You have to start repair or construction, but you do not know where to get building materials, furniture and who to turn to for help? We will help you find the right store and service.



Repairs and construction can be expensive, so if you want to save money, check out the markets first. The prices there are lower than in stores.

Gnuni - building materials market, where household items are also sold.

Address: st. Vardanants, 15/2.

Petak. When you ask where in Yerevan to find this or that thing, the first thing they do is send you to Petak. Here you can find almost everything, including materials for construction and repair.

Address: Arshakunyats ave., 17.


More markets can be found in our article and in blog.

The shops

There are many construction and furniture stores in Armenia. We list the largest of them.

Arinj Mall. This mall has many construction and furniture stores. There is electronics, plumbing and in general everything for repair.

Address: s. Arinj, 6th st., 1.

Domus - a network of furniture and building materials stores. There are branches in several cities of Armenia. You can arrange delivery on the website.

Addresses: Yerevan, Admiral Isakov Ave., 29/1; st. David Anakht, d. 8; st. Hovhannes Shiraz, 25, st. David-Beka, 110; st. Nar-Dosa, 42; st. Araratyan, house 88/8; Tbilisi highway, 20/8.

Gyumri, st. Vazgen Sargsyan, 26/6.

Vanadzor, st. Hovhannes Tumanyan, 8.

Artashat, st. August 23, 79/8.

Armavir, st. Yerevanyan, 20/3.

Martuni, st. Kamo, d. 26/6.

Elf Decor – wallpaper, finishing and flooring shops.

Addresses: Yerevan, st. Marshal Khudyakov, 169/1; st. Kievyan, d. 2A.

Expert1 - here you will find building materials, and accessories for decoration, plumbing and much more. You can place an order online.

Address: Yerevan, st. Hrachya Kochar, 13/4.

Goldshin produces roofing materials and drainage systems.

Addresses: plant - with. Balahovit, 8th street, d, 5.

Yerevan, Azatutyan avenue, 13/1; st. Sebastia, d. 81; st. Rostovyan, d. 15/15.

Vanadzor, st. Hovhannes Tumanyan, 2/5.

Gyumri, Victory Avenue, 102.

Ideal System - the largest chain of furniture stores and goods for repair, heating, ventilation.

Addresses of 29 stores look at site. It sells not only laminate, but also furniture accessories, finishing materials and plumbing. There is a service of making furniture to order, delivery from the site.

Address: Yerevan, Artsakh Ave., 61/4.

Leaderia - a network of tile and sanitary ware stores.

Addresses: Yerevan, st. Vardanants, house 96; st. Sevan, d. 86/3.

MEGA SHIN is a construction hypermarket on the outskirts of Yerevan.

Address: Yerevan, 1st st. Haghtanak 1st dead end, 44/4.

Mix Paints – manufacturer of paint and various building chemicals. An order can be placed on the website.

Addresses: Yerevan, st. Nar-Dosa 1st lane, 43/1; avenue Arshakunyats, 2; st. General Nver Safaryan, 7.

M shin – sale of building materials at retail and wholesale, household supplies.

Address: Yerevan, st. Hovhannes Shiraz, 20/1.

Nor Tun. Here you will find everything for repair - from paint to furniture.

Addresses of 21 stores look at site.

Ruben Shin Market hardware store with materials for decoration, repair, heating.

Address: Yerevan, st. Gusan Sheram, 100.

Yerevan Market - a shopping center where you will find furniture, household goods and a separate construction market.

Address: Yerevan, st. Sevan, 33/3.


To get started, you can look at the workers on


More about at our article.


"Standard repair" engaged in the repair of entire apartments, individual rooms and minor repairs.

Address: Yerevan, Marshal Baghramyan Ave., 7, office 3.

Avagyan Building – construction of houses, repair and interior decoration of commercial and residential premises. Communication through social networks and by phone 093 717870.

Shen Construction engages in construction and renovation. Services - from wallpapering to the construction of houses.

Address: Yerevan, st. Shirak, 2.

VIP Shin. The company is engaged in repair, including turnkey, and finishing works of varying complexity.

Address: Yerevan, st. Nairi Zaryana, 22a, office 315.


During repair and construction, you may need the services of loaders. Where to find them, we tell in article about moving.

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