Table of contents:

  1. 1. Unified platform for electronic requests
  2. 2. Ministry of Justice website
  3. 3. Unified property tax portal
  4. 4. Official website of Yerevan Municipality
  5. 5. Website of the tax office
  6. 6. Website of the customs service
  7. 7. Traffic police website
  8. 8. Website of the Cadastre Committee
  9. 9. Participation in lawmaking
  10. 10. Service of registration in state bodies - Earlyone

Unified platform for electronic requests

The site is available in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English. To use it, you need to register.

When registering, you must select a nationality. The list also includes the Russian Federation. It is necessary to indicate the full name, series and number of the Russian passport, postal address and telephone number.

You can use the single e-request portal to:

  • Submit an application, inquiry or complaint;
  • Follow the progress of the letter using the control code that is assigned to each application;
  • Get a response to your letter through the portal or to your email address.

Ministry of Justice website

An analogue of Multifunctional centers in Russia (MFC).

Through a single center, you can get the following services:

  1. Civil Registry Agencies;
  2. the State Register of Legal Entities;
  3. State Revenue Committee;
  4. National Archives;
  5. Social Security Services;
  6. Migration Service;
  7. Cadastre Committee;
  8. funeral home;
  9. notaries

In addition, the site contains all the information about the procedure for obtaining services, lists of required documents, the amount of the state fee. The site has various forms of documents, samples of requests and applications, addresses and contacts of regional offices.

eJustice – a service through which you can send requests to the registry office, for example, to obtain a certificate of marital status / absence marriage. Help can be sent to your email address. You need to register on the site: fill in your full name, date of birth and phone number.

**The service allows:

  • check the qualifications and licenses of bankruptcy trustees and notaries,
  • get contacts of mediators, free medical care centers

The site can also check the progress of the applicationsubmitted to the Ministry of Justice.

Unified property tax portal

Service for paying taxes on vehicles and real estate. To do this, just enter the data of the property or owner.

Official website of Yerevan Municipality

On the site you can:

Most of the pages are only available in Armenian.

Website of the tax office

Here you can:

  • register as a taxpayer;
  • submit tax and financial statements.

To register on the site you need social number.

Website of the customs service

The site has a calculator for calculating customs duties when importing vehicles into the RA. Registration is not required.

Traffic police website

On the site traffic police you can find traffic rules tickets to prepare for the theoretical part of the exam upon receipt driving license.

In addition, on home page Can:

  • get acquainted with the decisions on the appointment of administrative fines;
  • track the balance of penalty points for traffic violations;
  • conclude a contract for the sale of a vehicle in electronic form;
  • register the vehicle;
  • learn about the amount of taxes for the vehicle.

To register on the website of the Traffic Police, a foreign citizen will need a social card number and a driver's license.

Website of the Cadastre Committee

Cadastre Committee - an analogue of the Russian Rosreestr, which registers the rights to real estate. This site provides many electronic services:

To use the services of the site, you need a social card number and a passport. If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, you can select the country of citizenship and enter the series and number of the national passport.

Participation in lawmaking

Site is a kind of virtual platform for public hearings. Each registered user can first read and then vote "for" or "against" the adoption of a bill.

Here you can also discuss the document with other users and make your suggestions on the project. To register on the site, you need to enter your full name, phone number, postal and email address.

Service of registration in state bodies - Earlyone

early one - a website and application through which you can take a queue in various institutions, including banks. To queue in the application, you need to select a company, then the desired or nearest branch, select a time to receive service without waiting. Upon arrival at the branch, you need to activate the ticket and receive a notification about the queue. If you are late, you can delay the ticket.

This service is from a selection 28 applications for life in Armenia.

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