Commission for withdrawing money from the MIR card

Last updated: 26.06.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. What does the commission consist of?
  2. 2. Commission of Russian banks
  3. 3. Course of Russian banks
  4. 4. Commission of Armenian banks

In Armenia, you can withdraw money from the Russian MIR card. However, there is a fee for this. We talk about the conditions in different banks.

What does the commission consist of?

The amount of the commission consists of several parts:
  • Russian bank commission;
  • the exchange rate used by the Russian bank;
  • Armenian bank commission.

Commission of Russian banks


Sbercard holders take a commission of 1%, but not less than 150 rubles. That is, if you withdraw a small amount, and the expected commission should be, for example, 50 rubles, they will still withdraw 150 rubles. The owners of the Sberbank social card have a commission of not 150, but 100 rubles.
You can withdraw without commission if you have a Sberbank card called “Sbercard World” and a SberPrime + subscription is connected.


VTB has a commission of 1%, but not less than 100 rubles.
VTB has no commission in Ameria and VTB ATMs - the rate of PS Mir is clear


Holders of the basic Tinkoff tariff can withdraw up to 100,000 rubles per month without commission.
Tinkoff yes, from some amount without commission. But the exchange rate of the dram is too unfavorable. It is more profitable to withdraw from the savings bank with a commission)


For each transaction, 450 rubles + 1% of the amount for converting into drams are charged.

Alfa Bank

Commission 4.9% of the withdrawn amount.

Course of Russian banks

Most banks use a single exchange rate - payment system MIR. But there are exceptions. For example, in Sberbank your courseCourse in Tinkoff less profitable than in Sberbank, but when withdrawing cash, a recalculation is carried out using the MIR system within a few days.

Alpha uses its own ruble-dram exchange rate, converted through the dollar.
Please note that a more favorable exchange rate is on weekdays from 10:00 to 21:30 Moscow time. The market is open at this time.

Commission of Armenian banks

Converse Bank, Evocabank, Byblos Bank

In these banks, the commission is 1%.


This bank does not accept MIR cards.

Other Armenian banks do not have their own commission.

Banks have set limits on cash withdrawals at a time. ACBA, Ameria and ID Bank issue AMD 150,000 each, other banks - AMD 50,000 each. But the number of such transactions per day can be about 20, unlimited or depend on the conditions of a Russian bank.
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