How to send a child to kindergarten?

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Table of contents:

  1. 1. general information
  2. 2. Documentation
  3. 3. Kindergartens where they speak Russian
  4. 4. average cost

We talk about the documents required for admission and gardens where they speak Russian.

general information

Kindergartens accept children 1.5–6 years old. Some children's centers enroll from the age of 3.

Age groups in municipal gardens:

  • "Junior 1" - 2-3 years;
  • "Younger 2" - 3-4 years;
  • "Medium" - 4-5 years;
  • "Senior" - 5-6 years.

The maximum number of children in a group is 30.

Opening hours are from 8:30 to 18:30 or from 9:00 to 19:00. In private kindergartens, there are flexible hours or half-day employment.

Municipal kindergartens teach only in Armenian; if there are Russian speakers in the group, then the educators can communicate with them in Russian. In private kindergartens they speak Armenian, Russian, in many institutions children are taught English.

Both municipal and private kindergartens prepare children for school.

You can chat with other parents in Armenia at Telegram chats.


For admission to state kindergarten need to queue up Required documents:

  1. Original and copy of birth certificate
  2. The original and a copy of the child's social card or a certificate of refusal from it.
  3. A copy of the parent's passport or other ID.
  4. Certificate of registration or social card of the parent.
  5. Application addressed to the director.
  6. 1 photo 3x4.
  7. Extract from the child's outpatient medical record.
  8. If the child needs special conditions of education and development - a certificate from the territorial center of pedagogical and psychological support.

You can choose a real estate agent from the private kindergartens social cards are not required. Approximate list of documents:

  1. Copy of the child's birth certificate.
  2. 1 photo 3x4.
  3. Application (each garden has its own).
  4. Copy of parent's passport.

Kindergartens where they speak Russian


Recall that there are no Russian-speaking groups in state kindergartens, but most of the teachers speak Russian.

List of municipal kindergartens on city hall website.


List of kindergartens with contacts on our website.

Russian-speaking groups are allocated in paid kindergartens. If there are no separate groups, then the teachers speak Russian.


  • USC CJSC "Gazprom Armenia";
  • LoLo;
  • Mary Poppins (branch at 30 Acharyan St.);
  • newtonic.


  • Nyberg (there is also Primary School);
  • Gulliver;
  • Mishutka;
  • Mankan Yeraz;
  • Dzer Gitak;
  • "Starlet" educational center;
  • Montessori City;
  • Gulliver;
  • Fairy tale;
  • Kids House (branch at Nikoghayos Adonts str., 6/2);
  • Small dandelion (Astrik's children's garden);
  • Training and development center "Pchelka";
  • Fox Center;
  • Little connoisseurs;
  • Children's development center "Kids Studio";
  • Children's center "Dzer Gitak";
  • Kids academy preschool.


  • Roselita-Eltaroz (branch at 3 Brothers Alikhanyan St.);
  • Leaderland;
  • Alpha Kids Academy.


  • junior club.


  • Kids House (branch on Dro street, 2/3);
  • "Alvinka" kids center (branch at Aharonyan St., 45/2);
  • Children's Development Center "Binibam";
  • Small planet (Poqrik Molorak).


  • Roselita-Eltaroz (branch at 8 Derenik Demirchyan St.);
  • Rainbow;
  • Cipollino;
  • Center for Child Development "Nur";
  • Karmir Arev;
  • Children's center "ABC";
  • "Villa Montessori" international school in Armenia;
  • Center for Child Development and Leisure "Mankik";
  • Armenian-American Children's Educational Complex;
  • Mary Poppins (branch at 30 Kajaznuni Street);
  • Hrashk Mankik (Wonderful Baby);
  • Planet of Smeshariki;
  • Terracotta Kids;
  • Center for Child Development "Indigami";
  • Kids House (branch at Rostomi St., 29);
  • Kids University;
  • Rio;
  • Mitoyan center;
  • Lion King;
  • Evalina;
  • Academy of Creative Explorers;
  • IQ&ART Garden;
  • Baloo;
  • Ship;
  • Penguinashen;
  • Cipollino;
  • smash studio.


  • Alvinka kids center (branch in Neu 21).

Nor Nork:

  • Wonder Baby (Grashamanuk)
  • Pinocchio;
  • Little connoisseurs (Pokrik gitakner);
  • "ALLE" kids club;
  • "Mozaika" kids club.


  • Roselita-Eltaroz (branch at Tigran Mets Avenue, 44/88);
  • Murzilka;
  • Happy Birds.


  • "Wonderkid" child care and development center;
  • Alyonka.

average cost

On average, a month in kindergarten costs about 110,000 drams. One of the most expensive kindergartens is "Villa Montessori" - 300,000 AMD per month for the senior group, 220,000 AMD per month for the junior group. Cheap in the kindergarten "LoLo" - 40,000 AMD per month and "Ship" - 42,000 AMD per month.

The cost varies depending on the area (more expensive in Kentron and Arabkir) and the capacity of the kindergarten.

In some kindergartens and children's centers, a discount is due when paying for the whole year at once and for the admission of two children.

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