Run, visa, run: from Armenia to Georgia and back

Last updated: 09.04.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. How to get to Georgia?
  2. 2. Travel notes
  3. 3. Customs
  4. 4. Tbilisi

"Eric, will you marry me?"
- No.
— So, visaran to Georgia?
— So visaran to Georgia.

I didn't complete residence permit and didn't registrationLength of stay ended. I did not want to pay a fine of 50,000 drams. That's why went to Georgia.


How to get to Georgia?

They go to Georgia trains, planes fly and buses go. I chose the last option. Airplane - 30 minutes, but 71,000 AMD. Cheaper to pay a fine. Train – 10.5 hours, 15,000 AMD. A day on the road there and back is wasteful.

Ticket Yerevan - Tbilisi took on for 7,000 drams. Back - for 5,200. I spent 6 hours on the way.

Carriers differ in minibuses and points of departure. I got a Mercedes Sprinter and a Mercedes Brabus. The cars are new, with air conditioning, soft seats, curtains on the windows. He left from Arshakunyats Avenue, house 34/13, arrived at the street. Khachatur Abovyan, 60.

5 life hacks
  • Arrive before departure time. You can choose seats
  • Swaying behind. You can't sleep in the seats next to the driver
  • Don't take suitcases. The trunk is small. Three suitcases traveled from Tbilisi to Yerevan in the cabin
  • Take a pillow, hat and blanket. The pillow is for sleeping. Hat and blanket - from the air-conditioning cold
  • The bus never leaves on time. The driver calls those who are late and waits for them, even 15-20 minutes.

Travel notes


It's awesome! 300 out of 10! Just wow! For all drama!

Journey along the serpentines, the panorama of Sevan. Snowy mountains, green pastures, cherry and peach blossoms in the valleys, herds of cows, flocks of sheep and lonely horses. You can't choose which side of the bus to sit on. Because the view is amazing from both sides.

There is no dullness of the plain: a constant change of views and landscapes. The road is of good quality, except for two or three sections 1.5-2 kilometers long. Ucom catches all the way, except for the tunnel. Team in 4-5 locations loses the network for 15-20 seconds.

Conspiracy theory

Bill Gates wanted to put this panorama on the splash screen of Windows XP. The Armenian diaspora dissuaded him: “The curious will come and ruin such a view!”



Don't forget your passport

We spent 40 minutes at customs to Georgia, 15 minutes at customs to Armenia. Time difference due to the number of travelers. I suspect there will be more in the summer.

Put this nuance in your travel plan. Initially, I planned to arrive in Tbilisi at 12:00 and leave at 13:00. As a result, I chose a flight at 15:00. I did not lose: due to customs, we arrived in the city only at 13:30.


In 1.5 hours in Tbilisi, I managed to:

  • get lost

I turned onto the wrong street, and here are private houses. As if from "Odessa stories". I wandered around for 30-40 minutes, asked the hotel for a wi-fi password and went to Mac.


Due to the infrastructure, the center of Tbilisi looks more European than the center of Yerevan: pedestrian crossings next to the underground, bike paths, park improvements.

At that moment, I felt something.

If I came from the Russian Federation, I thought: “Wow, how cool. We won't be able to do that." But I came from Armenia, so I thought: “Wow, how cool! And we can do the same. And even better. And I can make a difference!"

Perhaps this is the reason for my fascination with Armenia.

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