How to order to Armenia from Amazon?

Last updated: 05.06.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Direct order
  2. 2. Order via Globbing and Onex
  3. 3. Customs duties
  4. 4. Feature of ordering clothes
  5. 5. Course and payment

How else can you order?

About how to order from aliexpress we wrote here. A here - about ordering from Russian stores

Direct order

After registering on Amazon, in the "My Addresses" section, add your Armenian address. Only products available for delivery to Armenia will be displayed. The package will be received by an American courier service, then by the Armenian HayPost post.

How to find out the index?

Enter the name of the street in Armenian in the search engine haypost

Only 10% offers on Amazon with the "international shipping" option. Often its cost is 2-3 times higher than through intermediary firms.

Delivery time: from two weeks to a month, depending on the location of the seller and the workload of services.

Direct ordering from Amazon is beneficial in two cases:

  • when buying from sellers with preferential delivery terms
  • when buying online goods

Order via Globbing and Onex

Globbing and Onex — delivery services with equal conditions:

  • Price: AMD 6000 per 1 kg,
  • Delivery time: 4-9 working days

Globbing and Onex work in a similar way. Let's analyze it using the example of ordering through Globbing

Order algorithm

  1. Register and upload a scan of your passport for customs.
  2. Get an address in the USA in your personal account in the "My Addresses" section.
  3. Fill in the information about the recipient and indicate the place of receipt of the parcel in Armenia.
  4. Select an item on Amazon.
  5. Specify the address from step 2 of the algorithm as the delivery address.
  6. Pay for an item on Amazon.
  7. Go to Globbing and add a parcel: specify the track code issued by Amazon, the cost of the parcel, the list of goods, the method of delivery (air or ground transport). Next, Globbing registers the parcel.
  8. If you need an additional service (split the parcel, open, check, etc.), indicate this before the parcel is registered.

Sometimes Amazon information gets into Globbing faster than you can enter it yourself. There will be a red notice about this on the Globbing page asking you to fill in the data on the package (only the track code and weight will be automatically indicated). In this case, the goods will immediately appear in the registered ones and it will not be possible to order an additional service.

  1. Payment for an additional service is debited from the account on the site at the time of the implementation of this service. Payment for delivery is debited when the parcel arrives at the warehouse in Armenia. If you need to pay customs duty, Globbing will send a notification. They will ask you to enter a name in Armenian and a passport number.
  2. Scan a barcode and receive an order.

The delivery service has Video instruction (in Armenian) and text instruction (in Russian).

Users note the good work of support. It is also carried out in Russian.

Customs duties

The amount of duty-free import is 200,000 drams or 30 kg. If the order is more expensive, you need to pay customs duty. Its size is 15% from the larger part.

Feature of ordering clothes

If the size does not fit you, a return is possible, but not profitable due to the shipping cost.

Course and payment

Armenian Visa and MasterCard debit cards are suitable for online purchases. Problems can only arise with VTB Armenia bank cards due to international sanctions.

The cashless payment rate is most favorable in ID Bank, Ameria Bank, Ardshin Bank.

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