Where to learn Armenian online and offline in Armenia?

Last updated: 02.08.2023
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  1. 1. Telegram channels
  2. 2. YouTube channels
  3. 3. Applications
  4. 4. Armenian courses online

Although in Armenia can live and work without knowledge of the Armenian language, we have made a selection of resources for learning it.
Where to study offline?

The article contains resources for learning a language online. Offline courses are available at catalog.

Telegram channels

Armenian language

The channel has not been updated for a long time. Standard content - thematic collections of words and expressions


Armenian language հայերեն @armeniam

Feedback: @RD700

Previously, the channel was dedicated to news. Therefore, there is little content. Also themed collections



Feedback: @Armlanguagebot

Thematic collections and tests for knowledge of words


Armenian with Alyssa

Feedback: @AlyssaHey

Author's channel. In addition to word collections, there are many publications on linguistic features. Also develops its own Armenian language course


Armenian language

Another author's channel. Lately, there are few updates, but there is a video in story format

YouTube channels

Armenian language? I'll explain now!

Author: Encyclop

A short guide to the origins and nuances of the Armenian language


Armenian language in 16 hours

Author: HAYK film company

Mini-course for beginners in the Armenian language


Learn Armenian

Author: HAYK film company

From the same film studio extended course of the Armenian language


Learn Armenian in a dream ||| The most important Armenian phrases and words

Author: EcoLanguages

8 hour continuous video with phrases in Armenian


Armenian language by dialogues

Author: Artsun Akopyan

Re-voicing of the self-instruction manual of the Armenian language


200 phrases in Armenian

Author: Learning Phrases with Chris & Friends

200 phrases in Armenian with Russian subtitles


Aybubenik - learn the Armenian alphabet

Author: KubanArm

The whole Armenian alphabet for children (and for adults too). Lessons in the format of “shooting from the classroom”

Armenian courses online

Courses from the Office of the Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Armenia

Address: Yerevan, st. Vazgen Sargsyan, 3, 9th floor Mail: diaspora@gov.am

As part of the activities of the Center for Repatriation and Integration, free Armenian language courses were launched. Free classes are held 3 times a week for an hour and a half for 3 months. Pre-registration is required, because. limited number of seats.


Barev School

Telephone: +7 927 696 64 04 (WhatsApp) Mail: info@barev-school.ru, hello@barev-school.ru Social network: InstagramFacebook and VK.

Spoken English for all ages. The cost of group lessons 2 times a week - from 450 rubles per lesson. Individual, couples classes, as well as a conversation club are practiced.


Telephone: +7 916 195-00-68 Mail: info@ibuben.online Social network: InstagramFacebook and VK

Courses from 0 to Pro with individual and group lessons. The start of the new group is scheduled for September 2023. More than 2,000 people have been trained so far.



Mail: info@lingo-play.com

Independent paid online simulator: you can train your knowledge of words.



Free tests for self-examination. The average rate of increase in student achievement is 15%.



Address: Yerevan, st. Arshakunyats, 17 Telephone: +374 44 220221 Mail: info@mam-edu.com Social network: Instagram and Facebook

16 courses of different levels: from the level "Beginning" to "Express". The site is available in Armenian, English and Russian.



Telephone: +7 499 288-24-23 Mail: info@tumanyan.online

One of the most popular language learning schools. The own “Armenian Content Encyclopedia” is available for download. During the work, more than 15,000 lessons were held with students from 28 countries.



Address: Yerevan, st. Alek Manukyan, 9 Telephone: +374 60 612261, +374 60 612260, +374 96 512261 Social network: Facebook

10 courses in 7+ languages for learning Armenian from 8 to 16 weeks.

Courses for children only


Individual lessons and Armenian programs from a married couple



Learning Armenian in English for children from 4 years old
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