Shutdown of electricity, Internet, water in Armenia: where to call, what to do?

Last updated: 10.05.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. If there is no electricity
  2. 2. If there is no water
  3. 3. If there is no gas
  4. 4. If there is no internet

For relocators, it comes as an unpleasant surprise that utilities can be turned off at any moment, and far from being due to debt. What to do in such situations, who to contact and how to avoid force majeure?
Telegram channel with shutdown schedules

If there is no electricity

The electricity supplier in Yerevan is the Electric Networks of Armenia (“ESA”) company. Power is turned off in the capital for several reasons:
  • for non-payment (starting from the 20th day, if there is a debt for the past month, you have the right to turn off the electricity supply without warning);
  • due to planned outages;
  • due to accidents

Let's talk about the last two in more detail. You can find out about planned shutdowns in advance on the ENA website. Usually the company publishes addresses in 1-2 days. Also keep in mind: if there is a house next to you on the list, then you can also be left without electricity.

As for emergency shutdowns, it is impossible to predict here. Districts with older networks (Arabkir, Ajapnyak, Nor Nork, Malatia) most often face similar situations.

You can find out information about the duration of the repair by calling 180.

If you work from home and it is important for you to be in touch, then stock up on just in case a few power banks.

If there is no water

Shutdowns can occur without warning and for a long time. The city's water supply is provided by the company "Veolia Jur". Unlike electricity, if there is no water in your house, it is almost impossible that the reason for this is debt: the company's policy is more lenient and they do not have such clear deadlines for shutting down.

As a plus, you can always find out about planned work in advance on the website and in the Telegram channel. Both there and there all the information is in Armenian, but the online translator will solve this problem for you. Another small feature, "Veolia Jur" indicates a slightly longer shutdown time than it happens.
Telegram channel of the company
In case of accidents, you can check all the information by calling 185.

We also recommend that you always have a few bottles of water at home in case of an unexpected shutdown.

If there is no gas

Least of all, relocators face the problem of lack of gas. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in most of the buildings gas was installed 10-20 years ago and the system itself has not yet failed, or maybe the service is better than in other areas.

Unfortunately, section of the website of the Gazprom Armenia company, which indicates the addresses of planned outages, is valid only in Armenian, but you can use a translator.

For accidents and all other situations, there is a hotline number 104, which should also be called if you smell gas.

If there is no internet

If you are having problems with the Internet, operators Team, Viva Mts or Ucom in Yerevan, you can contact the provider's support service in the following ways:
Operator Yerevan subscriber support phone
team 060 76-0000
Viva Mts 111
Ucom 011 444 444
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