Table of contents:

  1. 1. Charitable Organization "Uysi Kamurj" (Bridge of Hope)
  2. 2. Charitable Foundation "Sose Mairik"
  3. 3. Charitable Foundation "Shushi"
  4. 4. All-Armenian Fund "Hayastan"
  5. 5. Charitable Foundation "Children of Armenia"
  6. 6. Charitable organization "Hay Mairer" (Armenian mothers)
  7. 7. Charitable Organization "City of Smile" (City of Smiles)
  8. 8. Hay Association
  9. 9. VIVA Foundation

Charitable Organization "Uysi Kamurj" (Bridge of Hope)

Charitable organization that helps children with disabilities. Website:

Charitable Foundation "Sose Mairik"

Fund for helping women who took part in the Artsakh war, as well as members of their families. Address: Yerevan, Avan-Arinj, 1st microdistrict, № 7 Kindergarten Telephone: +374(98) 57 18 07

Charitable Foundation "Shushi"

A foundation that deals with the economic, social and cultural development of Artsakh. Address: Armenia, 0019, Yerevan 19, Baghramyan ave. 24 d/710 Telephone: +(374 10) 56 80 42, +(374 91) 55 36 44 Website:

All-Armenian Fund "Hayastan"

The largest pan-Armenian fund. Its goal is to assist in the development of Armenia, including Artsakh, in the field of healthcare, culture, sports and infrastructure Website:

Charitable Foundation "Children of Armenia"

A fund whose goal is to improve the quality of life in rural communities in Armenia. The Foundation, in particular, is engaged in the repair of educational institutions, clinics, kindergartens, community centers, school canteens, creative laboratories, roads and irrigation systems. Website:

Charitable organization "Hay Mairer" (Armenian mothers)

The Foundation specializes in helping children with cerebral palsy and their families. The organization has its own project "Dream House" - a rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy and their parents. Website:

Charitable Organization "City of Smile" (City of Smiles)

An organization that helps children with cancer and blood diseases. The Fund is engaged not only in the direct payment of medical expenses, the provision of emotional and psychological assistance to wards and members of their families. Website:

Hay Association

A charitable organization that assists Armenian families around the world, contributes to the growth of the birth rate, the strengthening of national values. Website:

VIVA Foundation

VIVA stands for Doctors and Volunteers of Armenia. They supply medical equipment and medicines to Artsakh. Provide material assistance to refugees and the poor. Website:
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