Table of contents:

  1. 1. Convenience of life
  2. 2. Delivery from supermarkets
  3. 3. Delivery Services
  4. 4. Taxi
  5. 5. Orders from pharmacies
  6. 6. Culture and communication
  7. 7. Sharing
  8. 8. Language learning

AppStore and GooglePlay applications work without restrictions in Armenia. Payment in them - using cards Armenian banks.

After selection telegram chats in Armenia compiled a selection of applications for life in Armenia.

Convenience of life

EarlyOne AppStore | Google Play

Remotely sign up for a queue at a bank, state institution, mail. AppStore | Google Play

An analogue of Avito: sell things, rent an apartment.

Yandex.Maps AppStore | Google Play

Map of Yerevan cities online and offline, public transport routes.

Google translate AppStore | Google Play

Translate inscriptions in Armenian in supermarkets and on the streets using the photo translation function. AppStore | Google Play

The current exchange rate in each bank, the nearest exchangers.

Armenian Keyboard AppStore | Google Play

Armenian keyboard layout.

LastQuake AppStore | Google Play

Latest earthquakes and notifications about them. AppStore | Google Play

Job search in Armenia.

Delivery from supermarkets

About supermarkets we previously released article. It contains a list of 24-hour outlets.

SAS AppStore | Google Play

Expensive supermarket. Rare and gourmet foods can be found.

Yerevan City AppStore | Google Play

Middle class supermarket. The hypermarket format is similar to Auchan. AppStore | Google Play

Completely online supermarket.

Delivery Services

Glovo AppStore | Google Play

Food delivery from restaurants, fast foods, cafes. AppStore | Google Play

Also delivery from restaurants, fast foods, cafes.

Yandex.Eats AppStore | Google Play

Another delivery from restaurants. In addition, you can order flowers. AppStore | Google Play

Delivery from fast foods, pharmacies, Carryfour and Ciran supermarkets.


There are 3 quality taxi apps in Armenia: Yandex Go, GG, UTaxi. We wrote more about the services in article.

GG Taxi Google Play | AppStore

Quality cars, but higher price than competitors.

Yandex.GO Google Play | AppStore

Low prices, but on the Start, Standard and Standard + tariffs, an old car can arrive.

Orders from pharmacies

HiHub AppStore | Google Play

In addition to eco-delivery (by electric car), free online consultations with a doctor are held.

AlfaPharm AppStore | Google Play

The largest network of pharmacies - 170 branches. Prices are higher than competitors, but there are profitable promotions and promotional codes.

Culture and communication

izi.TRAVEL AppStore | Google Play

Audio guide and excursions in Yerevan.

Barev AppStore | Google Play

Analog Tinder and Badoo for dating. Sex dating - Pure.

ARLOOPA AppStore | Google Play

An AR app that features a Persian leopard and dinosaurs.

HIKEArmenia AppStore | Google Play

Routes and trails for hiking of various difficulty levels.


We wrote about kick-sharing services (scooters) detailed overview.

Jet AppStore | Google Play

Scooter rental. Coverage area: Kentron, Arabkir, Davtashen, several districts of Ajapnyak.

Mimo AppStore | Google Play

Rent of bicycles and scooters. The largest, in comparison with competitors, coverage area.

BusyFly AppStore | Google Play

Scooter rental. Coverage area: Kentron, Arabkir, some areas of Davtashen and Kanaker-Zeytun, through a narrow area you can get to the Yerevan Mall and the railway station.

Yerevan Ride AppStore | Google Play

Rent of scooters and bicycles. Coverage area: Kentron, Arabkir, some areas of Davtashen, Kanaker-Zeytun and Malatia-Sebastia.

Language learning

For other ways to learn Armenian, we wrote earlier.

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