What to look for when buying an apartment in Armenia: three checklists

Last updated: 12.06.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Infrastructure
  2. 2. Seismic resistance
  3. 3. The soil
  4. 4. Climate
  5. 5. Air pollution
  6. 6. Proximity to the border of Azerbaijan
  7. 7. Legal information
  8. 8. Property condition
Foreigners can purchase apartments and houses in Armenia and dispose of them at their own discretion: live in them, sell, donate, bequeath, lease. The only limitation is agricultural land. Foreigners are not allowed to buy them.
Armenia is divided into 10 regions (marzes): Aragatsotn, Ararat, Armavir, Vayots Dzor, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Lori, Syunik, Tavush, Shirak. The capital Yerevan stands out separately. If you decide to buy real estate in Armenia, pay attention to the following points:


The most developed infrastructure is in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The Zvartnots International Airport is located here, from here you can reach Georgia and Iran by rail. International companies choose Yerevan for doing business. There are most of all kindergartens, schools, universities, clinics. There are foreign brands in shopping malls. More about infrastructure at interactive maps. And our guide.

Following Yerevan, Gyumri (Shirak region) is the second largest city in Armenia, also with its own airport and railway. He is also chosen for doing business.

Seismic resistance

The most seismically dangerous zones are Shirak and Lori regions. However, earthquakes are also felt in other marzes, so you need to pay attention to the strength of buildings. Soviet panels, as well as houses from the 90s and 00s, are less earthquake resistant than new buildings. Modern buildings are built to new standards, so they can withstand stronger earthquakes. When choosing a new building, ask about seismic isolation. If you are buying a private house, please note that it should not be close to neighboring buildings.
Seismicity map.

The soil

If you are planning to buy a private house and engage in gardening or gardening, then study soil map of Armenia. The most favorable marzes for agriculture are Lori, Shirak and Gegharkunik.


It is hottest in the summer in the Ararat plain and Yerevan. Comfortable at this time of the year in Lori and Syunik regions. More details can be seen at map of the "sunshine" of Armenia in July.

Air pollution

Armenia has a developed industry associated with the extraction and processing of natural resources. This affects the level of air pollution. From an environmental point of view, the Lori region is considered unfavorable due to the copper smelter in Alaverdi. The air condition in Yerevan can be assessed by map.

Proximity to the border of Azerbaijan

Military incidents sometimes happen in the border regions of Syunik, Vayots Dzor and Gegharkunik regions.

Legal information

Check all information in Cadastre Committee.
  • Look at the passport of the owner of the apartment / house, check the data with the certificate of state registration of rights;
  • make sure that all owners give consent to the sale;
  • find out if there are minors among the owners, whether they are registered - they may own the right of ownership;
  • find out if any of the owners are registered in a mental and narcological dispensary;
  • find out if there is an unformed redevelopment;
  • whether the apartment is in collateral, credit, whether there are debts for utilities;
  • whether someone else is registered in the apartment/house, whether there are tenants;
  • be careful: without a personal presence - scammers often sell real estate by proxy;
  • find out how the owner got this apartment/house. Relatives can claim property donated or inherited within three years;
  • if the apartment / house was purchased during marriage, a notarized permission of the spouse will be required. For divorced owners, see how the property was divided.

Property condition

Check status:
  • house territory;
  • yard;
  • entrance;
  • lift
  • stairs;
  • front door;
  • ceilings (irregularities, cracks, leaks, especially near walls);
  • walls (cracks, mold);
  • floor (strength, wear, lack of creaking, traces of leaks);
  • windows (do they close well, do not blow, is there sound insulation);
  • water supply pipes (including valves, faucets), sewerage and floor underneath, heated towel rail, heating radiators (no leaks or traces of them);
  • gas water heaters;
  • air conditioner (when cleaned);
  • automatic switches (not melted);
  • sockets (not melted, no signs of overload, good contact);
  • switches (do not spark);
  • household equipment (if any).

You can come to the apartments / houses you like with an electrician, gasman and plumber to get the opinion of specialists.

Find out about:
  • availability of infrastructure;
  • Internet speed, TV antenna operation;
  • soundproofing;
  • neighbors;
  • interruptions in electricity, water, heat supply;
  • water quality;
  • the temperature in the apartment in winter and the temperature of hot water;
  • about the features of life in an apartment (any apartment has them);
  • utility bills (gas, electricity, water) in summer and winter and garbage disposal.

Talk to neighbors:
  • about other neighbors;
  • about the seller;
  • about soundproofing;
  • about interruptions in electricity, water, heat supply;
  • about water quality;
  • about the temperature in the apartment in winter and summer.

We told in detail how to buy a house in Armenia in blog.
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