Table of contents:

  1. 1. Types of state benefits in the RA
  2. 2. Family allowance
  3. 3. Social benefit
  4. 4. Emergency help
  5. 5. One-time allowance at the birth of a child
  6. 6. Child care allowance
  7. 7. old age allowance
  8. 8. disability benefit
  9. 9. Survivor's benefit
  10. 10. Burial allowance
  11. 11. Which body should I contact?
  12. 12. What documents are needed?
  13. 13. Who is eligible for government benefits?
  14. 14. A source of information

Types of state benefits in the RA

According to the RA Law “On State Benefits”, benefits in Armenia are divided into:

  1. family allowance;
  2. social benefit;
  3. emergency help;
  4. a one-time allowance at the birth of a child;
  5. child care allowance;
  6. temporary disability allowance;
  7. old age allowance;
  8. disability allowance;
  9. survivor's benefit;
  10. burial allowance.

Family allowance

The family allowance is paid if the family is registered as low-income and there are minor children in the family. The allowance is a supplement that the state pays for each minor family member.

Social benefit

The social allowance is also paid to low-income families, but unlike the family allowance, it is intended for families with no minor children.

Emergency help

Emergency assistance is provided at a time in three cases:

  • at the birth of a child
  • when enrolling a child in first grade
  • upon death of a family member

Emergency Assistance may also be paid quarterly in difficult life situations where the family needs long-term assistance. It is worth emphasizing that only families who are already eligible for family or social benefits apply for emergency assistance.

One-time allowance at the birth of a child

The parent, guardian, adoptive parent who lives with the child has the right to a lump-sum allowance. To receive this allowance, the parent must submit an application to the territorial center of the social protection authorities within 12 months from the date of birth of the child.

When calculating the amount of the benefit, the presence of other adult and minor children of the applicant is taken into account. The territorial center will consider the application within 10 working days and assign an allowance or refuse it. Cancellation must be made in writing.

By analogy with Russian maternity capital, Armenia has family capital - money belonging to a child in a special state account. Family capital consists of a one-time allowance for the third and subsequent child, interest on this money, and other receipts to the account. The owner of the account is considered to be a child, until they reach the age of 18, the account is managed by a parent, guardian or adoptive parent.

Money from family capital can only be spent for limited purposes, for example, for tuition fees child. In addition, family capital is insured and protected from foreclosure and seizure until the owner reaches 18 years of age.

Child care allowance

The grant is awarded if:

  • one of the child's parents is on leave to care for a child under the age of three, OR
  • the only parent is on leave to care for a child under the age of two.

The allowance is paid monthly until the child reaches two or three years of age, for each child.

old age allowance

The old-age benefit in Armenia is an old-age pension in Russia, when a citizen is not entitled to a pension, for example, there is not enough work experience. Citizens from the age of 65 are entitled to an old-age allowance for life.

disability benefit

The allowance is paid to children and adults who have the status of a disabled person for the entire period of disability. Only those who are not entitled to a pension can claim disability benefits.

Survivor's benefit

The benefit can be received by the children and spouse of the deceased breadwinner:

  • a child under 18 years of age - until reaching the age of majority;
  • a child under 23 years old, if studying full-time day department - until reaching 23 years old;
  • the spouse of the deceased who cares for the child from the paragraphs above - until the child reaches the age of 14 years.

Only those who are not entitled to a pension can claim survivor benefits.

Burial allowance

The allowance is granted if the citizen died on the territory of the Republic of Armenia or the burial is planned in Armenia.

Which body should I contact?

Social protection in Armenia is handled by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. To receive benefits in Armenia, you need to apply to the territorial bodies of the Ministry at the place of residence.

What documents are needed?

It is easy to guess that each allowance has its own set of documents. So, for the survivor's benefit, you need a certificate of death of the breadwinner. For child care allowance, among other things, you need an order from the employer to grant one of the parents leave to care for the child.

Who is eligible for government benefits?

First of all, citizens of Armenia have the right to receive assistance from the state. Foreign citizens can only claim benefits if they have resident card. In addition, stateless people or refugees can receive benefits (you need to obtain refugee status).

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