Which transport and airline companies transport animals to Armenia?

Last updated: 10.05.2023
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  1. 1. Airlines
  2. 2. Railway companies
  3. 3. Bus companies

We have already talked about how to emigrate with a pet: what vaccinations are needed and how to transport a pet on an airplane. Here you will find a list of shipping companies.


These airlines fly non-stop from Russia to Armenia

Basic rules (may differ in individual airlines):

  • in the aircraft cabin it is allowed to transport animals weighing up to 8 kg (with a bag) in a carrier up to 158 cm in size, in the luggage compartment - no more than 203 cm and 50 kg;
  • an animal weighing more than 50 kg can be transported as cargo;
  • transportation of an animal is paid as non-standard baggage;
  • the animal must be over four months old;
  • most airlines allow only dogs, cats and birds to be carried in baggage and cabin;
  • transportation of animals must be agreed in advance, as the number of places for them is limited;
  • Guide dogs are transported free of charge, muzzled and on a leash, do not need a container.
  1. "Azimuth". The company has set special prices for the transportation of animals: if issued more than 10 days before departure - 4400 rubles. When issued 10 or less days before departure, but not less than three hours before departure - 4800 rubles. When issued three or less hours before departure - 6500 rubles.
  2. Aeroflot. Hard containers up to 100 cm in size and soft carrier bags up to 126 cm in size are placed in the cabin of the aircraft. Surcharge for an animal is 75 euros.
  3. "IrAero". The airline is chosen by the owners of rodents, because, unlike other carriers, it is allowed to place these pets in the cabin of IrAero aircraft.
  4. "Victory". Flies to Gyumri. Transported only in the cockpit (cats, dogs, ferrets, dwarf rabbits, birds). The dimensions are smaller than in other companies - 96 cm. The cost when paying through the website or the call center is 1999 rubles, at the airport - 3000 rubles.
  5. AirDilijans. Pregnant animals are not transported. The carrier must not exceed 115 cm, the weight of the animal with the bag must not exceed 5 kg. Animals with a carrier weighing no more than 45 kg are transported in the luggage compartment. Cost: up to 5 kg - 120 euros, from 5 to 24 kg - 190 euros, from 24 to 45 kg - 230 euros.
  6. Fly One Armenia. Dogs and cats are transported and only in the cockpit. Additional fee - 60 euros.
  7. "Red Wings". Dogs of brachycephalic breeds (with a short and flattened muzzle) are not transported: bulldogs (English, French, American), pugs, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, boxers, griffins (Belgian, Brussels), Boston terriers, Bordeaux dogs, Japanese chins.
  8. Shirak Avia. Standard rules apply (see at the beginning of the article).
  9. Utair. Only dogs and cats are transported in the cabin; there are also birds in the luggage. A more convenient company in terms of the dimensions of the animal. Pets can be transported as hand luggage in a soft carrier with a total weight of up to 10 kg and a size of up to 120 cm. On a separate passenger seat in a hard carrier - up to 20 kg and up to 135 cm. The price for transportation depends on the size of the animal, payment method (on the website , through the support service or at the airport), the time of purchase and varies from 3,500 to 13,500 rubles.

Railway companies

There is no direct rail link between Russia and Armenia. There is a train from Tbilisi (Georgia) to RA. You can fly to Georgia, get there by car or bus.
Previously, it was possible to get to Tbilisi along the railway route Moscow / Rostov-on-Don - Baku (Azerbaijan) - Tbilisi. Now, according to official website of Russian Railways, communication with Azerbaijan is terminated.

The carrier from Tbilisi to Yerevan is the South Caucasian Railway. Regardless of the size of the animal, all compartments are redeemed.


  • a container with a small animal does not exceed 180 cm - you do not need to pay extra for transportation;
  • container larger than 180 cm – surcharge 500 AMD;
  • for large dogs surcharge - 1000 AMD; the animal must be muzzled.

Bus companies

There are direct bus routes from Russian cities to Yerevan.

The animal must be in a carrier that fits on the bus seat. Paid as a second passenger.

International deliveries animals are not transported.

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