How to get from Russia to Armenia by car?

Last updated: 10.05.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Path Russia-Georgia-Armenia
  2. 2. Upper Lars
  3. 3. Bank cards
  4. 4. Customs declaration
  5. 5. What can/cannot be taken with you when crossing the border with Georgia?
  6. 6. What can / cannot be taken out of Georgia
  7. 7. Traffic rules in Georgia
  8. 8. Entry to Armenia by car

Path Russia-Georgia-Armenia

Russia and Armenia do not have a common land border. To enter Armenia from Russia, you need to cross the border with Georgia.

To cross the Russia-Georgia border, a foreign passport is required. You can enter Georgia only through the Upper Lars checkpoint.

Upper Lars

In autumn, winter and spring, the Upper Lars checkpoint may be closed due to heavy snow. You can follow the situation, for example, in a group "The situation at the Upper Lars checkpoint" and in telegram chat "Upper Lars Chat". Sometimes you can stand in line for 7-10 hours. Don't forget drinking water, especially in summer.

Bank cards

Bank cards issued by Russian banks do not work in Georgia. We recommend bringing cash with you.

Customs declaration

If you are only carrying personal items, you do not need to declare them. But in practice, they may be asked to declare expensive items, such as jewelry.

Georgia requires that information about cash be entered in the declaration if the amount exceeds 10 thousand USD. As for the export of foreign currency from the Russian Federation, there is a restriction: a maximum of 10 thousand USD. Anything over this amount is strictly in rubles.

Recommends declaring expensive items. This will help avoid problems when leaving the country.


What can/cannot be taken with you when crossing the border with Georgia?

  • currency up to 10 thousand USD;
  • currency over 10 thousand USD - only a declaration;
  • jewelry;
  • food products worth 500 lari (~200 $), weighing up to 30 kg;
  • personal items not exceeding 30 kg;
  • up to 200 cigarettes;
  • up to 2 l. alcoholic beverage, incl. guilt;
  • up to 10 l. beer.
It is forbidden:
  • weapons and explosives (gunpowder, pyrotechnics, flares, etc.),
  • flammable substances, including fuel (solvents, paints, lighters, etc.),
  • solid and liquid chemicals,
  • drugs and narcotic honey. drugs,
  • literature defaming the state system,
  • all types of pornography, as well as some types of video products.

What can / cannot be taken out of Georgia

  • foreign currency previously imported into the country;
  • internal currency - no more than 3000 GEL;
  • wine and alcoholic products - only in sealed branded packaging;
  • jewelry declared earlier when entering the country.
It is forbidden:
  • objects of historical and cultural value;
  • all things that are forbidden to be imported into the country.

Traffic rules in Georgia

From 01/01/2023 in Georgia, cameras record fines even on foreign license plates, and you must check for fines on one's own on special site.


What can/cannot be brought into Armenia?

You can (without customs fees):
  • tobacco products no more than 50 packs;
  • alcoholic drinks up to 2 liters;
  • a reasonable amount of spirits;
  • personal items up to $500. (For residents and non-residents).
It is forbidden:
  • antiques, including gems, coins, manuscripts and other works of art, without the permission of the relevant authorities.
  • drugs, pornographic materials, poisonous and explosive substances, as well as weapons and ammunition (except for hunting weapons, for which a permit is issued by the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Entry to Armenia by car

To enter Armenia by car, you will need the following documents:
  • international passport
  • rights
  • registration certificate
  • lease agreement if the car is rental
  • upon entry and exit, a customs fee of 2000 AMD is charged.

From Georgia, you can get to Armenia through several checkpoints, depending on the direction of travel:
  • Checkpoint "Bavra" - Gyumri-Akhalkalaki highway
  • Checkpoint "Gogovan" - highway E117 Yerevan-Tbilisi
  • Bagratashen checkpoint – Yerevan-Vanadzor-Tbilisi highway
  • Checkpoint "Privolnoye" - highway H34
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