Paid medical insurance in Armenia

Last updated: 26.05.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Nairi Insurance
  2. 2. "RESO"
  3. 3. Armenia Insurance
  4. 4. Ingo Armenia
  5. 5. Liga Insurance (Rosgosstrakh Armenia)
  6. 6. S.I.L. Insurance
We will tell you which insurance companies in Armenia deal with health.

Nairi Insurance

For foreigners under 85 years of age, the "Visitor Medical Insurance" ("Visitor Medical Insurance") insurance has been created. There are two rates to choose from:
  • "Comfort" for 78,000 AMD per year, the sum insured is 3,000,000 AMD. The tariff includes consultations with doctors, outpatient examinations, accident insurance, discounts on certain services (dental, aesthetic, etc.);
  • "Premium" for 225,000 AMD per year, the sum insured is 7,000,000 AMD. In addition to the services of the Comfort package, hospital treatment and care, treatment of chronic diseases, pregnancy management, etc. are available.

Read about all services at site.

The Repat Armenia Foundation offers Nairi health insurance to ethnic Armenian repatriates on special terms. More in our blog article.

In Yerevan, the insurance company cooperates with 38 medical institutions (not including dentistry and ophthalmological centers).

You can get insurance only online, it is delivered by courier. You will need a passport.


In "RESO" medical insurance is issued only to legal entities. To do this, you will need the passport of the insured and company details.

cooperate with 20 medical centers (not including laboratories, dentistry and ophthalmological centers).

You can apply for insurance by calling 060 505-757 or at the office at 62, Komitas Ave., Yerevan.

Armenia Insurance

For individuals, there is only one tariff - Help Med. For 20,000 drams per year, they insure for 1,000,000 drams. The company cooperates in Yerevan with 43 medical institutions. The insurance includes:
  • call an ambulance and free treatment in an emergency;
  • consultation with medical specialists and communication with the call center 24/7;
  • transactions (not the entire amount may be reimbursed).

Detailed information is available at site (in Armenian).

To apply for insurance, you need to come with a passport to the office at Yerevan, st. Vardanants, house 16.

Ingo Armenia

INGOCARE insurance provides three packages for clients aged 19-45:
  • Standard for 129,000 AMD per year. Includes calling an ambulance and emergency care (exacerbation of the disease, injury, etc.), communication with a specialist and a call center employee;
  • Premium for 374 000 AMD per year. Includes services of the Standard package and consultations with doctors. Covers certain dental cases and cancer treatment;
  • Exclusive for 630,000 AMD per year. In addition to the listed services, it includes treatment by a vertebrologist (treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system), physiotherapy, restoration of mental health.
More about service packages (in English and Armenian). When applying for insurance for family members, there is a 5% discount for each person, but not more than 15% in total.

In Yerevan, the company cooperates with 56 medical centers (not with ophthalmological centers, laboratories and dentistry).

For registration, you only need a passport. Office address: Yerevan, st. Hanrapetutyan, 51.

Liga Insurance (Rosgosstrakh Armenia)

Clients up to 65 years old can be insured here against accidents and urgent surgical interventions. There are two programs:
  • "Minimed" for 10,000 drams per year. The maximum payout is AMD 200,000;
  • "Minimed plus" for 15,000 AMD per year. The maximum payout is 400,000 AMD.

A complete list of services is available at site (in Armenian).

You can apply for insurance online. Only a passport is required.

S.I.L. Insurance

They do not provide insurance to individuals. The cost for companies is calculated based on the number of employees.

In total, the company cooperates with more than 80 medical institutions.

For registration, call +374 10 561561, +374 60 446446. The list of required documents is indicated on site.
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