Walk in Jurassic Botanical Garden

Last updated: 28.03.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. What kind of garden?
  2. 2. Path to the garden
  3. 3. First impression
  4. 4. What's with the Jurassic period?
  5. 5. Outcome
Spring came, Eric showed apricot trees in his garden. I was impressed and thought: “Where can there be even more of them? In the Botanical Garden.

What kind of garden?

The Botanical Garden is located in Avane. They go to him buses No. 20, 29, 41, 54, 261, 308, 477 (Stop "Botanical Garden")

And No. 3, 5, 8, 15, 22, 23, 26, 28, 31, 35, 42, 44, 53, 63, 97, minibuses No. 9, 50, 55, 63, Trolleybuses No. 1 and 10 (Stop "Park named after Tatul Krpeyan").

There are 200 species of endemic, rare and endangered plants in the garden
Private opinion from TripAdvisor
People who are passionate about their work work there, create beauty and share it with visitors, in the garden there are a variety of plant species that have never been seen anywhere before. For absolutely ridiculous money we visited the greenhouse in the garden

Path to the garden

I do not recommend getting to the garden on foot through Alexander Myasnikyan Avenue: dusty road, heavy air of a four-lane highway, uneven sidewalk.
Personal impression
In a black top hat, in an old outfit, The traveler was in a hurry to the city for the holiday ...

But even on this road - two interesting references to pop culture in one place

And terraces - in the style of Aztec agriculture

On Gaya Avenue there is an unexpected paraphrase with skyscrapers on Novy Arbat: the same 4 towers, the same unfolded books, the same facades facing the street.

Alexander Myasnikyan Avenue goes north - to Abovyan, Hrazdan and Sevan

First impression

Entrance to the park is paid: 500 ֏. Take cash with you. The network is weak, the terminal may not work.

March is too early to visit the garden. The branches are just covered with buds, the grass in many places is last year's.

I was impressed by the Fifth Element-style pulpulak, the rarity of people, pleasant silence and remoteness from the city. If you are looking for privacy, the Botanical Garden is your choice. Here, stay alone with yourself in semi-abandoned alleys or a compact grove

I didn't find any apricots. But it's good that after the 90s, without funding and with constant cutting down of trees, the garden generally survived.

Its pearl is the Orangery. She recalled the futuristic architecture of the Soviet space conquest. As if it came from the "Secrets of the third planet."

There is a small museum in the building in front of it. Now I not only saw and heard Armenia, but literally touched it.

In summer, the greenhouse will be planted with greenery, but so far you can see its non-mainstream, transitional image.

What's with the Jurassic period?

In the same museum at the greenhouse there is a collaboration with WWF (Wildlife Conservation Fund). To the application ARLOOPA Added Red Data Book Caucasian leopard.

But there are also dinosaurs. And, since we grew up not only from an overcoat, but also from books about dinosaurs, it is impossible to resist.
More dinosaurs?
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Take a screenshot so that there is no application logo in the photo.


Already now you can go to the park for a picnic without a barbecue and barbecue, walk, breathe fresh air without the bustle of the city, but I think it will be even more beautiful here in 1-1.5 months.


And yet the apricots managed to take a picture
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