Money transfer from Armenia to Russia and back

Last updated: 31.07.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Interbank transfer
  2. 2. other methods
We tell you in what ways you can transfer money from Armenia to the Russian Federation and vice versa.

Interbank transfer

in Russia

The main distinguishing feature of bank transfers from Armenia to the Russian Federation is the obligatory presence of a ruble account. Clients of Acba, Ameriabank, Ardshinbank and Inecobank can make transfers. Important: users of all banks except Acba can send money to Armenia through the application. Their product Acba Digital works, but only through the browser.

Russian banks that are not under sanctions can act as recipients. Commissions for transfers differ from each other. For example, Ameria starts from 0.1% from the ruble amount; and Ardshinbank has a fixed rate of 2300 AMD.

To Armenia

The transfer to the Armenian card/account is carried out by the mobile number of the recipient in Armenia or by entering his bank account. Some Russian banks are suitable for this: Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa and Forabank. Each of them interacts with a partner bank, so it is impossible to make a transfer to HSBC from a conditional Sberbank.

Commissions and transfers are different for each of them. For example, when transferring amounts up to 20 thousand rubles through Tinkoff, there is simply no commission, while Alpha charges a commission of 1,95% (at least 30 rubles) when transferring. Currency conversion takes place at the rate, which is determined by each bank independently.

Banks are constantly reviewing the conditions for receiving and sending money abroad. For example, operations with Evocabank have been temporarily suspended since the end of July. From the Tinkoff account, transfers are now available only to Araratbank, VTB, Acba Bank and to the account of the Telcell payment system.


Co-badged cards of the Mir-ArCa system are a joint project of the Russian payment system MIR and the Armenian national ArCa. You can use the cards both in Russia and in Armenia. You can open a card in the following banks: Ameriabank, Ardshinbank, Converse Bank, Inecobank.

Transfers to Russia are carried out if there is a bank account on the recipient's side. In Armenia, the transfer is possible, including by phone number.


The once popular method after the sanctions lost a significant number of banks that can make SWIFT transfers abroad. Among them are Sberbank, VTB, Alfa, Gazprom Bank. Because of this, the list of organizations is rather limited. These are Tinkoff, Raiffeisen, Uralsib, Russian Standard, OTP, Expobank.

This method is one of the longest and most difficult. Before the transaction, it is worth clarifying whether the Armenian bank accepts transfers from the Russian Federation and vice versa: is it possible to send money to an account in a Russian bank. Transfers are carried out within a few days, sometimes weeks. Often, a client can expect a transfer freeze or simply a refusal. According to the conditions, banks do not differ much from each other: commissions from 1 to 2% with hard limits. The amount of 10 thousand dollars in this way is almost impossible to transfer.

other methods


The Unistream money transfer system is available even without an open bank account. The main plus is the possibility of obtaining in partner banks and special points of issue. The transfer can be made within a few minutes both through the mobile application and through banks.

When receiving a transfer in Russia, you can take money in cash or immediately transfer it to a bank account. When sending money to Armenia, you can take money in drams or rubles. In this case, the following commissions apply: 1.7% when receiving an amount in rubles, its minimum amount is 100 rubles. The maximum amount of a money transfer using an ESP does not exceed an amount equivalent to 100,000 rubles.

After Unistream was included in the list of sub-sanctioned companies, Ardshinbank, Ameriabank, Evocabank, Armeconombank and Converse bank temporarily suspended or completely stopped working with this FCS.
Currencies for transfers from partner banks:
  • Rubles and drams - Acba Bank and VTB Armenia;
  • Rubles, drams, dollars and euros - Ararat Bank and Unibank.


A system created by ID Bank. The transfer is available through the IDPay mobile application or through the browser (online banking) by card or phone number. In order to use the SDP, you must register. User identification is required.

You can send both from Russia to Armenia and vice versa. The commission for transfers in both directions is 0.9% (the minimum amount is 100 rubles). Important: the presence of an account in rubles in ID Bank and the obligatory deposit of money on the opening day. The terms of the service also differ depending on its status: for clients who have passed full identification, the commission limits for operations are noticeably higher (up to 100 thousand rubles at a time). The IDPay mobile application is also available.

Postal transfer

in Russia

To send from Armenia to the Russian Federation, you must contact the branch of the national postal operator HayPost (passport is required). You can only transfer rubles, dollars, euros. Transfer through the Ria Money Transfer system is carried out within 15 minutes with a fixed commission of 1.2%. Important: the commission is paid in AMD.

To Armenia

Transfer of funds to Armenia is available to individuals and legal entities through Russian Post offices. To send, you must specify the name of the recipient. The conditions are as follows: sending time - 2 days, transfer limit - 300 thousand rubles, commissions - from 1.5 to 5%.
For those who want a more urgent translation, there is the Posttransfer service. The limits are the same, the commissions are even more profitable, however, it is far from being possible to receive the sent funds everywhere.


A fast and secure payment method for transferring money. The most popular cryptocurrency is USDT. A suitable way is the Bybit crypto exchange. There is no binding to a specific country in this case.

The maximum time for the receipt of money is 48 hours, in fact it happens within a few seconds / minutes. In order to withdraw money in Armenia, you can use the CryptoExchange and SkyLabs terminals. In Russia, cash out through Bybit p2p terminals.

Mobile phone stores (only from Russia to Armenia)

Money transfers can be made at sales offices and service centers of Svyaznoy, MTS, Megafon and Beeline salons. Commissions are around 1%, with special discounts and cashback available in select stores. For example, in Svyaznoy, the same 1% is returned to the client from each transfer in the form of a bonus.

For the transfer, the full name of the recipient and the bank account number are required. You can get them both in rubles and drams.

Electronic wallet YuMoney (only from Russia to Armenia)

The only electronic wallet through which you can transfer to Armenia. The sending route in this case is quite simple: either to the MIR card of VTB Armenia bank, or to the Armenian bank card of the ArCa national system.
Transfer fee - 3%. For sending, you will need to specify the recipient's passport data.
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