Where to rent a motorcycle, moped and scooter in Yerevan and Armenia?

Last updated: 20.04.2023
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We tell you which companies provide motorcycle, moped and scooter rental services, at what price, and what is required from the driver.
Motorcycle rights

How to get a category A license here


International motorcycle rental company. There are 19 models available in Armenia (BMW, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki).
Price depends on the specific motorcycle, the cheapest is AMD 22,831 per day, the most expensive is AMD 54,688 per day. Half of the price is paid when booking, 50% is also charged for cancellation. Additionally, you can purchase medical insurance (AMD 2,105) and cancellation insurance (AMD 2,782). For groups of four people, there are discounts up to 15% and free medical insurance is provided.
Driver requirements: 18+, rights category A or A2.

The site also offers two motorcycle tours in Armenia.


International service. He cooperates with local motorcycle owners. In Yerevan, you can rent mopeds, scooters and motorcycles - a total of 11 vehicles.
Price: from AMD 11,537 per day to AMD 27,403 per day, depending on the model. Each owner sets his own deposit. The price includes damage insurance.
Driver requirements: 18+ for scooters and 21+ for mopeds and motorcycles. The required rights are not specified on the site. Driving experience of one year. The vehicle returns with a full tank.


Armenian company. It offers motorcycles of three models for rent: Yamaha XT660, Kawasaki KLR650, Suzuki DR650SE.
  • 1–6 days – AMD 33,938 per day
  • 7–14 days – AMD 29,696 per day
  • 15+ days – 25 454 AMD per day
  • Passenger – 10 605 AMD per day
  • Escort car – 50 908 AMD per day
  • Deposit in case of damage – AMD 106,059

The price includes motorcycle insurance in case of damage and medical insurance.
Driver requirements: 21+, passport, driving license category A.

They organize five tours, one of them with a visit to Georgia.


Scooter rental. There are three scooters to choose from: SYM Symphony ST 125cc, Regulmoto Insetto and Keeway Viesta175 cc.
Price: AMD 20,000 per day + AMD 25,000 deposit. The price includes scooter insurance.
Driver requirements: 21+, passport, do not ask for a license.


On the ad service website, you can also find renting out their own scooters and mopeds.
Price: 4,000–6,000 AMD per day. A deposit of 20,000 AMD may be required.
Driver requirements: some owners indicate a minimum age of 21, a driver's license and a passport.
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