Is there car sharing in Armenia? Where to rent a car in Yerevan?

Last updated: 03.08.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Car rental services in Yerevan
  2. 2. What is required for rental?
  3. 3. How much does car rental cost? How to pay?
There is no carsharing in Armenia. But there are car rental and rental services.

Car rental services in Yerevan

Service Select car Ranking on G.Maps
RentCar1 5.0
Swift Rent 4.8
caravan 4.8
travel car 4.7
local rent 4.7
QRent 4.3
SIXT 4.2
Hertz 4.0
How to make a choice?

You can compare rentals by different criteria at EconomyBookings or at rentalcars

What is required for rental?

Enough Russian rights. Their recognized in Armenia.

How much does car rental cost? How to pay?


Address: Yerevan, st. Amiryan, 4/7, BC Imperium Plaza, 6th floor, office 9 Contact details: +374 91 831010 Social network: Facebook and Instagram

Premium car rental. The cost for 1 day starts from 50,000 AMD. Airport delivery, concierge and CASCO insurance are paid separately. Representatives of the service do not report the possibility of paying for a Russian card.

Swift Rent

Address: Yerevan, st. Spendiaryan, 5 Contact details: +374 55 226699 Schedule: 09:00-21:00 Social network: Facebook and Instagram

The cost of renting a car starts from 15,000 AMD for 1 day. For a fee, they provide a child seat, Wi-Fi in the car and a personal driver. The contact center is open 24/7.


Address: Yerevan, Mashtots Ave., 50A Contact details: +374 10 529292, +374 98 559292, Schedule: 09:00-19:00 (Mon-Sat) Social network: Facebook

AMD 15,900 is the minimum cost of renting a car in Caravan. In the case of car rental for more than 1 month, the cost is negotiated individually. For an additional fee, you can travel to Georgia in a rented car. Persons under 22 cannot rent a car. Payment - cash or bank transfer: in case of payment with a bank card of the ArCa, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, AMEX systems, an extra charge of 2% is added.

travel car

Address: Yerevan, Northern Avenue, 5/1 (Ibis hotel) Contact details: +374 60 376060 Social network: Facebook

The most profitable model is Nissan Micro. For 1 day of rent, you need to pay 28,750 AMD. The price includes insurance, unlimited mileage and the possibility of free cancellation of the booked car.

local rent

Address: Yerevan, st. Hanrapetutyan, 48 Contact details: +374 43 770222 Social network: Facebook and Instagram

The minimum rental price starts from 32,000 AMD. You can choose from Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta, Toyora Corolla and other models. Additional driver services are provided for AMD 3,000, you can also pay separately for a child seat, full insurance and Wi-Fi inside the car. If you plan to go to Georgia, you need to pay 18,000 drams for crossing the border.


Address: Yerevan, st. Tumanyan, 32 Contact details: +374 33 600909, Schedule: around the clock

The rental rate for 1 day starts from 18,000 AMD. The airports of Yerevan and Gyumri can serve as pick-up and drop-off points for cars. For a fee - the services of a personal driver, transfer to the desired point, a child seat, full car insurance and more.


Address: Yerevan, st. Acharyan, 42 Contact details: +374 60 373366, Schedule: around the clock

Rental service with the largest selection of cars for a trip around Armenia. The cost of renting a particular car depends on the time, model and age of the driver. Mandatory leaving a deposit (from 50,000 AMD, depending on the chosen car). You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the start of the rental. Of the features - the possibility of renting a moped.


Address: Yerevan, st. Zakyan, d. 5/1 Contact details: +374 96 584818, Schedule: around the clock

World famous rental service. The minimum cost of renting a car starts from 15,000 AMD. Payment - by credit cards, a fixed deposit is also kept.

Bonus: electric cars from Ecodrive

Contact details: Schedule: around the clock Application: For iOS, For Android

The first 1-click application in Armenia: to rent a car, you need to register, provide a passport and driving license, after which you can select a car on the map and rent it. Pros - free parking anywhere in Yerevan, no insurance fees.
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