Table of contents:

  1. 1. How to get a driver's license?
  2. 2. How to register for the exam?
  3. 3. Do I need to go to driving school?
  4. 4. If you didn't pass the theory?
  5. 5. Do they take bribes?
  6. 6. I didn't pass my internship, what's next?
  7. 7. Expenses
  8. 8. For how long are Armenian rights issued?
  9. 9. Is it possible to exchange the rights of the Russian Federation for the rights of Armenia?
  10. 10. Algorithm of actions: how to exchange rights
  11. 11. Violations
  12. 12. Vehicle registration

According to Decree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of April 9, 2022 No. 626, a three-year extension of rights that expire between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2023
How to pass on category A?

About the surrender to the rights of category A we wrote here

How to get a driver's license?

To get a driver's license in Armenia, you need to pass an exam: theory and practice.

The theoretical part can be passed in Russian. Tickets available on Armenian police website, SDA - on the site

How to register for the exam?

To register for the exam, you need to have a stamp about registration and social card number. Exam registration is available at traffic police website. You can take theory and practice at any department of the Traffic Police. If you are in Yerevan, then the address is st. Gadzhegortsneri, 76. Open from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturday.
Change algorithm
  1. Register for the theoretical exam online.
  2. Pay the state duty at the police station through the terminal (10,000 AMD).
  3. Pass a color blindness test (no other medical examinations).
  4. Give up theory.
  5. Sign up for practice.
  6. Give up practice.

Do I need to go to driving school?

No. You can study the theory on your own, and practice with the help of private instructors.

If you didn't pass the theory?

If you have not passed the theory, you can re-pay the state fee and try your hand again. Passing the practical exam is possible only after passing the theory.

Do they take bribes?

No. This is no longer acceptable.
live dialogue

More practical examples - in Yerevan Motorists chat

I didn't pass my internship, what's next?

Within a year after passing the theoretical part of the exam, you have the right to take the practice until you pass. There are no restrictions. But for each retake it is necessary to pay a state duty in the amount of 3,000 drams.


Costs depend on your level of training. If you do not take into account retakes and self-study, then these are:
  • 3,000 - theory exam;
  • 3,000 - practice exam;
  • 12,000 - issuance of rights;
  • 10,000 - duty;
  • Commission 300 AMD for each payment.

Total 29 200 AMD.

Accordingly, with each retake, +3,000 AMD expenses. The cost of practical lessons depends on each instructor, on average AMD 3,000-5,000 per hour.

**More on the various costs:
No. Name of transaction (types of services) Amount to be paid (AMD) Account numbers
1. Assigning a car license plate 12 000 900005016127
2. Assignment of license plates of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers 6 000 900005161840
3. Assignment of transit license plates 3 000 900005016408
4. Issuance of a certificate of registration of a car (motorcycle) 6 000 900005016135
5. Issuance of driving license 12 000 900005016317
6. Passing each qualifying (theoretical, practical) exam 3 000 900005163218
7. Registration of the right to lease under a vehicle pledge agreement, leasing 2 000 900005161717
8. Vehicle registration 5 000 900013150033
9. Passing a practical test for a driving license 10 000 900013150033
10. Issuance of “beautiful numbers” (without state duty) 60 000; 150 000; 250 000; 400 000; 600 000; 1 500 000; 3 000 000; 8 000 000 900013150033
11. Providing the desired vehicle numbers 36 000 900013150033
12. Issuance of a registration coupon for a newly issued (produced in a given year) vehicle 1 000 900013150033
13. Providing information not prohibited by law 3 000 900013150033
14. Issuance of a permit for the conversion of vehicles 10 000 900013150033
15. Failure to submit for registration within the established period of the right of ownership of the vehicle that arose in another country, in the case provided for by law, after the import of the vehicle into the RA 20 000 900013150025


For how long are Armenian rights issued?

Driving licenses in Armenia are issued for a period of 10 years. After the expiration date, the driver's license becomes invalid. To restore, you need to go through the procedure for obtaining rights again.

Is it possible to exchange the rights of the Russian Federation for the rights of Armenia?

This also applies to citizens of the Republic of Belarus and other countries of the Vienna Convention.
It is not necessary to exchange the rights, but there is such an opportunity in Armenia.
The deadline for the exchange of rights is one month before their expiration. All categories will remain. You don't need to take an exam. The exchange takes 2-4 months:
  1. The traffic police of Armenia sends a request to the Russian Federation.
  2. He is waiting for an answer that the rights are legal, the driver is not deprived of them.
  3. Replaces rights. At the same time, Russian rights lose their legal force.

If you have obtained RA citizenship, then you will no longer be able to use Russian rights.
Additional Information

Benefits are provided for Syrian Armenians. Specify about them personally in the traffic police.

Algorithm of actions: how to exchange rights

  1. Write an application in free form (possible in Russian). Application to the traffic police
  2. Send to e-mail or submit to the Road Police at 9, Admiral Iskov Ave. Works on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00 . Lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00. At this time, you can go to FoodPark 200 m from the branch. Note that prices are high.
  3. Expect a response up to five business days.
  4. If there is no response, submit the application again.
  5. Wait for a response from the traffic police of the Russian Federation - they will call from the traffic police.
  6. Pass the Russian license at the traffic police department and get the Armenian one.


For violation of the parking rules, the traffic police or the patrol service takes the vehicle to the impound lot on the street. Tairova, 14. If your car was towed, contact the patrol service or the nearest police station.

If an accident occurs through your fault, do not leave the scene of the accident. If the amount of damage does not exceed 200,000 drams, drivers may not call the police and a representative of the insurance company, but it is better to register the case officially.

The court, at its discretion, may accept testimony from the video recorder.
Payment of fines

How to pay fines, we tell in our material.
For the rights of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia in Armenia, points are not awarded for violations, only fines are issued. If the punishment is, then the driver can be deprived of the rights.

Motorists with Russian license plates can find out about the presence of fines at the Traffic Police - Admiral Isakov Ave., 9, office 214. If they are not paid off, then the next time the citizen will not be allowed into the country. Drivers with Armenian license plates check fines on the website

Vehicle registration

After obtaining the rights, the question of registering the vehicle arises.

The following are subject to state registration:
  • motorcycles;
  • tricycles and quad bikes;
  • cars;
  • trucks;
  • buses,
    having an engine with a working volume of 50 cm3 or more or an electric motor with a power of more than 3 kW and developing a maximum speed of 50 km/h or more. And also trailers (semi-trailers) to them.

No need to register:
  • racing vehicles;
  • vehicles operated indoors outside public roads;
  • vehicles assembled from separate parts and spare parts (with the exception of self-made ones);
  • vehicles registered, registered with the traffic police and not removed from registration, accounting (only in terms of ownership).

Russian cars with Russian technical inspection may not pass it in Armenia. A car purchased in the Republic of Armenia must pass a local technical inspection. More information about the stations on the site
Requisition of a vehicle for the needs of the army

There is no information about whether a vehicle that is not registered in Armenia can be taken away during hostilities.
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