Table of contents:

  1. 1. Transport
  2. 2. Public transport
  3. 3. Taxi
  4. 4. Rented car
  5. 5. Exchange and money
  6. 6. Connection
  7. 7. Waiting areas and cafes
  8. 8. tax free
  9. 9. Maintenance services
  10. 10. Move2Armenia stand
  11. 11. Hotel
  12. 12. Paid registration
  13. 13. Contacts
Zvartnots is the only passenger airport in Yerevan. In this article, we analyze what you can use in Zvartnots and what life hacks passengers should know.


Zvartnots Airport is located near the Armenian capital - 15-20 minutes without traffic to the city center. With traffic jams, travel time can increase to 30-35 minutes. Most often they occur on Admiral Isakov Street: towards the city - from 8 to 11 am. In the opposite direction - in the afternoon from 16 to 19 hours. There are only 3 ways to get to and from the airport.

Public transport

You can get to Yerevan by bus number 100 and minibus No. 201 from Elitebus. Stops are located at the exit from the airport on the 1st floor. The departure time of each of them is once every half an hour from 7 am to 10 pm local time. Price — 300 AMD

Important: both transports reach Yeritasardakan metro station (5 minutes from Republic Square). You can pay for the fare in the new ones using the Telcell payment tool or in cash in AMD. After buying a ticket, a QR code is displayed on the user's phone, which must be brought to the payment terminal inside the bus.

The application is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play. Armenian citizens can register through a phone number, while foreigners need to go through identification “with a public services number”. Withdrawal and replenishment is possible only to an Armenian bank card.


There are 3 taxi services - Yandex.Taxi, GG and Utaxi. The waiting time for a car in the direction of the airport or city can reach up to 7 minutes. The cost of a trip to the center of the capital is from 1200 AMD.

Important: you can pay for a trip in Yandex.Taxi either with a local bank card or with a Mir card.

Rented car

At the airport "Zvartnots" there are 5 car rental services. Service points are located on the 1st floor in the common arrivals hall. Enterprise Rent-a-car, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt and Rent Motors. They work 24 hours. The tariff for 1 day varies depending on the period for which the car is rented, the brand, the method of payment, but it varies about 20,000 AMD, both up and down.

Exchange and money

In order to exchange them, you need to go to the points located in the arrivals hall (Unibank, Ardshinbank, Fast Bank, Armbusinessbank) or in the waiting room (Converse Bank, Exchange Express).

You can exchange drams or for drams in 6 currencies: rubles, dollars, euros, dirhams, lari, Swiss francs.

To withdraw cash, Ameriabank and VTB Armenia ATMs are located in the arrivals hall on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor, you can use the Converse Bank terminal, which, like Ameriabank, allows you to withdraw money from cards of the Arca-MIR payment system.


The airport has a public open Wi-Fi network. Its name is Zvartnots Public. Although it works without a password, problems may arise when connecting. The reason is in the forwarding of messages or in advertising failures.

You can also purchase a cellular SIM card from local operators (VivaCell MTS, Ucom, Team Telecom). The process takes 10-15 minutes. They are located right next to the passenger exit in the arrivals hall, not far from the two main exits from the airport.

Waiting areas and cafes

Free lounges are available for both departing and arriving passengers. There are 200 seats in the waiting room (excluding VIP and business lounge). There are far fewer of those in the arrivals hall. But both there and there there are a number of cafes and coffee shops where you can have a bite to eat and pass your time. On the 2nd floor, near the check-in desks, there are cafes Mandarin, Segafredo, Lavazza and Pascucci. For boarding passengers, Sky Café and Square One are available in the Lounge and VIP Lounge. For those who have just arrived - the Esperanto cafe on the 1st floor.

At the airport, those who wish to spend time in special conditions have a choice business lounge or VIP lounge. Detailed information about tariffs can be found on the official website of the airport.

tax free

The tax free deduction when departing from Yerevan is standard: you must present the product, receipt and boarding pass. Accordingly, it is necessary to do this only after registration. The counter is located on the left side of the hall on the second floor. An important fact: those who have dual citizenship will not be able to use tax free.

Maintenance services

The Zvartnots airport, in general, is not much different from its foreign counterparts. Passengers and visitors are provided with a wide range of services that can be used. This:
  • reference department;
  • services for passengers with disabilities;
  • baggage tracing services;
  • self-transportation of luggage (trolley), and here you must also be careful: for those who want to use this for free, you should independently search for it on the territory of the airport - employees waiting for departing passengers with transportation will demand money for this;
  • packing luggage - those who want to wrap bags and suitcases with tape should prepare 3 500 AMDand payment can only be made in cash.

Move2Armenia stand

In the arrivals hall at the airport exit located information desk Move2Armenia. Colleagues will answer all your questions:
  • which SIM card to buy and where is the best place to exchange money;
  • how to get to the center of Yerevan;
  • what are the conditions of stay in Armenia;
  • how to apply for a residence permit, how to register in the country, how to rent a house;
  • and much more.


Geographically, Zvartnots is located near Yerevan, near the villages of Parakar and Argavand. It is possible to rent a room in a hotel or hostel 5 minutes from the airport. The price for 1 night starts from 14 thousand drams. Choice:

Lux Plaza Touristic Hotel

Address: Parakar, Isahak Gasparyan street, 24 Telephone: +374 99 203535 Check in: around the clock Departure: 11:00-12:00

Apart Hotel Magestic

Address: Parakar, Zoravar Andranik street, M5 intersection, 1st floor Check-in and check-out: 12:00-14:00

green house

Address: Parakar, Stolichnaya street, 16 Check in: from 15:00 Departure: until 11:00


Address: Parakar, David Bek street, 19 Check-in and check-out: around the clock

Kesabella Touristic House

Address: Yerevan, Yerevanyan street, 38 Check in: from 14:00 Departure: from 12:00

Hotel Ka El

Address: Parakar, Alen Manukyan street, 5 Check-in and check-out: around the clock

Paid registration

For those who did not have time to check in online, it is worth arriving 2 hours before the flight to check in at the departure hall. Some airlines charge for it. For example, passengers of FlyOne Armenia flights should be careful.

You can check in free of charge 24 hours before departure, but no later than 4 hours before the departure of the flight. If the passenger does not make it in time, then they will have to pay a registration fee of 30 euros.



If you have any questions, there is a help desk at the airport. You can contact her around the clock at 187. The languages in which you can ask your questions are Armenian and English. Other contacts for communication:
  • Administration (from 10:00 to 19:00): +374 10 493000
  • For international calls: +374 10 493111
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