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Checklist of documents

  • Internal Russian passport;
  • Foreign passport;
  • Military ID;
  • Birth certificate;
  • SNILS and TIN numbers;
  • Russian driver's license, international if available;
  • Employment history;
  • Certificate of marriage/dissolution of marriage;
  • Documents for children are similar to those listed above;
  • Documents for pets;
  • Medical documents;
  • Documents on education;
  • Name change documents;
  • Certificate of good conduct;
  • Declaration 3-NDFL;
  • Help 2-NDFL;
  • Marriage ending document.

We recommend making paper copies and scans.

Russian internal passport

main document. It confirms the identity. Your passport should be with you always and everywhere.

Foreign passport

You can enter Armenia with an internal passport. Nevertheless, a foreign passport can still come in handy. For example, some banks require both an internal and a foreign passport to open an account. Stamp of registration (registration) is put in the passport.

Military ID

In Armenia there is military duty for male citizens of Armenia. Medical workers are also considered to be liable for military service. Military service in Armenia is compulsory for male citizens of the Republic of Armenia between the ages of 18 and 27. But if you have already completed military service (at least 12 months) or alternative civilian service (at least 18 months) before accepting the citizenship of the Republic of Armenia, you will not have to serve in Armenia. The military ID indicates the military registration specialty (VUS).

Also in Armenia, military gatherings of reservists are regularly held. Therefore, a military ID and a specialty are needed to count you in the reserve.

Birth certificate

A birth certificate is proof of your parentage. For example, if you are an Armenian according to your birth certificate, there is a simplified way for you to get citizenship. In addition, the birth certificate shows the relationship between the child and the parents.


SNILS and TIN numbers may be useful to you for obtaining certificates and extracts from state bodies of the Russian Federation.

Russian driver's license. International subject to availability

According to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic driving licenses issued in the Russian Federation are also valid in the RA. If you plan to drive a vehicle in Armenia, a driver's license is required.

Rights left at home?

You can get them in Armenia for Category B and category A.


International driving license

An international VU is invalid without a national one. So, even if you have a higher education institution of international standard, Russian rights are necessary.

Employment history

The Russian work book in Armenia is not needed in itself. Upon employment, you will be given a new, electronic one. Although in Russia it is also possible to switch to an electronic shopping mall, not all data is displayed in it. A work book can be useful for information and hiring for remote work in the Russian Federation.

Certificate of marriage/dissolution of marriage

A marriage certificate indicates that the spouses are family members, which is important, for example, when receiving information from health workers about the spouse's health.

Documents for children similar to those listed above

  • birth certificate;
  • child's passport, if available;
  • international passport;

Documents for pets, namely customs certificate No. 1 for animals

Since Armenia is a member of the Customs Union, the certificate that is normally required for the transport of animals to other countries is being replaced by the CU certificate. It is issued in any veterinary clinic, it is only important that it be state-owned. To issue a certificate, you need a passport of the animal and an analysis of feces for helminths. Otherwise, it will not work to enter Armenia with an animal.
Traveling with animals also requires an International Veterinary Passport. It contains key information about the animal:

  • View
  • Breed
  • Floor
  • Age
  • Nickname
  • Color
  • Owner details

Medical documents

Extracts from the medical book, prescriptions for medicines, test results will be needed. if you receive medical assistance in Armenia.

Education documents

When applying for a job, an employer may ask you for a diploma of education.

Name change documents

This may be a certificate of marriage, a certificate of change of full name.

Certificate of no criminal record

A certificate of no criminal record Can be ordered on the public services portal by asking a question to the built-in bot.

Situations in which a certificate of absence (presence) of a criminal record may be required:

  • employment in certain professions;
  • guardianship or guardianship;
  • issuance of student or work visas;
  • permission to live and work abroad.

Declaration 3-NDFL

The declaration is submitted to the tax authority when you declare income or to receive a tax deduction. If you have a verified account on the State Services portal, you do not need paper declarations. Information from the declaration may be necessary, for example, to track a tax refund.

Help 2-NDFL

These are income statements, usually generated by tax agents (employer or broker). At the end of the calendar year, information about your income is submitted to the Federal Tax Service. If you have an account on the State Services portal, 2-NDFL certificates for previous years can be downloaded electronically.

Marriage ending document

A document that is the basis for the termination of a previous marriage (certificate of divorce or a valid court decision on divorce, or death certificate of a spouse). It will be required if required. marry or get married in Armenia.

Remote Solutions

In order to feel as safe as possible and not violate the laws of a foreign country, we recommend that you study the main legal issues on our website:

public services

If you are moving from Russia, we advise you to take care of your personal account on the State Services website in advance. It's best to make a verified account. On the site you can issue certificates and extracts from government agencies.

Power of attorney

If you still have unresolved issues that need to be resolved in Russia, we recommend draw up a power of attorney before moving, so as not to look for the possibility of processing documents in Armenia.
Example: you have property in Russia that you wanted to sell / donate, but did not have time due to relocation. You can make a notarized power of attorney for sale and calmly relocate.

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