Supermarkets in Yerevan: where and how to buy food, price comparison + online

Last updated: 13.07.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Yerevan City
  2. 2. SAS
  3. 3. carrefour
  4. 4. Zovq
  5. 5. MG
  6. 6. Evrika
  7. 7. Gurmenia
  8. 8. Parma
  9. 9. Tsiran
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Pricing policy: comparison
  12. 12. Delivery: cost and time

There are more than a dozen retail chains in Yerevan. In this article, we analyze what conditions are presented by the largest players in this market, what are the prices and how they work in the online segment.

Yerevan City

Telephone: +374 55 254444
For regular customers: 50% discount on promotional items
Price segment: short
Application: : App Store and Google Play

The largest supermarket chain in Armenia has 30 outlets. Most of them have their own bakeries. 7 of them are full-fledged hypermarkets, including household goods, coffee shops and more.


Telephone: +374 11 538888
For regular customers: up to 2% for cash purchases, up to 1% for non-cash purchases
Price segment: high
Application: : App Store and Google Play

The second largest supermarket chain in Yerevan. It differs from its main competitor in that it positions itself as a trading network of a higher level. The difference is noticeable both in pricing policy and in other aspects: almost every SAS has an exchange office, most supermarkets are open around the clock. At some points - their own food court and bakery.


Telephone: +374 11 300700
For regular customers: when paying with Ameriabank “Zhpit” card from each purchase — 3% discount
Price segment: high
Application: : App Store and Google Play

The French supermarket chain in Yerevan has 7 outlets. Most of them are located in the very center of the capital. Unlike the same Yerevan City and SAS, it is impossible to pay for goods with a card of the MIR payment system in Carrefour.


Telephone: +374 12 24444
Price segment: average

Supermarket with one of the largest network of outlets (28). Exchange offices can be found inside supermarkets in the center of Yerevan. The price segment is average.


Telephone: +374 11 878700
Price segment: short

Distributed outside the center of the supermarket chain. It has 14 points in residential areas. Special promotions and raffles for customers are held, especially often manifested in departments with household goods.


Telephone: +374 10 566336
Price segment: average

17 outlets in the capital. In the small center there are 5 Evrika supermarkets. Has its own bakery and food court. The price segment is above average.


Telephone: +374 93 822222, +374 12 822222
For regular customers: 2% is accumulated on the card from each purchase
Price segment: high

A supermarket with the most, without a doubt, an exclusive and unusual line of goods: exotic products, drinks, branded croissants and much more can be found in Gurmenia chains. From that, the prices are far above average, as well as only two points, and both in a small center.


Telephone: +374 60 505050
For regular customers: 1% is accumulated with each purchase up to AMD 10,000, more than AMD 10,000 is accumulated 2%
Price segment: high

Four Parma supermarkets can be found in Yerevan, with the main outlet on Northern Avenue. In the near future, another supermarket will open 5 minutes from Republic Square. The official website has a convenient and high-quality user support service.


Telephone: +374 12 808022
For regular customers: discounts for loyalty cards in the amount of 3%
Price segment: short

Just like MG, Tsiran is mainly present outside the small center of Yerevan, especially in Malatya and Ajapnyak. In terms of the price segment, one of the most attractive supermarkets in the city: for a number of positions, especially for meat, the cost, with similar quality of goods, is slightly lower than competitors.

Telephone: +374 11 555555
Price segment: short
Application: : App Store

The only, full-fledged online supermarket. The main positioning is free delivery in all possible ways: you can order both through the official website and mobile application, and through instant messengers. From the interesting: in the assortment of this supermarket you can find flowers.

Pricing policy: comparison

As a criterion - the consumer basket of a resident of Armenia. Let's compare prices for similar products of equal quantity/weight in different retail chains. The following positions were selected in total: bread, fish, meat, potatoes, sugar, milk, eggs, vegetable oil, margarine. We will also choose 1 category from fruits and vegetables: in our case, bananas and tomatoes were selected.

ProductThe cheapest optionThe widest range
Eggs (10 pcs)MG MarketSAS
Tomatoes (1 kg)MG MarketYerevan City
Banana (1 kg)TsiranYerevan City
Chicken meat (1 kg carcass)TsiranSAS
Pork meat (1 kg fillet)TsiranYerevan City
Vegetable oilTsiranTsiran
BreadTsiranYerevan City
Potatoes (1 kg)Yerevan CityYerevan City
Milk (1 l)Yerevan CitySAS
Fish (1 kg)ZovqZovq

Delivery: cost and time

Exactly half of the marked supermarkets have services for home delivery of groceries. In terms of price, the Zovq chain looks the most attractive: but this is the only one of the supermarkets that delivers not around the clock.

Yerevan CityThere isAMD 500 + AMD 50 per packagearound the clock
SASThere is500-900 AMDaround the clock
ZovqThere isIs freeUntil 00:00
GurmeniaThere isWhen ordering more than 20000 AMD — free of charge + 50 AMD per package08:00-23:30
Supermarket.amThere isAMD 500 for orders less than AMD 10,000, if more - free of chargearound the clock
ParmaThere isAMD 1000 + AMD 50 per packagearound the clock
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