Where to donate unwanted items?

Last updated: 12.06.2023
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Do not rush to throw away unused textiles, shoes, accessories, toys and other household items. Team YRVN I made a selection of organizations that accept unnecessary things. We have updated and published it.


pocket friends

Address: st. Hrachya Kochar, 22
Website: instagram.com

Anya creates small toys - pocket friends and fabric decorations, embroiders and sews bags. For this, she needs old jeans and cotton, linen shirts.

Armenian Food Bank

Addresses: Mesrop Mashtots Ave., 7a; st. Abovyan, 16
Website: armenianfoodbank.org

The Armenian Food Bank Foundation helps veterans, refugees from Artsakh, needy families with children. They accept clothes, shoes, household items, underwear, serviceable equipment, toys. You can also buy and send food to the Food Bank.


Address: st. Yervand Kochar, 21/1
Website: instagram.com

Clothing that you have already identified for recycling can take on a second life. Bigheadboy accepts perforated and non-washable items. They create an unusual custom. They also accept craft paper and bags.

Caritas Armenia & Inditex

Addresses: Tsitsernakaberd highway, 3 (SEC Dalma Garden Mall); Northern Avenue, 18; 16, Gaya Ave (SEC Mega Mall); Arshakunyats Ave., 34/3 (SEC Yerevan Mall)
Sites: caritas.aminditex.com

Organizations Caritas Armenia and Inditex collect clothes, shoes and accessories for those in need. Items are accepted in shopping centers in Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius and Zara stores.


Address: st. Tpagrichneri, 5
Website: dopomoga.am

Dopomoga collects clothes and shoes, household items, underwear and serviceable equipment to help refugees from Ukraine. You can also bring plastic and aluminum lids - they will be recycled.


Address: st. Movses Khorenatsi, 30
Website: ethosfound.org

Ethos helps the victims of the wars in Artsakh and Ukraine. You can donate clean clothes and shoes. Underwear is not accepted.


Address: st. Hakob Hakobyan, 3
Website: instagram.com

This company differs from the rest in that here you can not only give away unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories, but also sell or rent.


Address: st. Gusan Sheram, 27/18
Website: facebook.com

LATE accepts clothes in good condition and donates them to those in need. And from worn things and textile waste, unusual souvenirs, paintings, blankets, etc. are created.

Shani NGO

Address: st. Gyurjyan, 15/2
Website: facebook.com

Not only textiles can be recycled. Shani also accepts batteries, glass containers, plastics and old appliances.


Addresses: st. Lepsius, 15; st. Nor Aresh, 28; 34/3 Arshakunyats Ave., 0th and 1st floor (SEC Yerevan Mall)
Website: facebook.com

The T-Cycle team stands for conscious consumption. Accepts clothing for both recycling and second-hand transfer. You can also return underwear, but new and with tags.


Address: st. Nairi Zaryana, 72/1
Website: triglinki.tilda.ws

In Triglinki, clothes and shoes are collected and donated to those in need. If you are in a difficult situation and you need things, come to coliving - they will help you.


rECOvery / Siroon

Address: st. Abovyan, 133/3 (Youth Palace)
Website: facebook.com

In the Siroon workshop, young people work with old textiles. They create handmade gifts and souvenirs from it, as well as sew new clothes.


You can give away or sell clothes and household items by placing an ad on the site List.am or in Telegram chat "Flea market in Armenia".

If you know of other organizations accepting old items, please email YRVN: info@ecoparsec.com.

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