How can a Russian citizen get a Schengen visa and a UK visa in Armenia?

Last updated: 09.06.2023
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  1. 1. It is important to know
  2. 2. Spain
  3. 3. Portugal
  4. 4. Great Britain
  5. 5. Poland
  6. 6. Germany

It has become more difficult for Russians to travel, but it is still possible. And to get a visa, it is not necessary to return to Russia. Let's talk about the conditions of a trip to Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Poland and Germany.

It is important to know

You can only get a visa without a residence permit and without living in the RA for six months only to Spain. Read about individual cases with other countries below.

At the moment, the presence of previous visas does not guarantee a long-term visa.


Through the Spanish visa center, you can apply for a tourist visa (type C - no more than 90 days in half a year).
Contacts visa centre.

Personal presence is obligatory for taking biometrics (except for children under 12 years old).

Citizens of the Russian Federation can apply for a Schengen visa to Spain without a residence permit or an Armenian residence permit, but only with social card (it needs to be translated into English). The rest of the documents are the same as on Website of the Spanish Consulate in Moscow. Please note that copies of all pages of the international passport and the Russian passport are required. In English, there must be a certificate from the bank on the account balance and an extract with the movement of funds for the last three months.
Documentation for children under 18 years old.

You can only make an appointment online, slots appear every two weeks, they are sorted out in 20 minutes. According to relocators, there are no exact dates, so you have to constantly check availability or apply for booking services.

The passport is sent to Moscow. The average time to get a visa is 2-3 weeks, but the website says a maximum of 45 days. You will be notified of the readiness status:
  • in transit from Spoke to HUB - on the way to Moscow;
  • processing in mission - consideration by the consul;
  • passport ready to dispatch - ready to be sent from Moscow;
  • delivered at counter - you can pick up.

All fees are paid in cash in AMD.


You can get a visa to Portugal at the French Consulate. In the Republic of Armenia, Russians are issued tourist visas (type C). A national visa (type D) can be obtained in Russia or in another country with a Portuguese consulate if you have a residence permit of this country and have lived there for six months.
Contacts. You can also book an appointment using the same link. The reviews say that it is difficult to get into the French embassy, as the slots are quickly taken apart. If there are currently no available seats, you can subscribe to notifications of their availability.

Required documentation. Remember that income statements must be in English.

Great Britain

You can apply for any type of visa. Everyone will need a residence permit and residence in Armenia for six months, with the exception of Global Talent.

On the site you can choose the purpose of the trip, fill out the appropriate application and pay the fee.

List of required documents.


Poland issues visas only to certain groups of Russians. The full list is on site Russian embassy in Poland.

Choose the one that suits you visa category and fill out the appropriate form on the site e-consultation, register it and make an appointment. New slots open every last working day of the month at 21:00.


The German embassy, like the French embassy, is difficult to get into due to the lack of slots for more than a month in advance. The fastest way to apply for a visa is if you have an invitation to work with a preapproval (offer). More on the site To make an appointment, select visa type and enter your details. You can fill out a visa application online.

Without a residence permit and residence in the RA for six months, you can apply for a national visa (type D) to work or study in Germany.

For Russians, there is no restriction on the type of visa, but simplified visa regime canceled.

List of required documents for a visa type C and type D (German).
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