Poisonous and dangerous plants and animals of Armenia

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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Animals
  2. 2. poisonous plants
  3. 3. emergency services


We are not doctors.
We tell: what poisonous animals and plants are found in Yerevan.
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There will be stories from relocant chats



There are three types of scorpions in Armenia: yellow, red and thick-tailed (black). The most dangerous is the bite of a black scorpion; yellow and red are dangerous only for allergy sufferers. In the spring, after waking up, scorpions have a more concentrated poison than in summer.

Arthropods can be seen in construction and renovation sites - they crawl out because of the noise. Black scorpions are found in nature: in crevices, under stones. Yellows and reds penetrate houses, they are found both on the lower and upper floors. During the day, they crawl through windows and other cracks and hide. At night, they become active and crawl into shoes, clothes and bedding. Often found in damp areas such as toilets and bath/shower areas.

recently took a shower, raised her head and met the eyes of a scorpion sitting under the ceiling
be careful in summer
non-black scorpions are not lethal, but they also bite, unpleasant

when I lived near the gorge, on Kievyan, we had scorpions like flies or mosquitoes, hmm, although no, flies and mosquitoes did not reach our floor, there were only scorpions and sometimes bats

A scorpion slapped me in the ear at night, almost grabbed it from the curtain))) in the dark I thought some kind of dragonfly, turned on the light - fucked up) the second floor of castati)))

In the private sectors of Malatia in the summer I often met small scorpions

Last year we met a small scorpion near Sas in the center 🙂


the guys live in Vahagni, this is behind davtashen, a cottage village and met small scorpions

at night in Kentron at home on the 2nd floor [friend] stepped on a scorpion
Svo Gasp

Hello! Last year, a scorpion 🦂 (yellow) bit me, it hurts a lot, be careful, especially if you are allergic, I immediately swallowed 2 suprastin tablets, the bite site hurt for a long time
If you find a scorpion in the house, cover it with a jar, put a piece of cardboard and take it outside.

Scorpions do not attack first, but they can be overlooked and stepped on. If you are stung by a scorpion, call an ambulance, try not to move the injured limb, disinfect and apply an antiseptic dressing to the stung area. Apply ice to relieve pain.


According to information from the Ministry of Environment of Armenia, 23 snakes live in the country, of which four are poisonous. Serpentologist Aram Aghasyan tellsthat 15-16 species of snakes live in Yerevan. Poisonous only one - gyurza. Gyurza can be seen in the natural landscape: in the Hrazdan Gorge, Victory Park, the surroundings of the Yerevan TV tower. Like scorpions, disturbed snakes also crawl out of places where construction is taking place. Snakes appear in spring and are active from 10 am to 6 pm. In summer, they prefer morning and evening time at a temperature of 25–26 ° C. In the heat, they remain in shady places: cellars and springs under bushes and stones.

Distinctive features of gyurza:
  • both the head and the body are covered with scales (non-venomous snakes have shields on their heads);
  • thick body, short and thin tail;
  • a large individual may be thicker than a human hand;
  • vertically elongated pupils;
  • two pronounced wounds remain from the bite, a sharp pain appears in 10 seconds.

Remember that snakes do not attack first. If you see a snake, stop, give it time to crawl away. If the snake is not moving, slowly back away to a safe distance.

If a snake has bitten you, immobilize the limb, if possible, lift it up. Call an ambulance. There is an opinionthat you need to suck out the poison, but the veterinarian and zoologist Ludmila Ganina and herpetologist at the Yerevan Zoo Ashot Aslanyan they say it's inefficient. Treat the wound with an antiseptic, such as peroxide, and apply a sterile bandage, but in no case do not burn (!). Drink plenty of water. In the hospitals of Armenia, all victims are injected with Antigyurzin serum free of charge. Doctors may need a description of the snake (to determine the species) and the time of the bite.


Spiders in Yerevan are not dangerous, they are more common in the warm season. Sometimes you can see a large individual, for example, a salpuga (otherwise a phalanx or a camel spider). During the day, this sand-colored arachnid hides in dark places, becomes active at night and can crawl into the house into the light. Like a scorpion, close the spider in a jar and take it outside. The phalanx does not attack a person, but if it suddenly hurts you, then inflammation may begin, so you should consult a doctor.


We in Jrvezh [a village on the outskirts of Yerevan] encountered salpugs several times.


Insects that bring the greatest discomfort and are found in Yerevan are cockroaches, bedbugs and silverfish. Let's talk more about the latter.

Silverfish are small insects (12–19 mm) of white or silver color. They settle in damp dark corners of houses, especially in bathrooms, and move in the dark. They are not dangerous to humans, but can spoil clothes and paper, eat cereals and flour.


I met a scorpion late in the evening in Tsitsernakaberd, but he got scared and ran away. There were only a couple of small spiders at home, and now there are some small things from the humidity in the bathroom, I don’t even know what to call them [silverfish]
Interestingly, they appeared about a month ago. Never seen before. There is a suspicion that they climb through the ventilation, because in her area I find them


There are ticks in Armenia, but they are found in wooded areas. They carry encephalitis and borreliosis (Lyme disease).

When bitten by a tick, it is best to immediately consult a doctor who will pull out the insect. If this is not possible, then grab the tick with tweezers or thread as close to the skin as possible and pull it out by swinging it. Treat the bite site with an antibacterial agent. Place the tick in a container and take it for analysis.

The bats

Bats live mainly in the south of Armenia, but are also found throughout the country in numerous crevices near the water. They come out when the night temperature reaches 6–7°C. Although bats do not attack humans, be careful, these animals transmit rabies. If you are bitten or scratched, see a doctor.

If a bat has flown into the house, let it fly out on its own. You can direct it by blocking the path with a towel. If the animal sits down and does not fly away, try trapping it in a box and releasing it outside. Do this with gloves.

poisonous plants

In Armenia, there are such poisonous plants as:


Wrestler (Aconite)

hemlock spotted

Belladonna (belladonna)





In case of poisoning with poisonous plants, call an ambulance, rinse the stomach with water (4-5 glasses), induce vomiting, take 3-5 tablespoons of crushed activated charcoal.
If the poisonous milkweed juice gets on the skin, wash the affected area with water for 5-10 minutes, lubricate with a nourishing cream and apply a sterile bandage. Call a doctor if necessary.

emergency services

In an emergency, call 03, 112, 911, 103 or go to the nearest hospital. List of medical institutions on website of the Municipality of Yerevan.
More about ambulance

All information about the work of ambulance in Armenia in our article.
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