How to buy a medicine without a prescription in Armenia?

Last updated: 14.08.2023
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  1. 1. List of prescription drugs
  2. 2. Pharmacies
  3. 3. Other ways

There is a list of drugs that are allowed to be dispensed only by prescription. However, it is not always asked. We tell you whether drugs are sold in Armenia without a doctor's prescription.

List of prescription drugs

The Register of Medicinal Products of the Republic of Armenia contains lists of medicines dispensed on prescription and controlled (containing narcotic and psychotropic substances) drugs. On the site you can find the right medicine by name and find out the conditions of dispensing from pharmacies.

Groups of prescription drugs:

  • antibiotics;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • codeine-containing (antipyretic, antitussive, analgesic, anti-migraine) drugs;
  • injectables;
  • anticancer drugs;
  • preparations containing narcotic and psychotropic substances;
  • antiviral drugs;
  • antifungal drugs;
  • immunoglobulins.


Pharmacy points

There is no strict oversight of prescription drugs. If you are not sold the drug in one pharmacy, they can sell you in another.

Buyers talk about the free purchase of antidepressants (Risperidon, Zoloft, Phenibut), antibiotics (Amoxiclav, Unidox Solutab), codeine-containing (Fastum Gel) and antiviral drugs (Acyclovir). And in 2017 as a result experiment journalists even managed to purchase drugs containing narcotic substances.


On the website and in the application Alpha Pharm no prescription drug information provided. Prescription drugs from this network of pharmacies are also sold on the site We ordered home delivery of the already mentioned Fastum Gel and Acyclovir-Belmed tablets - we were not asked to show the recipe.

Other ways

Unneeded prescription medications are given away or sold at a reduced price in relocator chats, in chats Flea market in Armenia and ARMENIA | flea market ads in Telegram.

Be careful buying prescription drugs without a doctor's prescription

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