What is List.am: analogue of Avito in Armenia?

Last updated: 02.08.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. What is List.am
  2. 2. Service advantages
  3. 3. Service cons
  4. 4. Is it worth using?
  5. 5. Can I sell anything on List.am?
  6. 6. What are the analogues of List.am?
In Russia - Avito. And in Armenia - List.am. What are the pros and cons of bulletin boards?

What is List.am

List.am is an exchange of ads for buying and selling. Any person or company can post an ad. Among other things, owners and agencies place advertisements for renting an apartment here.

Service advantages

If you have used Avito at least once, you will easily understand the familiar interface. In addition, positive features:
  • There is a version in Russian.In the application - automatic translation into Russian
  • Apartments in Yerevan can be selected by district and 17 more filters
  • There is a function “Complain to moderator”

Service cons

The key disadvantages of the service are the low level of transaction security. In particular:
  • Most ad authors have no ratings and few reviews
  • No secure transaction feature
  • Low level of verification: it is enough to register by mail. No two-factor identity verification

In addition, there is no high-quality moderation of ads: irrelevant offers have long remained on the site.

Is it worth using?

Despite the cons, yes. List.am is a monopoly bulletin board with the best service available. When looking for an apartment, remember our safe trading tips.

Can I sell anything on List.am?

Yes. To do this, just register and place an ad. If you start selling systematically without registering an individual entrepreneur or LLC, you can be prosecuted for illegal business activities. Single and infrequent transactions do not arouse any interest of the police.

What are the analogues of List.am?

From well-known portals - sites tunmun.am and banali.am. Just like List.am, these services are available in Armenian, English and Russian. You can choose prices in drams, rubles and dollars.

Of the advantages in comparison with List:
  • More convenient and modern site interface;
  • High level of technical support.

The disadvantages include:
  • The absence of a price segment below the average;
  • A small number of offers from the market;
  • Platform exclusively for the sale of real estate.
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