How to transfer money from the Republic of Armenia to the Russian Federation?

Last updated: 19.04.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Translation in the ArCa system
  2. 2. Interbank transfer in rubles via SPFS
  3. 3. SWIFT
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With the help of ArCa-MIR and SPFS, it will not be difficult to transfer money from one account to another from Armenia to the Russian Federation. In most cases, you will have to forget about SWIFT transfers.

Translation in the ArCa system

Armenia has a payment system ArCa (an alternative to VISA, MasterCard, MIR, works only in RA). Some banks make it possible to open a card of this payment system relatively inexpensively: for 1500-3000 drams (The current exchange rate of the dram against the ruble is

From the ArCa card, you can easily transfer money to the MIR card of the Russian even sanctioned bank.

Interbank transfer in rubles via SPFS

SPFS - Financial Message Transmission System of the Bank of Russia. About how to use it to transfer money from a Russian account to an Armenian one, we wrote earlier.
The mechanism in the opposite direction works similarly: the money is sent to the correspondent bank of the bank of the Russian Federation, the full name and account number in the bank in the Russian Federation are indicated in the comment.

Using this method, you can also transfer money to sub-sanctioned banks.


SWIFT is an international money transfer system. After 2022, many Russian banks fell under sanctions. Among the restrictions is a ban on money transfers via SWIFT.

Therefore, Armenian banks are divided into three types. The first part of the banks closed the possibility of such transfers for non-residents (and each bank understands residency differently). The second part requires justification for the translation. And the third one requires justification and will be able to make a transfer only in a certain currency.

If you are lucky, you will be able to transfer money to non-sanctioned banks: in particular, to Raiffeisen through the “related” Raiffeisen Bank International AG, to Unicredit and Tinkoff.
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