Work of notaries in Armenia

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Why do you need a notary in Armenia, and how much will his help cost.


The Notarial Chamber of the Republic of Armenia operates under the Ministry of Justice. On her official website there is a list of notaries included in the chamber, with contact information. And on Ministry website addresses of notary offices are given.

Ruben has a good fast service at Zakyan 5 and they do everything quickly with a notary, but no one is immune from mistakes because of the large flow)

It seems the street is called Rafael Lemkin. There are 100,500 translation offices and notaries. Did it there, went everywhere

Not Russian, but Russian speaker, excellent translator and notary on Koryun 21. Near Matenadaran.

Near the passport and visa service in Davitashen there is a service office and a notary. I made a translation there with notarization in 15 minutes.


The task of a notary is to conduct safe, legal transactions. He certifies the authenticity of documents and their copies, certifies transactions, issues certificates, draws up consents, etc. List of all services.

Relocators resort to the help of notaries mainly for:
  1. Verification of rental agreements. Not all tenants, when signing a contract, certify it with a notary. But this can secure the transaction, as the specialist checks the documents for the apartment and points out the "pitfalls".
  2. Assurances of powers of attorney. If you are unable to return to Russia but would like to receive a document or make a transaction, you will need a power of attorney. It can be compiled, then translated and certified by a notary in the RA.
  3. Checking the authenticity of translated documents. As mentioned above, they certify the translation of the power of attorney, as well as, for example, the pages of a Russian passport for registration social cards.
  4. Authentication of copies of documents or extracts from them. This service may be needed to register a legal entity.

Price order

The price consists of the tariff established by the state and the cost assigned by the notary for the provision of services of a legal and technical nature.

Tariffs for the service you have chosen can be found at website of the Notary Chamber.

The price for translation and notarization varies from 4,000 to 6,000 AMD.

The execution and certification of the translation of a power of attorney costs AMD 20,000–30,000 on average.

In level 4000 social card, with a notary 5000
I also did it elsewhere for 5000, mb the usual price, but it’s clear that somewhere it’s cheaper
Artak Mehrabyan

good evening .. depending on what and how much translation ...
foreign .. in particular ... 3500 ... at the notary

There are many more translation offices in the area of the intersection of the street. Rafael Lemkin and Marshal Baghramyan. Although they seem to have only one notary, tk. when it wasn't working, they all couldn't reassure. There, the price of a passport translation is from 4,000 to 6,000 drams.

I did it at the Arabkir Notary Office, for a real estate transaction, I got 30 thousand drams (the power of attorney itself is not expensive, but the translation is expensive).
Well, if there is, then it’s better to send them a sample power of attorney

I made a [power of attorney] at a notary near Yeritasardakyan metro station.
1st st. Paruyr Sevak quarter, 18
Make sure the translation is complete. And that includes prints. Made in 1 day cost about 20 thousand drams


As already mentioned, the final price includes the cost for the provision of legal and technical services. This can be, for example, a printout, drafting a document, or even advice. Be sure to ask what's included - you may be able to save money by bringing your own copy, a pre-written document, or having your question answered elsewhere.

Also, be careful when certifying the translation of documents. A notary, especially one working in a translation company, may not check the quality of the work and put a stamp “on the machine”. It is difficult to evaluate the translation on your own without knowing the language, but you can at least check the coincidence of the numbers.
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