How to fly with a child to Armenia?

Last updated: 22.06.2023
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We tell how children can come to Armenia with their parents and on their own.


Children under 14 can enter Armenia with their own foreign passport or with an old-style foreign passport of their parents, where there is information about the child and a photo.
After obtaining an internal passport a child can enter Armenia using it.

Regardless of age, you will need a birth certificate.

If a child traveling without parents, a notarized consent is required. It contains the following information:
  • data of the passport of the parent agreeing to the departure of the minor;
  • accompanying person's passport details, if the child is flying with him/her;
  • details of the minor from the birth certificate;
  • a list of countries visited (at the same time, associations like the Benelux or the EU cannot be listed. Each country is indicated separately);
  • visit period.
For a child to travel abroad, the consent of one parent is sufficient. But the trip will be denied if the other parent files a statement of disagreement. It is received at the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and at the Russian diplomatic mission abroad. You can check if there is a ban in the Office in your region.
If a child is aged under 14 stays abroad for more than three months, the consent of the guardianship authorities is required.

Traveling without parents

Next, we will talk about the conditions for crossing the border by children without parents, depending on age.
Look at the age of the minor at the time of departure from the country.

Up to two years + disabled children up to 12 years

Newborns can be transported from the age of seven days.

Children must be accompanied by an adult or a minor but fully capable (for example, married or emancipated).

At the same time, if one child under two years old does not occupy a separate seat, then his ticket is purchased at a discount 90%. If a separate seat is required, then the discount is 50%. Other children aged 0-12 years flying with this companion will receive a discount on tickets 50%.


2–11 years old

Children of this age can travel both with an accompanying person and with an airline employee. We will tell about the service "Unaccompanied child" below.

Over 12 years old

Upon reaching the age of 12, the child can travel independently. Including transferring from one flight to another. You only need to issue a notarized permission from one of the parents.

Service "Unaccompanied child"

Children aged 2-12 (and up to 16 if their parents wish) can travel without an escort. To do this, there is the service "Unaccompanied child". Each airline has its own conditions for its provision. So, most carriers take responsibility for children only from the age of five (for example, Aeroflot, Pobeda, S7). However, one condition applies to all airlines - the flight must be non-stop.

When buying a ticket for a child, the parent contacts the airline and leaves a request for the service. This is also necessary because the number of places for unaccompanied children is limited. A written application will also be required.

On the day of the trip with a child under 12 years old, there must be an accompanying person. In Armenia, the minor will be handed over to the meeting person whose passport details are indicated in the application.


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