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  1. 1. Services at a Glance
  2. 2. Travel Cost Comparison
  3. 3. Car quality comparison
  4. 4. Service Comparison
  5. 5. Features of the Start from Yandex Go tariff
  6. 6. Why You Shouldn't Hail a Taxi on the Street
  7. 7. Taxi vs Public transport
  8. 8. How to pay for a taxi
  9. 9. Outcome
  10. 10. Sources

There are 3 quality taxi apps in Armenia: Yandex Go, GG, UTaxi. The price of a trip around Yerevan is from 500 ֏ (~ 90 ₽). GG is a service with the most modern fleet, but with low-quality navigation, Yandex.Taxi has accurate navigation, low price and a large number of drivers, UTaxi has a high-quality application, but the number of cars is too small for fast service.

Services at a Glance

Yandex Go (Yandex.Taxi)

Yandex Go is the largest taxi service in the CIS, which also operates in Armenia. Of the pluses - a huge number of cars, many variations of tariffs, the availability of additional services, there is no need to install a new application, integrated Yandex.Food and Yandex services. Transport. Of the minuses - in the Start tariff there are frequent problems with the level of service, in the Comfort and Comfort + tariff, cars of an extremely average level.

Google Play | AppStore | Site | +374 (10) 770-770

GG Taxi

GG is an application created by an Armenian company. Among the advantages is the focus on providing high-quality service with the help of new cars and qualified drivers. Of the minuses - a poorly designed application with poor navigation, few cars, which leads to a long wait for the order to be accepted, the cost of the trip is higher than that of competitors.

Google Play | AppStore | Site


UTaxi is part of Ucom (the largest mobile operator and Internet provider). On the plus side, a well-designed application can be noted, but a small number of drivers and poor support led to a decline in popularity.

Google Play | AppStore | Site | +374 (12 / 44 / 77 / 91) 53-22-22

Travel Cost Comparison

Application, tariffTrip (5 km) from 22:00 to 9:00, from 11:00 to 17:00, in the center, ֏Ride (5 km) 9am to 11am, 5pm to 10pm downtown, ֏
Yandex Go Start8001200
Yandex Go Business11001700
GG Econom8001200
UTaxi Standard7001100
UTaxi Comfort+8001200

If you are looking for the most budget option and are willing to wait a long time, then use UTaxi. For those who do not want to pay a lot, but also need a taxi urgently, Yandex is suitable - it is in its taxi fleet that the maximum number of cars is, so even at the busiest time you have to wait a maximum of 3-4 minutes.

If you are in favor of comfort, then you should definitely give preference to either GG (regardless of the tariff) or Yandex Go in the Business tariff. Only these options on almost 99% guarantee that a good new car will arrive at your place, and the driver will not be annoying for the whole trip.

Car quality comparison

Yandex Go

In the Start tariff, the quality of cars leaves much to be desired, Opel Astra 1999, Opel Zafira 1999, Mersedes 1995 may well come to you. In Comfort and Business, everything is a little better, but don't be surprised if when ordering Business, a car of the Toyota Camry level will still come to you.


New cars (many Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla of the last years of production), some of which belong to the company itself and are provided to drivers. Not all European-made cars are in the Economy tariff, but the company strictly monitors the state of the fleet and cleanliness.


Average quality, maybe a 2000 Opel will arrive, or maybe even older, especially recently, when demand has dropped a lot. There may be good options in the Business plan, but there is no guarantee.

Service Comparison

Map Accuracy

Yandex GO

Very accurate map, shows the location of the driver in real time. Yandex Map is one of the main advantages, as excellent synchronization has been developed between applications for drivers and customers. Navigation is so accurate that when calling a taxi even in the most intricate courtyard, the route is laid correctly. In addition, navigation takes into account traffic jams and always offers drivers the shortest route.


The disadvantage of this application is a very poorly designed map and the lack of synchronization between applications for drivers and passengers. As a result, you can order a car to one point, and the driver does not display your location correctly. Especially in a small center, this causes problems, dissatisfaction both on the part of drivers and on the part of the client.


The map can sometimes be inaccurate, especially on the outskirts and in areas where streets have recently been renamed. Navigation works well, but does not reach the level of Yandex.

Waiting time

ServiceWaiting time, min
Yandex GO1-5

Child seats

All three applications provide the service of transporting children using child seats. The possibility of ordering a child seat must be specified when ordering. As a rule, such cars have to be expected much longer (up to 25-30 minutes). We recommend that, even with a confirmed order, call the driver and clarify whether he really has a child seat.

Options for users with disabilities

In Yandex, in the "Comment to the driver" item, you can select the following options:

  • help find a car;
  • communicate only by text;
  • I do not speak, but I hear;
  • I will be in a wheelchair.

Traveling with animals

The ability to transport animals is available in all applications. In the GG application, when ordering a car, you must indicate that there will be an animal in the car. In the UTaxi application, the option of ordering a special car for transporting animals is available. Yandex GO also separately notes a similar service, but you should not order the Start tariff for transporting a pet - with a high probability they will simply refuse to lead you. It is better to call the driver when ordering and ask if he will allow it.

Parcel delivery

The parcel delivery service is available in the Yandex GO and GG applications. When ordering a car, you can specify that the package will be in the car. The driver will deliver the package to the specified location. In both services, the minimum shipping cost is 1000 ֏. The price for each kilometer is also added. You can specify recipient information.

cargo taxi

The cargo taxi service is available in all applications. To order a truck, you must select the appropriate option when placing an order. In the case of trucks, GG has the largest base, the cost depends on the distance, as well as whether movers are needed. The minimum cost in the city is 5000 ֏.

Driver Reviews

In the Yandex Go application, you can evaluate the quality of services and leave a review about the driver. Yandex also has a system of reviews about passengers. After each trip, the taxi driver evaluates the client. Depending on your assessment, drivers may be less or more willing to take orders next time.

In the GG app, you can also rate the driver and leave a comment. The UTaxi app does not provide reviews about drivers and services.

Features of the Start from Yandex Go tariff

The fast delivery time and the convenience of the Ya.Taxi application are compensated by the randomness of the quality of the car and the driver. There are no statistics, but the general impression of the residents of Armenia and relocators is sharply negative.

This is due to the following fairly common problems:

  • The car is sometimes smoky, and the driver most likely smoked with the windows closed a minute before the client arrived
  • The driver can cancel the order if payment by card is set. Some have their accounts blocked and realize they won't be able to get paid for the trip
  • Quite often, drivers don't have change. Sometimes even with 1000 AMD
  • Some drivers turn on chanson even with children
  • Some drivers may start a conversation and continue it even if it makes you feel uncomfortable or not in the mood for a conversation

Despite this, even in the Start tariff, Yandex seems to follow the minimum safety standards: it is incredibly rare for a driver to arrive in a car that has different numbers from those indicated in the application. Therefore, if you are not concerned about the above nuances, even on the Start tariff you can get to your destination

How not to be deceived when ordering a taxi, read in our blog

Why You Shouldn't Hail a Taxi on the Street

In Yerevan, you can find a car with a “taxi” sign at every turn, but if you are not a local, then there is a high risk of overpaying for a trip very much, as well as encountering communication problems: not all residents of Armenia speak Russian at the C2 level. In addition, when using applications, you are guaranteed to be able to find the driver in the future, for example, if you forgot something in the car.

Taxi vs Public transport

Public transport in Yerevan is often crowded due to the small size of buses (half the size of the “standard” for the Russian Federation) and minibuses (old gazelles), especially at rush hour. In addition, the intervals between flights can last up to 15-20 minutes. But public transport is very cheap: a trolley bus - 50 ֏, and a bus, minibus, metro - 100 ֏.

Taxis, in turn, provide more comfortable and safe conditions for moving around the city, as well as the possibility of ordering a car with a child seat or for transporting animals.

How to pay for a taxi

There are two ways to pay for a taxi ride in Yerevan: in cash or by bank transfer through the application.

To pay for trips through the application, you need to link a bank card to it. To do this, you need to specify the card number, the name of the cardholder and its validity period.

In Yandex Go, you can link a MIR card, at least from Tinkoff Bank. All services work with cards of Armenian and other foreign banks. .

It is also possible to pay in cash. However, in this case, try to have small money with you, otherwise you may encounter a situation where the driver does not have change.


To summarize all the information, the taxi industry in Yerevan can be divided into two parts: comfortable and affordable. The first category includes GG and Yandex (“Business” tariffs), and the second includes all the rest.


  1. Personal experience of use
  2. Dialogue with the taxi service support
  3. Dialogue with taxi drivers
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