The best bar streets in Yerevan

Last updated: 10.05.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. "The area of bars and pubs"
  2. 2. Aram street
  3. 3. Khachatur Abovyan street
  4. 4. Can you continue drinking when you go outside?

We will help you decide where to go for a drink in the capital.

"The area of bars and pubs"

The so-called “district of bars and pubs” is the streets of Ghazar Parpetsi, Pushkin, Martiros Saryan and Hovhannes Tumanyan. In this area, leaving one place, you find yourself in another.

From the intersection of Martiros Saryan and Hovhannes Tumanyan streets to the central post office, there are many bars. The most popular of them is "In Vino", where you can enjoy wine and snacks, as well as take your favorite bottle with you. In the same building at the bar "Cult" Signature cocktails are served under techno. In the neighboring house there is a meat bar "El Torro", where guests say they cook the best steaks in Yerevan.

Pushkin Street can be called the main bar street. The most popular and favorite place here - The Beatles Pub Yerevan, where 60s-70s rock plays and where you can find beer for every taste. IN "Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar» different cultures meet, it is loved for its unusual atmosphere, live music and cocktails.

Aram street

Aram Street runs parallel to Pushkin Street. Here you can stop at the Dargett Brewpub and try local beer, beer cocktails and cider. In the bar "TUF" interesting, creative people gather, theme parties are constantly held and musicians perform. As visitors say, they want to come back here.

Khachatur Abovyan street

Abovyan Street goes from the very center of Yerevan - Republic Square. At the intersection with the already mentioned Pushkin Street there are bars that delight guests with cocktails and modern interiors - "The Bird Cage", "Phoenix" and "Kong Yerevan". And Kilikia BeerHouse, according to local residents, serves perhaps the best beer in the city.

More bars and pubs in our catalog.

Can you continue drinking when you go outside?


According to Article 175 “Consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places or appearing in a state of intoxication” of the RA Administrative Code:

1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the streets, sports fields, squares, parks, in all types of public transport or in other public places, with the exception of catering facilities that have a permit for the sale of alcoholic beverages, or appearing in public places in a state of intoxication, which expressed in a disrespectful attitude towards society:
entails the imposition of a fine - in ten times the amount of the established minimum wage.

2. Repeated commission of the acts provided for by part one of this article, within one year after the imposition of an administrative penalty:
entails the imposition of a fine - in twenty times the amount of the established minimum wage.

Thus drinking and being intoxicated on the streets prohibited by law, there will be a fine for violation.

Real situation

In fact, the police rarely react to drinking passers-by. In 2015 was held experiment, as a result of which 2 out of 13 police officers paid attention to drinking alcohol.
Personal experience

In October 2022, no one forbade drinking wine at the Cascade
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