Table of contents:

  1. 1. Briefly about the reasons and process of deportation
  2. 2. Why can they be deported?
  3. 3. How is the trial
  4. 4. Deportation procedure
  5. 5. How to avoid deportation
  6. 6. What influences the fact of deportation in the future
  7. 7. Conclusion
  8. 8. Information sources

We have collected key information about the reasons and procedure for deportation based on the RA Law on Foreign Citizens. You will also learn ways to avoid deportation.

Briefly about the reasons and process of deportation

You will be deported if you lied while obtaining a residence permit / other residence status or violated its conditions (dissolved marriage, left for more than 6 months) and did not report this to the OVIR (an analogue in the Russian Federation is the passport office). The decision on deportation is made by the court. You will not be deported if: the country of deportation can harm your life and health, you have a dependent child, your parents are citizens of Armenia, you are over 80 years old. You may be arrested pending trial or deportation. After deportation, you will not enter the country for 3 years

Why can they be deported?

A citizen of the Russian Federation can reside in Armenia for more than 180 days if he registers one of the three residence statuses. For example, residence permit. If you lose this status and stay in the country for more than six months, you are breaking the law.

Reasons for withdrawal of residence status:

  • Providing false information upon receipt.
  • Divorced or invalidated the marriage by which the residence permit status
  • The holder of the status left for more than 6 months.
  • The holder of the status left forever, but did not notify the authorized bodies about this.
  • The stay of a citizen poses a threat to the state security of the Republic of Armenia.

Reasons for refusal to grant residence status:

  • Less than 3 years have passed since the deportation
  • Committing a grave or especially grave crime in the territory of the Republic of Armenia (the conviction has not been expunged or not canceled)
  • There is reliable data on activities in communities that threaten the security of the RA
  • Transportation across the border without permission of weapons, explosives, radioactive substances, drugs, psychotropics
  • Certain diseases
  • Providing false information
  • Less than a year has passed since the violation of the RA Law on Foreign Persons.

In addition, it is necessary to voluntarily leave the Republic if the application for obtaining or extending the residence status is rejected.

How is the trial

The decision on deportation is made by the court. Paperwork is in Armenian. You can be arrested before the trial date, but this measure is taken in exceptional cases.

Deportation procedure

If the verdict is upheld after the appeal, you will receive a document with technical information about the deportation (date of deportation, place, time, etc.). In addition, you will need to report to the police station at regular intervals until the day of deportation.

How to avoid deportation

You cannot be deported in the following cases:

  • You cannot be deported to a state where human rights are violated, harassment occurs due to any affiliation, social status or political convictions. Also, one cannot be deported to a state where torture, humiliating punishments or the death penalty can be applied to the deported person. It is necessary for the accused himself to provide evidence of such practices in the state.
  • It is not allowed to deport a minor whose parents are legal citizens of the Republic.
  • You cannot deport a person with a dependent child.
  • Also, people over 80 years of age are not subject to deportation.
  • If you can challenge the deportation decision. In this case, the court will ask the authorized territorial body to issue you with a certain status of residence.

What influences the fact of deportation in the future

You will not be able to cross the border of Armenia for 3 years (This, by the way, also applies to transit flights if you need to cross the sterile zone of the airport). In addition, the deportation decision is the reason for refusing to provide you residence permit.


Deportation is an exceptional measure. Legislation of Armenia loyal to Russian citizens. And getting a residence permit is relatively simple.

Information sources

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