Pregnancy and childbirth in Armenia

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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Pregnancy conditions
  2. 2. Childbirth and postpartum care
  3. 3. Price
  4. 4. Citizenship of the child
  5. 5. List of maternity hospitals
  6. 6. Reviews

Information provided by the Ministry of Health of Armenia.

Pregnancy conditions

Free pregnancy and childbirth

Foreigner located in marriage with an Armenian citizen, can join a polyclinic and receive free medical care, pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care services. To do this, you must provide a social card, passport, marriage certificate and a copy of the husband's passport to the medical institution.

Holder of a special passport of the Republic of Armenia, which gives the status of special residence (issued to foreigners of Armenian origin, foreigners conducting economic or cultural activities in Armenia, for 10 years). It is enough to bring this passport and social card to the medical facility.

You can attach to any clinic in the city in which you are registered. You need to bring an extract from the medical organization about the lack of registration in the clinic at the place of registration to the selected institution.

Paid pregnancy and childbirth

All other foreigners (with residence permit and without) obstetric and gynecological services are provided on a paid basis. It is enough to bring a Russian or foreign passport. Is free provide only emergency care, including childbirth.

Cesarean section is always done for everyone and for a fee.

Childbirth and postpartum care

Regardless of the conditions under which you are served, maternity hospitals offer a choice of:
  • a group room with a shared shower along the corridor;
  • a paid ward with all amenities, food and a second bed for an accompanying person for 5,000–20,000 AMD per day.

This accompanying person can be any person, not necessarily a relative.

The mother stays in the hospital for three days after a regular delivery or four days after a caesarean section.

If you work for an Armenian company, you are entitled to leave:
  • 140 days for conventional deliveries: 70 before birth and 70 after;
  • 155 days for difficult births: 70 before birth and 85 after;
  • 180 days for twins, triplets, etc.: 70 before birth and 110 after.



Pregnancy management will cost an average of 60,000 drams. This price includes mandatory tests and examinations for all. If there are health problems, then additional tests, examinations, medicines are paid separately.

A stay in the pregnancy pathology department for foreigners will cost about 10,000-20,000 drams per day, tests, procedures (doppler, droppers, etc.), meals are paid separately. Their expenses vary from AMD 5,000 to AMD 10,000.

In Armenia, it is customary to give a gift to the doctor who delivered the baby. They spend from 30,000 drams to 100,000 drams for this. Nurses also accept symbolic gratitude.

She gave birth twice, the doctor and medical staff did not thank. no one is offended)

Citizenship of the child

According to Art. 11 of the RA Law “On RA Citizenship”, a child, upon the fact of birth, can acquire Armenian citizenship:
  • if both parents are citizens of Armenia;
  • if one of the parents is a citizen of Armenia, and the other is unknown or stateless;
  • by agreement between the parents of the child, one of whom is a citizen of Armenia, and the other is a foreign citizen.

If such an agreement between the parents is not reached, the child acquires Armenian citizenship if:
  • was born in the territory of the Republic of Armenia;
  • there is a risk that the child will remain stateless;
  • parents permanently reside in Armenia.

Thus, in order to obtain Armenian citizenship by birth, one of the parents must be a citizen of the Republic of Armenia.

List of maternity hospitals

Abovyan Medical Center
Address: Abovyan, st. Atisa, 6
Abovyan Maternity Hospital
Address: Abovyan, st. Atisa, 22
Austrian Mother and Child Hospital
Address: Gyumri, st. Garegin Nzhdeh, 5
Alaverdi Medical Center
Address: Alaverdi, st. Sayat-Nova, 20
Aparan Medical Center
Address: Aparan, st. Garegin Nzhdeh, 21
Armavir Medical Center
Address: Armavir, st. Shaumyana, 3
Artashat Medical Center
Address: Artashat, st. Khachatryana, 116
Artik Center for Maternal and Child Health
Address: Artik, st. Baghramyan, 11
Astghik Medical Center
Address: Yerevan, st. Daniela Varuzhana, 28/1
Akhuryan Medical Center
Address: s. Akhuryan, Akhuryan Highway, 14
Beglaryan Medical Center
Address: Yerevan, st. Khachatur Abovyan, 56
Vanadzor Medical Center
Address: Vanadzor, st. Gergin Nzhdeh, 2/42
Gavar Medical Center
Address: Gavar, st. Azatutyan, 21
Grigor Narekatsi Medical Center
Address: Yerevan, 22nd st. Nor Aresh, 63/1
Yeghegnadzor Medical Center
Address: Yeghegnadzor, st. Vayka, d. 1
Kanaker-Zeitun Maternity Hospital
Address: Yerevan, st. Nersisyan, 7/2
Kapan Medical Center
Address: Kapan, st. Melika-Stepanyan, 13
Martuni Maternity Hospital
Address: Martuni, st. Getapnya, 2/18
Masis Medical Center
Address: Masis, st. Mkhitar Heratsi, 1
Stepanavan Medical Center**
Address: Stepanavan, st. Surb Vardan, 1
Research Center for Maternal and Child Health (Margaryan Maternity Hospital)
Address: Yerevan, Mesrop Mashtots Ave., 22
Noyemberyan Medical Center
Address: Noyemberyan, st. Garegin Nzhdeh, 15
Hrazdan Medical Center
Address: Hrazdan, st. Purakain, 32
Republican Institute of Reproductive Health, Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Address: Yerevan, st. Margaryan, d. 6/2
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center
Address: Yerevan, st. Gyurjyan, 10
Sevan Hospital
Address: Sevan, st. Nairyan, 16
Sisian Medical Center
Address: Sisian, st. Yeghishe Charents, 14
Slavmed Medical Center
Address: Yerevan, 3rd per. Marshal Baghramyan Ave., 4/2
Surb Astvatsatsin Maternity Hospital
Address: Yerevan, st. Arno Babajanyan, 21
Tavush Medical Center
Address: Dilijan, st. Sayat-Novy, 7/3
Center for Maternal and Child Health
Address: Stepanakert, st. Baghramyan, d. 1
Chambarak Health Center
Address: Chambarak, st. Tigran Mets, 17
Charentsavan Medical Center
Address: Charentsavan, st. Yeritasardakan, 8
Shengavit Medical Center
Address: Yerevan, st. Manandyan, 9
Erebuni Medical Center
Address: Yerevan, st. Titogradyan, 14


Research Center for Maternal and Child Health (Margaryan Maternity Hospital):
As for the Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, I got a little frightened: there are 3 patients in the office, the equipment is something very old. The truth has not yet been in a hospital for pregnant women.
all pregnant women from the Embassy of the Russian Federation give birth at the Research Center for Maternal and Child Health. It is located on Mashtots Ave. Everyone who gave birth there is very praised (If at prices a year ago [2014] childbirth and 4 days cost 90.000 AM.
I am also observed there and, in principle, satisfied, only there are questions about cleanliness, and it is embarrassing that there has not been a single examination on the chair yet. But maybe it should.)
She gave birth to her first child in Armenia, in the Margaryan maternity hospital, she was happy, everything was fine. On the chair, the examination was before the birth.
Slavmed Medical Center:
I paid [for childbirth] about 65,000. I came on the day of the doctor's duty and gave 30,000 to her .. and distributed the rest there.
Mom MaksaiErik
I gave birth in SlavMed_e in June 2014, I'm happy)
since I had partner childbirth (my husband was present), in addition to the gynecologist and obstetrician, there were also 7-8 people in the delivery room) which pleased everyone was female, the stern of the husband, of course
Shengavit Medical Center:
I gave birth to the eldest in Shengavit, they had an unscheduled caesarean, they paid only for the room, none of the doctors took any money. Everything at the checkout. I will give birth there as well.
martini marina
in Shengavit near Avanesova, she led me from the very beginning and I'm already used to it! I'm happy with everything
Erebuni Medical Center:
The most famous maternity hospitals in Erebuni and Astghik hospitals
There are clinics and doctors here who endlessly send you for ultrasounds and tests once again, but there are calmer ones who do not “fulfill the plan” of the hospital, but believe in you.
If you want to give yourself completely to the doctors, this is the “Mother and Child House” clinic, and if you want a soft natural birth, if you are preparing yourself, I advise Erebuni to go to different doctors, get to know each other, find your own.
gave birth to 2 kids in Erebuni, I would never go to Russia to give birth. There prices are higher and the attitude is different. And there the conduct of pregnancy, and I remember childbirth as a holiday. Once again, they really do not strain with a chair and a bunch of all sorts of tests, if there are no problems in the anamnesis.
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