Where to buy stationery in Yerevan

Last updated: 25.07.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Pen Box
  2. 2. Office.am
  3. 3. Officepro
  4. 4. Karandash
  5. 5. Amrak
  6. 6. Gamma
  7. 7. office market
  8. 8. Phoenix
  9. 9. Pens World
  10. 10. Bookinist

We will tell you about the work and assortment of stationery stores in the capital of Armenia.

Pen Box

Address: Yerevan, Mashtots Avenue, 48; points in Dalma and Yerevan Mall
Website: https://penbox.am/
Contact details: +374 10 581707, +374 11 581707, +374 12 581707, contact@penbox.am
Schedule: 09:00-21:00 (Mon-Fri), 10:00-21:00 (Sat), 11:00-20:00 (Sun)
Social network: Instagram and Facebook

The most famous stationery and souvenir shop in Yerevan. The assortment includes school and office rulers, bags, backpacks, brushes, pens. They sell products of the brands Imoleskine, Copic, Winsor & Newton, Citizen, Paper Mate and others. You can order and purchase both physically and online through the official website or through communication through instant messengers. Free delivery is available when buying goods from 10,000 AMD.


Address: Yerevan, Rubinyants street, 21/1, office 43
Website: https://office.am/ru
Contact details: +374 10 530433, +374 55 999779, +374 99 530433, +374 98 530433, info@office.am
Schedule: 10:00-18:00 (Mon-Fri), 10:00-14:00 (Sat)
Social network: Facebook

A full-fledged online store that sells not only stationery. Office furniture, cartridges, household appliances, electrical equipment, household goods are also available. The price segment in Office.am is at the average level. The site is available in Armenian and Russian.

Individuals can purchase goods only when paying by bank transfer. Free delivery is possible upon purchase from 35,000 AMD and delivery within the suburbs of Yerevan. Under certain conditions, the cost of delivery varies from 3,000 to 20,000 AMD.


Address: Yerevan, st. Sopron, 21
Website: https://www.officepro.am/
Contact details: +374 93 662082, +374 93 662082, +374 10 662052, service@officepro.am
Schedule: 09:00-18:00 (Mon-Fri)

Officepro is the official representative of European brands Target (Target Personal, Target Corporate, Target Professional) and Globulus (Globulus Excellense, Globulus Classic). It sells stationery, office furniture, cleaning products and household goods, disposable tableware, and even retails tea, coffee, and sugar.

Payment is by bank transfer only. Free next business day delivery for orders over AMD 15,000. For small orders, a flat fee of AMD 800 may apply. The minimum limits for free delivery are discussed individually (you can call directly or write to instant messengers).


Address: Yerevan, st. Vardanants, house 7; st. Teryan, d. 62; st. Komitas, 11/3; st. Khristapora, 2;
Website: https://karandash.am/
Contact details: +374 10 524147, +374 43 520520, +374 10 547079, +374 95 547079 info@karandash.am
Schedule: 10:00-20:00 (Mon-Sat)

Present on the market since 2004. The store with the widest range of stationery: in addition to the standard set, you can also buy boards, globes, coats of arms, flags, bags, and various accessories. Paper products and small office supplies are also available through wholesale. Exclusive partner of Schneider, Colorino, CoolPack.

You can order by filling out the form on the official website of the store, which works in Armenian, English and Russian. Terms of delivery of goods are not presented, negotiated individually.


Address: Yerevan, st. Tumanyan, 22
Contact details: +374 12 442410
Schedule: 09:00-21:00 (Mon-Sun)

Stationery store specializing in office and school supplies. The range of the store is average. However, it stands out for its advantageous position (one of the most passable streets of the capital) and opening hours. Amrak is one of the few stationery stores open on Sundays.


Address: Yerevan, st. Khorenatsu, d. 6
Website: http://gamma.am/
Contact details: +374 11 586018, +374 77 587018, +374 98 587018, info@gamma.am, order@gamma.am
Schedule: 10:00-20:00 (Mon-Sun)
Social network: Facebook

School, office supplies, as well as bags, toys and books - this is the assortment of the stationery store Gamma. They indulge in special promotions and sweepstakes: for example, on Children's Day on June 1, discounts of up to 50 to 70% were available on toys. The official site is user-friendly and adaptive. If you can order by phone and mail strictly according to the work schedule, then you can order through the basket and a special form on gamma.am 24/7. The "Bonus System" is available for buyers: for this, you need to register on the site.

For orders up to 10,000 AMD, the delivery cost is 500 AMD, for orders over 10,000 AMD, delivery is free. In Yerevan - the next day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), in marzes - within 3 business days.

office market

Address: Yerevan, st. Victor Ambartsumyan, 91
Website: https://officemarket.am/
Contact details: +374 91 323322, +374 10 323323
Schedule: 10:00-19:00 (Mon-Sat)

Another store with a similar name to competitors. It stands out with a wide range at affordable prices. A line of the following products is available for paper, office, school supplies: office furniture, electronics, repair supplies, computer equipment and even textiles. The order is available by mobile number, through the messenger and through the filled basket on the official website (multilingual).

Delivery up to 10,000 AMD will cost 1,000 AMD. When buying more than 10,000 AMD - free of charge. Important: delivery is carried out in accordance with the working schedule, but until the evening of 18 hours. Delivery time - up to 2 business days.


Address: Yerevan, st. Isahakyan, L. 18; st. Vagharshyan, 19; st. Koryun, d. 19/5
Contact details: +374 11 323327, +374 11 323328, +374 99 323329, +374 11 323322
Schedule: 08:30-20:00 (Mon-Sun)
Social network: Instagram and Facebook

Phoenix is a chain of bookstores that also sell stationery. School supplies, office accessories, pens, paper and the like. It is represented by two points near the city center, and one in the Arabkir district.

The official website of the phoenix-plus.am store is not working at the moment. Draws and promotions are held (Black Friday, Children's Day and September 1). They also organize meetings and book discussions.

Pens World

Address: Yerevan, st. Republic, d. 72
Contact details: +374 10 523311, pensworld1@gmail.com
Schedule: 09:30-21:00 (Mon-Sat), 11:00-18:00 (Sun)
Social network: Facebook and Instagram

Pens World stores specialize in stationery, as well as games and books for preschoolers: puzzles, pencils, markers, coloring books, sketchbooks and more.


Address: Yerevan, Mashtots Avenue, 20; st. Komitas, d. 3; Shopping center "Metronome", "Tashir Street", "Rio Mall", "Dalma", "Megamall"
Website: https://books.am/am/
Contact details: +374 55 537413, +374 11 537413, +374 55 250950, +374 96 253937, info@bookinist.am
Schedule: 09:00-18:00 (Mon-Sat)
Social network: Facebook and Instagram

The most famous bookstore in Yerevan. A small part of the assortment is stationery: school and office supplies, markers, albums, pens, paper, self-adhesives, etc. The official website is in Armenian, Russian and English, you can also choose the appropriate currency (dram, dollar, ruble).

For regular customers there is a "Cumulative Program": discounts from 3 to 10%. When buying over 2,000 AMD, delivery in Yerevan is free. If the order does not exceed AMD 2,000 - AMD 500. Delivery to marzes is carried out within 5-7 working days. The cost starts from 320 AMD.

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