Top 7 Street Workout Locations in Yerevan

Last updated: 30.06.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Cascade
  2. 2. Basketball court at the Cascade
  3. 3. scream
  4. 4. Park named after Tumanyan
  5. 5. Workout area in Nor Nork
  6. 6. MyPacer running route
  7. 7. Lyon Park (Lake Vardavar)
  8. 8. Card from Sports Yerevan
In Yerevan, relocators can go in for sports not only in gyms, but also on the street. There are several professionally equipped areas and places for running, walking and workout.


The steps of the Cascade are a space for running and walking from October to May and in the early hours of summer. On sunny days, the steps heat up and the stone absorbs the exhausting effect of the heat.

Basketball court at the Cascade

Opposite Patrick's Pastry there is a volleyball, tennis and football court. The site is fenced. In the morning and afternoon, it is most often free.


In the Hrazdan Gorge there is a playground for the workout "Chrik". It is equipped with horizontal bars, bars, dumbbells, barbells, ropes, racks. Hanging surveillance camera.

Park named after Tumanyan

Due to the location above the Hrazdan Gorge, a stunning view opens up. This park is suitable for yoga and meditation.

It is more comfortable to train in the morning and afternoon hours. In the warm season, a lot of people gather in the evenings.

Workout area in Nor Nork

In the 1st Nor-Nork massif, near Gay Park, there are two sites with training equipment. Of the benefits - few people in the morning and afternoon, clean fresh air

MyPacer running route

The running app offers route "Yerevan city turn". Due to the height difference (124 meters) and duration (10.8 km, 15000 steps). Difficulty: medium.
Other routes

Lyon Park (Lake Vardavar)

You can choose a real estate agent from the Erebuni Lyon Park is located. This is a place for running and walking around Lake Vardavar. The length of the route is 1.2 km.

Card from Sports Yerevan

Map from the telegram community "Sports Yerevan". Participants supplement it and update it.
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