The work of the consular department of the Russian Federation in Armenia

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  3. 3. Questions about the work of the consulate

We answer the main questions about the work of the Russian consular department in Armenia.


Embassy and Consular Section of Armenia in Yerevan are located at st. Grigor Lusavorich, 13/3.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. Lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00.


Phone: +374 10 589 843 (information service from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00).

In case of emergency, call +374 77 495 001 during working hours (from 9.00 to 18.00) and +374 10 545 218, +374 10 567 427 outside of working hours, weekends and holidays.


Consulate General in Gyumri located at st. Garegina Nzhdeh, d. 1.

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:00 to 12:45 (reception) and from 14:15 to 16:45 (delivery).


Phone for information: +374 312 3-45-33.

Commandant on duty: +374 312 3-94-45.

In case of emergency call: +374-43-55-40-25.



The main questions that are addressed to the consulate:

  • obtaining a passport (5 and 10 years);
  • issues of citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • obtaining documents (about birth, marriage, divorce, death, education, work experience, pension);
  • registry office issues (registration of marriage, birth, divorce, amendments to documents and their reissuance, etc.);
  • notarial acts (certification of transactions, certification of copies and signatures, etc.);
  • solution of legal issues in case of arrest, detention, death.

Pre-registration is required for:

  • citizenship;
  • registration of foreign passports;
  • notary and registry office;
  • obtaining a temporary residence permit.

Registration in Gyumri.

Registration in Yerevan.

We warn you that there may not be free slots. In this case, you can add yourself to the waiting list so that the next time you try to enroll, you do not have to re-enter all the data. The appearance of slots in the Yerevan Consular Department is reported in news feed.

You can add several services to one entry at once, but only if they are from the same section. So, if you need to issue a passport and contact a notary, you will have to sign up twice. Detailed instruction by appointment.

Questions about the work of the consulate

Getting a passport

The consulates issue foreign passports for 5 and 10 years (biometric). The main difficulty is making an appointment.

Register on the site Yerevan or Gyumri consular department. If you signed up in Yerevan, go to the "Waiting List" section, in Gyumri - "Checking the status of an appointment." Every day you need to check the status of the application. When you get into the top 100 candidates, a notification will be sent to your mail. Confirm the entry. The reception time is assigned automatically.

After successfully registering for a biometric passport, fill out questionnaire. To obtain a 5-year passport - form. Print the questionnaire/form on one sheet on both sides.

List of required documents. Please note that a photo is needed only for a 5-year-old passport - a 10-year-old is photographed on the spot.

State duty for persons over 14 years of age:

  • 5-year passport - 12,000 AMD;
  • 10-year passport - 32,000 AMD.

Paid in cash, the change is credited to the phone number.

The entire process of obtaining a passport - from choosing the date of admission to obtaining a passport takes about four months.


The next step after obtaining a passport is a visa. Read about it in our material.

Obtaining a Russian passport

Citizens of Russia cannot replace a Russian passport in another country if it is lost or expired. The consulate only issues a certificate of return to Russia, and within 15 days you will have to return to the Russian Federation. Based on this certificate, your passport will be restored.

To obtain a certificate in Gyumri, you need Make an appointment. Section "Other consular services". In Yerevan, write to

List of documentsto be taken to the reception.



For details on how Russians can get married in Armenia, see this article.

Here we say that Russian citizens can marry at the consulate of the Russian Federation. You need to make an appointment (slots appear every first day of the month), provide the necessary documents and pay the state fee.

Registration of citizenship for a child

The consulate registers the citizenship of the child if at least one of the parents has the citizenship of the Russian Federation. To receive the service, you must make an appointment in advance. The section you need is about citizenship. Registration in GyumriRegistration in Yerevan.

List of documents.

Here you will find applications and consents to apply for citizenship.

Legal issues

The consulate is contacted if there are problems with the law. The police are required to report your arrest to the consulate. You have the right to speak only in the presence of an embassy official. A consular officer assists in obtaining legal assistance (but does not pay), meets with a prisoner or arrested person, monitors the observance of his rights.

If a citizen of the Russian Federation has gone missing, the consulate assists in his search - he turns to the police and other competent authorities.

In case of serious health problems, the embassy contacts relatives and the insurance company. In case of death, he helps with paperwork.

More details - on consulate website.

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