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  1. 1. Supermarkets
  2. 2. Restaurants
  3. 3. Pharmacies
  4. 4. local delivery
  5. 5. international delivery

We already wrotewhich online services are useful in Armenia. Now let's talk more about online shopping.


Compare supermarkets here

Nor Zovq

Large supermarket chain - 28 branches. Delivery cost – 500 AMD. The Russian and English versions of the site have not been finalized, so you can only search for the products you need in Armenian.


A distinctive feature of the network is the presence of European goods and the ability to order products to an Armenian address from another country. Delivered within an hour. Delivery cost – 1 000 AMD.

SAS AppStore | Google Play

Large selection of foreign goods, but high prices. There is a food court, from which you can also order delivery. SAS cooperates with balloon and flower shops. The cost of delivery starts from 700 AMD and depends on the amount of the order and the distance to the supermarket. AppStore | Google Play

In addition to food and household goods, you can buy flowers. Delivered within 1.5–2 hours for 500 AMD. IN fixed hours for purchases over AMD 10,000, delivery is free.


If the goods need to be delivered within an hour, then the cost of delivery starts from 500 AMD and varies depending on the number of products and the distance. Free delivery at fixed hours: 11:30-14:00 and 18:00-21:30 for orders over AMD 2,900. There is free pickup. You can order groceries to Armenia from another country.

Yerevan City AppStore | Google Play

A hypermarket reminiscent of Auchan. Delivery - 700 AMD.

Personal experience

The app crashes sometimes. The absence of goods in the store is not noted - this is reported by phone after placing the order.



Many restaurants accept orders online through their own websites and applications. Here we will talk about services delivering from different establishments.

Yandex.Eats AppStore | Google Play

In addition to food, you can order groceries, alcohol, pet food, sports nutrition and vapes. So far, the Yandex service is only developing here, so the level of service is inferior to the Russian one. There is not always an exact translation into Russian. For the service, they charge 99 AMD + delivery, depending on the amount of the order. AppStore | Google Play

Local equivalent of Yandex.Food. Delivers not only from restaurants, but also from stores: groceries, flowers, vapes, pet food and gift cards to bookstores and clothing stores. Delivery from some restaurants and shops is free, but there is a minimum order amount.


Gideon Richter

The network of pharmacies has discounts, as well as special offers for certain categories of citizens. When ordering up to 9,000 AMD, delivery is 600 AMD.

Online Pharmacy

Delivered from the network of pharmacies "Gideon Richter". The site needs to be improved, not all sections with information about the pharmacy and medicines are filled. Fixed delivery cost – 500 AMD.

AlfaPharm AppStore | Google Play

The largest network of pharmacies - 170 branches. Prices are higher than competitors, but there are profitable promotions and promotional codes. When placing an order, both on the site and through the application, errors may occur, but if you managed to specify a phone number, they will call you back and complete the procedure. They deliver quickly. The minimum order amount is AMD 2,000. Delivery - AMD 500 for orders up to AMD 10,000.


The Russian version of the site is not fully translated - there are inscriptions in English and Armenian. Delivered only in Yerevan within three hours. Fixed delivery cost – AMD 1,000.

HiHub AppStore | Google Play

In addition to eco-delivery (by electric car), free online consultations with a doctor are held. Convenient modern site. Organize promotions. Delivery cost: AMD 490 for one or two hours, for four hours - AMD 990.


The site is still under development, but you can already order medicines. Detailed descriptions are given for preparations. Delivery cost – 700 AMD. Delivered in one hour.

The minimum order amount is AMD 2,000. When buying up to 10,000 AMD - delivery of 500 AMD in Yerevan and 1,500 in the regions. Free delivery to the post office. You can see the instructions for many medicines.


There is only an Armenian version of the site. If you provide a photo of the prescription, then the pharmacists themselves will select the necessary medicine in the correct dosage. Delivery in Yerevan - 1000 AMD. You can also order to another country by mail.

local delivery AppStore | Google Play

Through this service, you can order food from restaurants, groceries, appliances, clothes, shoes and accessories, cosmetics, flowers, stationery and medicines. They deliver within an hour, the cost of delivery is 500 drams in Yerevan.

Glovo AppStore | Google Play

The types of available products are the same as The names of not all products are translated into Russian. The cost of delivery is different for each institution and store, it can be free. There is a service for the purchase and delivery by courier of goods from stores not represented in the service. AppStore | Google Play

An ad search service similar to Avito. You can buy: real estate, transport, electronics, household appliances, goods for home and garden, clothes and accessories, goods for children, for hobbies, sporting goods, equipment and materials, animals and goods for them, products, services, as well as find a job and rent an apartment.

More about in our article


international delivery

We talked about the purchase of goods from Russia here

CDEK AppStore | Google Play

Foreign sellers working with CDEK can send goods using this service. Parcels are delivered from Russia in 8-10 days.

AliExpress AppStore | Google Play

You can order a variety of goods directly from the site or through Globbing and Onex services - so delivery will come faster.

Globbing AppStore | Google Play

The service arranges delivery to its overseas warehouses and then sends the parcels to Armenia. Ships from more countries than competitor Onex. Product categories: online hypermarkets and outlets, clothes, shoes, accessories, children's clothes, cosmetics and perfumes, sports.

haypost AppStore | Google Play

Delivery from abroad can also be arranged by mail. On the website and in the application, goods are tracked by track number.

Onex AppStore | Google Play

The principle of operation and content of the service are the same as those of Globbing. The advantage over a competitor is that you can attach an invoice for delivery on the site so that there are no delays at customs.

Wildberries AppStore | Google Play

The Wildberry online store has pick-up points in major cities of Armenia. Delivery takes 5-14 days, but users talk about cases of lost goods and refusals to return money.

@capt_Sam_Vimes. August 19, 2022

I ordered a scratching post and cat litter from wildberry. The scratching post was delivered in a couple of weeks, the filler has not left since July 26, appeals to support, first about delivery, then about canceling the order, did not bring any result

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