Guide to the districts of Yerevan

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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Avan
  2. 2. Arabkir
  3. 3. Ajapnyak
  4. 4. Davtashen
  5. 5. Kanaker-Zeitun
  6. 6. Kentron (Center)
  7. 7. Malatia-Sebastia
  8. 8. Nork-Marash
  9. 9. Nor Nork
  10. 10. Nubarashen
  11. 11. Erebuni
  12. 12. Shengavit
Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is divided into 12 administrative districts. Consider each of them: features, pros and cons.
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Avan is a district in the northern part of the city, on the border with the foothills. It has many squares and parks, shops, kindergartens, schools. It is fresh in Avan in summer, but in winter it is 5-7 degrees colder than in other parts of Yerevan. Therefore, residents receive large utility bills.

In autumn and winter, if it rains in the center, it can snow in Avan.
Avan is chosen by families with children. There are playgrounds in the yards, which are rare in Yerevan. Food rental prices are 30 percent lower than in prestigious areas.
Pros: many green areas and parks, city view.
Minuses: far from the center, little entertainment, cold microclimate.

I have been living in Avan for almost 5 months and I really like it! Incredible mountain views… I go to the window every day. And I can not tear myself away from their silhouette at sunset. And in winter, snow fell and lay in a thin white veil. Anticipating the summer heat, I am glad that it should be a little colder in Avan. And yet, the water quality here is excellent, incomparable with other areas of the city.


Arabkir has many new houses, architectural monuments, shops and restaurants. It is dominated by loose buildings. This area in the north-west of the capital is the second most prestigious.

Among the shortcomings are traffic jams during rush hour, irregular bus schedules, frequent power and water outages.

Pros: infrastructure, proximity to the center, architecture
Minuses: traffic on some streets

I have been living in Arabkir for a year. Excellent infrastructure, proximity to the center, but cooler, everything is there for life. Of the minuses: traffic jams in the evening are terrible, high rental prices.

Arabkir is practically the upper center, everything is developed. Cooler in summer, but also in winter
Kanaker - Zeytun - the same advantages)


Ajapnyak (Kvartal) is a sleeping area. It is divided into separate quarters. Ajapnyak is home to the Republican Hospital, dozens of schools and kindergartens, as well as the Tumo Information Technology Center.

The Kyiv bridge connects the district with the city center. Along Kievyan street you can get to Marshal Baghramyan avenue to the metro station "Barekamutyun".
Pros: developed infrastructure, schools, kindergartens.
Minuses: transport links, few parks, frequent water cuts

I live in the Ajapnyak area. I want to say about the water: it is turned off every night from about an hour or two to 6 in the morning (the pressure just gradually drops). But there are no sudden shutdowns, everything is strictly on schedule, to which you can adapt! 😀


Infrastructure is developed in Davtashen: there are shops, shopping centers, pharmacies, restaurants, parks. But st. Petrosyan, st. Sasna Tsreri, Yeghvard highway, Davtashen-Ashtarak highway - through highways. They make the surrounding neighborhoods noisy.

After the okrug was connected to Arabkir by a bridge, the rental price increased sharply. Families choose Davtashen because of the playgrounds and places for walking. Here is located Central OVIR, in which they draw up residence permit.
Pros: developed infrastructure, parks
Minuses: noise, rental price, Davtashen cemetery

We lived in Davtashen, didn’t like anything 🙈 the proximity of parks is only by taxi, you can’t walk quickly on foot. Then we moved to Arabkir and how important it turned out that you can walk to 70% places on foot or by taxi no more than 10 minutes. This greatly improved both mood and well-being. They began to walk more often, go out to meetings more often just like that: have breakfast or dinner, watch the sunset from the cascade.

Yes, we do not have a very large park, of course, but the Hrazdan Gorge is nearby, now I know how to get into and out of it from all sides; yes, we are not the center - but the infrastructure of Davtashen can be envied - here is the coolest Yerevan city, everyone says that, full of vegetable / dairy / meat / clothes / hardware / shoes and other shops. From my balcony you can see Ararat.

There are very beautiful people in Davtashen, especially children. And happy. We walked like this in our distant childhood, when you run around the yard until dark, until your mother starts shouting to you through the window - “home!”. It breathes very well here in summer, and in winter it is good to visit.

The most romantic memory… I flew away, stood on the street at 3 a.m., waiting for a taxi… a warm summer night… and an Armenian guy and a girl were riding a scooter along an empty road, laughing, hugging… as if the city belonged to them. I think they had a good time too :)


One part of Kanaker-Zeitun took over from Arabkir the quality of Stalinist architecture. The second part is more like a small Armenian town: many shops on the first floors of houses and along the roads, and on the streets there are fruit shops and slightly abandoned squares. In the south of the district there is an amusement park with two Ferris wheels and a view of Ararat.

There is no metro in the area, but there are many buses and minibuses: from 3 to 9 per stop. But it is still difficult to come to the center during rush hour: the buses are overcrowded.
Pros: many shops, rental price, transport interchange
Minuses: abandoned factories, few points of attraction

Kentron (Center)

Kentron is the central district of Yerevan: the center of cultural, tourist, administrative and government activity. Here is the most bar street - Saryan.

Here the highest prices for housing, food and entertainment. Walking, riding a scooter or a bicycle is easy: there are no elevation changes.

Among the shortcomings - regular traffic jams. It is very difficult to find a place during rush hour even in paid parking lots.

Since the central part of the city is in a lowland, the air here is dirty and heavy. This is especially felt when you travel outside of Kentron. In the 90s, residents cut down almost all the trees to heat their houses with firewood.
Pros: central location, developed infrastructure.
Minuses: housing and real estate prices, ecology.

I live in Kentron not far from the cascade - it’s very convenient that everything is within walking distance (except for a large nature / parks), due to this I go out somewhere more often, meet friends, dine away from home, walk along the “central ring”.

Of the minuses:
  • can situationally cut off electricity or freeze wi-fi in different parts of the area, as a rule this happens unexpectedly,
  • the price tag for housing is twice as expensive as in remote areas (but if you take into account the daily transport costs for a couple / family, it comes out about the same),
  • at night/in the evening you can hear music from the club, which is a 2-3 minute walk.

Kentron❤️ I did not find any particular minuses. I live near Poplavok Park, I walk my dog there. There is no noise around the house. I don’t ride on transport, since a taxi here is not noticeable compared to Moscow) there was a minus in the form of dogs that sometimes bit. But the issue was resolved by ultrasound. Sometimes kebabs are fried and there is a smell all over the area. Well, all of the cons. Solid pluses in general.


Malatia-Sebastia is one of the densely populated sleeping areas of the city. The central part of Malatya is modern and beautiful, but the courtyards will immerse you in nostalgia for the Soviet era. The architecture of the district is based on multi-storey seismically hazardous panels. The Zvartnots airport belongs to the same area. The distance to it is 2.25 km.

The price of rent, food and entertainment is much cheaper than in the center. There is a Bagladesh market, but it will close soon.

Late in the evening, public transport runs irregularly, but there are constant traffic jams in the morning and evening.
Pros: rental price
Minuses: congestion of some streets, panels


The area is known for expensive private houses. There are few apartment buildings here. The proximity on the map to the city center is deceptive: on the roads - 4 km.

If you plan to live in this district, then keep in mind: there is one bus (No. 45) for the entire area, and also a long wait for a taxi (especially in winter).
Pros: private houses, the panorama of the city is steeper than from the Cascade (but not near the TV tower. There is a fence)
Minuses: dramatic elevation changes, only one bus, few shops, narrow streets

Now she has moved to Nork-Marash. The view is really amazing!

But there is no infrastructure. I follow her downtown. Which is also very cool when you work from home. Another reason to get out.

But how cherries bloom in Nork-Marash, you should have seen!

Nor Nork

Nor Nork - otherwise Array, because it is divided into 9 arrays. They are located one after another. The count starts from the city center. There are enough shops, cafes, banks and developed infrastructure in the first and second arrays. Further already with all this there can be problems.

The benefit is fresh air. There are many trees and few houses in the area. Just like in Avan, it is comfortable in summer and cold in winter. Rental prices are relatively low in houses after the 5th array.

The area is connected to the center by one main road (Myasnikyan Ave.), which is paralyzed by traffic jams in the mornings and evenings.
Pros: shopping center, many parks, clean air, rental price.
Minuses: far from the center, height difference

I lived in Nor Nork for three months, I liked everything. You can walk endlessly, there are many parks. But when I was driving from the center uphill, my ears were blocked 😄


Daring relocators can try to live in this area, although even the locals are reluctant to buy apartments here.

Nubarashen is associated with the largest garbage can in Yerevan, enterprises (Rosmetal, Woodland). Because of them, the air is constantly filled with chemicals.

There is a prison in the same area.
Pros: rental price.
Minuses: infrastructure, ecology, prison, remoteness from the center


Erebuni is a district in the east of Yerevan. Here is the Erebuni fortress. There are three metro stations in the area. But they are located in the western part of Erebuni. The district will appeal to those who do not want to pay a lot for an apartment, but want to live within walking distance to the center.

The three problems of Erebuni are no parks (with the exception of a small park "Vardavar" in the north of the region), street lamps only on key streets, industrial enterprises (Armenian Molybdenum Production, Travertine Mining and Processing Enterprise ATMC).

For the same price, you can rent an apartment in Avan with the opportunity to walk in beautiful parks, breathe fresh clean air and not worry about the proximity to the Central City Cemetery, the railway line and the Air Force base.
Pros: rental price, proximity to the center.
Minuses: illumination of some streets, ecology, intermittent noise from military aircraft and helicopters


Shengavit is a quiet and peaceful area of the city. The prices for renting apartments here are lower than in Kentron or Nork Marash, but there are fewer entertainment and places for walking.

If you choose Shengavit, we recommend staying near Garegin-Nzhde Square. There are three stations in the area metro: Garegin-Nzhdeh Square, Shengavit and Charbakh. Until the latter, trains run at intervals of 10-20 minutes.
Pros: the presence of the metro, many shops, the cost of rent
Minuses: ecology, infrastructure, little transport

We lived for half a year in Shengavit, Charbakh district. The air is heavily polluted with chemicals, sometimes you can’t check for days on end (my husband has a strong allergy, we move to Arabkir

Shengavit, shops, malls, metro, even the beautiful Nzhdeh Avenue with a decent sidewalk 😂
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