Table of contents:

  1. 1. With a pet to Armenia
  2. 2. Safety and health
  3. 3. Animal death
  4. 4. Animal shelters
  5. 5. Other legal issues

The guide was prepared based on the materials communities Dogs of Gyumri. This charity project helps and sterilizes homeless animals in Gyumri and organized lectures by animal psychologist Yulia on how to interact safely with dogs. The purpose of the lectures is to disseminate this information among both relocators and the local population.

With a pet to Armenia

What documents are needed to cross the border?

Documents are required to enter the country. Armenia is a member of the Customs Union. Therefore, the certificate for the transport of animals to other countries is replaced by the certificate of the Customs Union.

It is issued in the state veterinary clinic. To issue a certificate, you need a passport of the animal and an analysis of feces for helminths. Otherwise enter Armenia with an animal will not work.

Traveling with animals also requires an International Veterinary Passport. It contains key information about the animal:

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  • Breed
  • Floor
  • Age
  • Nickname
  • Color
  • Owner details

When should subtitles be done?

Determining the titer is a laboratory blood test to determine the amount of antibodies (immune system proteins) in the pet's body. The determination of the titer shows whether the body is sufficiently protected from the virus or not. Titles are required if you are going to go to Georgia or Europe.

First you need to vaccinate the animal. A month later, donate blood for titers. You will receive the result of titers 3 months after blood donation. If you have plans to go further to Europe, we recommend doing titles in Russia, in advance.

Safety and health

What diseases are common?


  • rabies,
  • parvovirus enteritis,
  • parainfluenza,
  • viral hepatitis,
  • babesiosis,
  • leishmaniasis,
  • piroplasmosis

How much does the treatment cost?

  • Sterilization costs 30,000 – 60,000 AMD (depending on the size of the animal);
  • X-ray - 5,000 drams;
  • Ultrasound - 10,000 drams.
  • The cost of captions for rabies is several times more expensive than in Russia - 100,000 drams

Compared to the prices of food, transportation, entertainment, veterinary medicine is not cheap. And not all cities have veterinary clinics.

For example, in the city of Gyumri there are only two veterinarians. To make an X-ray, the animal must be taken to Yerevan. And there is no MRI for animals in Armenia at all.

In general, veterinary clinics are at a low level. Good veterinarians need to be booked in advance (2-4 weeks).

Are there doghanters?

There are frequent cases of shooting and poisoning of stray dogs. The problem lies in the prevalence of diseases among animals. The locals are afraid of dogs.

Is there a danger from stray dogs?

The vast majority of dogs are very cowardly and afraid of people. Or vice versa, they are friendly, and only dream of the attention of a person. Dog aggression is manifested only when it is subjected to violence: stones are thrown at animals, sticks are poked.

It is important to remember that dogs protect the city from jackals, foxes and wolves.

Are stray dogs vaccinated?

Stray dogs are caught in Gyumri, sterilized, vaccinated against rabies. Comprehensive vaccination for such dogs is not provided.

In Yerevan, the mayor's office signed an agreement on a complex vaccine. Stray dogs were fully vaccinated and kept in the clinic for 2 weeks.

Animal death

Can an animal be euthanized?

The euthanasia of animals is possible only for medical reasons. However, this does not mean that all veterinary clinics follow this rule.

Do I need to take the animal to an autopsy?

No, the owner does not have such duties, as well as a certain algorithm of actions when a pet dies.

Where and how can an animal be buried?

There are clinics in Yerevan that deal with cremation. In particular, VetExpert.

Animal shelters

Can I take an animal to a shelter?

You can't send animals to a shelter. But some shelters accept pets for temporary keeping for a fee (35,000 AMD per month). One way or another, we recommend looking for a new owner, even if you gave the animal to a shelter.

Can I adopt an animal from a shelter?

Yes. Although there are few shelters in Armenia, their situation is not easy. Shelter staff will be happy if their wards find a new home.

Other legal issues

  1. Do I need to register a pet with the RA? — No, Armenia does not keep records of animals.
  2. Can a relocant without a residence permit obtain an international veterinary passport? - Yes.
  3. Can a relocant without a residence permit chip an animal? - Yes.
  4. Where to get an international veterinary passport in Armenia? - IN any veterinary clinicthat provides such services.
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