How does surface public transport work in Yerevan?

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Table of contents:

  1. 1. Buses
  2. 2. Minibuses
  3. 3. Trolleybuses
  4. 4. Which areas have the best transport links
  5. 5. Which areas have the worst transport links?
  6. 6. Transport applications
  7. 7. Are there controllers?
  8. 8. Most used city routes
Minibuses, buses and trolleybuses. Buses are small (2/3 of a standard city bus in the Russian Federation), minibuses and trolleybuses are old (00s, 10s). Fare: in a bus and minibus - 100 ֏ (suburban buses - 250 ֏), in a trolleybus - 50 ֏.

Payment - only in cash to the driver at the entrance or exit. There are no transport cards.


There are 500 buses in the capital's bus fleet, which run on 39 intracity routes from 7 am to 11 pm.

The timetable is usually published at stops, as well as on the Internet at Yandex.Maps and Often, drivers do not comply with it. Bus waiting times can vary from a few minutes to 20-30 minutes, especially during peak hours.
An example of punctuality of flights from the comments

In Sayat-Nova, I waited for the 29th bus from 20:30 to 21:40, Bus No. 63: after 21:00, I also did not see a single one for an hour
Routes No. 201 and No. 100 allow you to get to Zvartnots Airport from the city center.

Buses of route No. 266 follow the route Yerevan - Garni, passing through the fortress of Garni and the temple of Geghard. This route is especially popular with tourists who want to visit historical sites outside the city.

In addition, Yerevan has bus routes connecting the city with the suburbs.

For example, route No. 517 connects the city with the suburb of Ashtarak, and No. 206 with the suburb of Armavir.

Buses and minibuses with the same number run on different routes. For example, bus No. 4 runs along the route School No. 125 - Dalma shopping center, and bus No. 4 - along the route Jrvezh - Verin Charbakh

Cost and payment system

The fare is 100 ֏ (about 20 ₽) and is paid in cash when entering or exiting the bus. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to pay by card.


Fixed-route taxis in Yerevan run on 62 routes from 7 am to 11 pm. All minibuses are old (00s) and often overloaded, which causes discomfort during the trip. Also, minibuses do not have a specific schedule, they run depending on demand.

Before you get on the minibus, you should be prepared to face a strong crush, a smoking driver, peculiar music and not always friendly attitude.

It is important to note that minibuses in Yerevan do not have a fixed timetable and stops, so passengers are advised to clarify information about a specific route with the driver or at the bus stop, whether you can get off exactly where you need to. Please note that in Yerevan, drivers often go towards you and stop outside the stops.

The main problem for relocators is the lack of names of stops in Russian or English. As a great alternative, we can recommend using the “Camera” function in Google Translate. With it, when you hover over routes, you can see the translation.

On the route, which in Yandex.Maps is designated as a “route taxi”, not a Gazelle, but an ordinary small bus can arrive. Be careful, this, although rare, does happen.

Cost and payment system

The payment system is extremely simple: the cost is fixed, 100 ֏. Pay on exit or entry. Try to keep small money, as the driver may not have change, especially in the morning.

During the late hours, private line drivers can charge up to 200 ֏.


There are 5 trolleybus routes in the capital, which are served by 51 trolleybuses (most of them are LIAZs of the 00s). The fare is 50 ֏. This is the cheapest form of transport. The waiting time for a trolleybus can be somewhat longer than for buses or minibuses.
There are 5 trolleybus routes in Yerevan:

Which areas have the best transport links

The best transport links in Yerevan can be found in the areas of the central part of the city: Kentron, Arabkir and Malatia. It has the most developed public transport network.

Which areas have the worst transport links?

The worst transport connection in Yerevan is in remote areas of the city: Charbakh, Nor Nork (further than the 5th block), Nor Aresh. These areas do not have a developed public transport network, and there are often problems with movement in the evening.

Transport applications

You can find out transport routes in Yerevan using the Yandex.Maps application (Google Play | AppGallery) and site

In the Yandex app, by selecting a specific stop, you can see what kind of transport follows in this direction, as well as the frequency of flights. There is a problem with the schedule in Yerevan: you should not count on the accuracy of the schedule.

Are there controllers?

As for controllers and payment checks, everything is very simple with this in Yerevan: there are none. There is a fine for driving without paying, but, in fact, if you do not pay, you are more likely to face an unpleasant situation with the driver.

Most used city routes

  • Route number 4 Kanaker-Zeitun - Komitas Ave. - Hrazdan Stadium - Dalma Shopping Center
  • Route number 12 Kanaker-Zeytun – Komitas Ave. – Leningradyan – 15th quarter
  • Route number 13 Gazprom Armenia - Komitas - Center - Sari Takh
  • Route number 26 Bangladesh - Center - Nor Nork
  • Route number 29 Nor Nork – Avan – Center – Nerkin Shengavit
  • Route №41 Avan – Center – Tigran Mets Ave – Erebuni
  • Route number 57 15th quarter - Marshal Baghramyan Ave. - Center - "Tashir" shopping center
  • Route №62 Kanaker-Zeytun – Center – Municipality of Yerevan
  • Route №63 Nor Nork – Center – Republic Square – 15th quarter
  • Route number 74 Davtashen – Komitas Ave. – Center – “Erebuni” Museum
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