Textile, bed linen shops in Yerevan

Last updated: 08.08.2023
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Table of contents:

  1. 1. textile toucan
  2. 2. jysk
  3. 3. textile home
  4. 4. LUXETTE
  5. 5. Togas
  6. 6. Vega
  7. 7. Jasmine home
  8. 8. Fortuna home
  9. 9. Zara Home
  10. 10. Mar Art Home

We tell you what are the features of the work of textile stores in the capital of Armenia.

textile toucan

Address: Yerevan, st. Adonts, d.1; st. Arshakunyats, 17/8
Website: http://www.tucan.am/
Contact details: +374 10 230002, +374 96 230002, +374 43 830002
Schedule: 10:00-20:00
Social network: Facebook and Instagram

You can pay for products in cash. Orders are accepted by physical presence or by phone number. Delivery in Yerevan is free, outside the capital it is negotiated on an individual basis.


Address: Yerevan, Gay Ave., 16; Tsitsernakaberd highway, building 3
Website: https://www.jysk.am/
Contact details: +374 10 703350, +374 99 703340, +374 91 703340, info@homebase.am
Schedule: 10:00-22:00 (Mon-Fri), 10:00-20:00 (Sat-Sun)
Social network: Facebook and Instagram

The order can be made by phone number or through a special form on the website. Cash payment is possible only upon receipt of the order. Delivery - only in Yerevan within 3 days after placing the order. Purchases up to 100,000 AMD - 1,000 AMD. Anything over - 5,000 AMD. Important: towels, mattress covers, bathrobes, slippers and other textile products are non-refundable.

textile home

Address: Yerevan, st. Komitas, d.7; st. Komitas, d.51/7;
Website: https://textilehome.am
Contact details: +374 12 420002, +374 99 442199, info@textilehome.am
Schedule: 11:00-20:00
Social network: Facebook and Instagram

Bedding directly from the manufacturer and importer. The cost of the delivery service in Yerevan is 1,000 AMD. For purchases from 7,000 AMD and above - free. Important: you can pay for the purchase with a MIR card.

To return products, you must fill out a special form on the official website. The choice of language is Russian or Armenian.


Address: Yerevan, st. Tumanyan, 12;
Website: https://luxette.am/
Contact details: +374 10 500575
Schedule: 10:00-20:00 (Mon-Sat), 10:00-18:00 (Sun)
Social network: Facebook

Delivery cost - 1000 in Yerevan. Delivery outside the capital is negotiated personally with the client. In terms of assortment - mattress covers, pillows, bedspreads, bathrobes, towels and much more. You can pay both in cash and by bank transfer.


Address: Yerevan, Northern Avenue, 6/2; Shopping center "Dalma"
Website: https://www.togas.com/ru/
Contact details: +374 60 747074, +374 60 747075, +374 94 163114
Schedule: 10:00-22:00
Social network: Instagram

The well-known Greek brand is actively represented in Armenia and Russia. Non-cash payment, terms and cost of delivery - on an individual basis.


Address: Yerevan, st. Sayat-Nova, 33 (total 9 points)
Website: https://vega.am/ru/
Contact details: +374 60 688888, info@vega.am
Schedule: 10:00-21:00 (depending on the store)
Social network: TelegramFacebook and Instagram

Part of the largest Vega hypermarket in Armenia. Products can be purchased in installments and credit. Payment not only by bank cards, but also by the Telcell payment system (a QR code is generated for the purchase). Delivery terms depend on the point of departure and seasonality. Most often, when buying in the amount of 10,000 AMD or more, delivery is free.

Jasmine home

Address: Yerevan, st. Mazmanyan, d.1; st. Shinararneri, 15; Gai Ave., 8/2; st. T. Petrosyan, 44/1
Website: https://jasminehome.am/ru/
Contact details: +374 94 445442, +374 94 445 442, info@jasminehome.am
Schedule: 09:00-19:00
Social network: Instagram and Facebook

400 products are presented in Jasmine Home. It is convenient to place an individual order through a special form on the website. There is a hotline and a chatbot for questions about products.

Fortuna home

Address: Yerevan, st. A. Avetisyan, 63
Website: https://fortunahome.am/ru
Contact details: +374 10 270077, +374 43 270077, +374 99 270078, info@fortunahome.am
Schedule: 11:00-20:00
Social network: Instagram and Facebook

Fortuna Home & Country House store presents to the Armenian consumer more than 40 famous European brands (Nardi, Gimi, Higold, Cogal, Galileo (Villa D'Este), Colombo, Bizzotto, Enzo De Gasperi, Fazzini, Marzotto Lanerossi, ADS, Velcoc, Scab , Biederlack, Bacchetta, Madel, etc.)

Return of goods - only with the physical presence in the store. Payment by bank transfer or cash upon receipt. Delivery is carried out within 3 working days, with purchases over 20,000 AMD - free of charge.

Zara Home

Address: Yerevan, Arshakunyats Ave., 34/3 (Yerevan Mall)
Website: https://www.zarahome.com/am/
Contact details: +374 41 411044
Schedule: 10:00-22:00
Social network: Facebook and Instagram

Mar Art Home

Address: Yerevan, st. Komitas, 40/2
Contact details: +374 91 922226, a.mariam96@mail.ru
Schedule: 09:30-21:00
Social network: Facebook and Instagram

The range includes bed linen, blankets, towels, bedspreads, pajamas and much more. Delivery over AMD 20,000 is free. It is possible to send purchases outside of Armenia. Conditions - depending on the amount of the order and the point of delivery.

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