Yerevan city in Armenia: what to see in Yerevan, what is famous for and how to get there

The city of Yerevan in Armenia: what to see, what is famous for and how to get there

The city of Yerevan in Armenia: what to see, what is famous for and how to get there

Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia. This is a city whose roots go deep into antiquity, the trunk of which has withstood and strengthened from many historical events, and the branches welcome modernity. Yerevan is an open and hospitable city. It accepts Armenians from all over the country and foreign residents. There is a place for everyone here, because the city is diverse, it combines antiquity with a fresh look, and tranquility with noise and fun.


  1. History of the city of Yerevan: past and present
  2. How to get to the city?
  3. What to do in Yerevan

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    2. Theaters
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    4. Souvenir trip
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  5. Excursions
  6. Where to stay
  7. Where to eat: cafes and restaurants

History of the city of Yerevan: past and present

The year of foundation of Yerevan is considered to be 782 BC. Then King Argishti I built the fortress city of Erebuni. Subsequently, the name changed, adapting to the local dialect, B turned into V.

Trade caravans passed through Yerevan, it was the largest and most important city in the Ararat valley. Yerevan was considered a cultural and political center when the capitals of Armenia were cities from the Ararat region.

Numerous raids were made on Yerevan by the Turks, Persians, and Mongols. In the 16th century, when Yerevan was under Iranian rule, the Armenian population was only 20%. Most of the Armenians then lived in the Kond region.

However, it was not the war that caused the fall of the city. In 1679 an earthquake razed Yerevan to the ground. The city was restored in the 1680s.

From 1828 to 1917 Yerevan or, as they said then, Erivan was part of the Russian Empire. The city quickly grew and developed. Roads were built, schools, theaters, churches were built, the architectural style changed towards the European one.

For two years, from 1918 to 1920, Armenia was independent. Yerevan became the capital of the Republic. Then the Republic of Armenia became part of the USSR. It was decided to rebuild Yerevan. According to the project of the Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan, the layout of Yerevan was radial-circular. Demolished old houses, churches, caravanserais and other buildings, paved new streets. Yerevan began to be called the "pink city" because the buildings in the center were lined with pink tuff.

Today, Yerevan is the largest city in terms of the number of inhabitants in the Republic of Armenia. He is full of life and energy. There are schools and kindergartens, colleges and universities, theaters, many museums and galleries, both public and private. It has its own metro, international airport, railway and bus stations.

Yerevan is attractive for local and foreign entrepreneurs, big business is developed. Every year the number of small businesses and local brands is growing. We talk about them on the page. Move2Armenia Market on Instagram. More and more creators of their own products are trying to convey the Armenian culture through their products. For example, the owner Sonmade imprints star-stones from Artsakh on pottery. put traditional patterns and the Armenian alphabet on their scarves. And in Misma national ornaments are embroidered on pillows. In this article, we will talk more about souvenirs from Yerevan. Now we only note that products from local brands can become such gifts for loved ones and yourself.

Yerevan hosts festivals, concerts of international stars, big sporting events. But it's hot here not only because of the number of bright events. The climate in the city is arid, sultry, in summer the average temperature is +25 °C. In winter, Yerevan residents are pleased with the snow, but it quickly melts. The average temperature in January is -5 °C. Due to the elevation difference in different areas of the capital, the weather may vary.

How to get to the city?

Yerevan is home to Zvartnots International Airport. Direct flights are available to over 40 destinations. If upon arrival in Yerevan you have any questions, for example, how to get from the airport to the city center or which SIM card to buy, contact the Move2Armenia information desk in the arrivals area, it is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00. Or write to Telegram @move2armenia_official.

You can get to the capital of Armenia by rail from Batumi (Georgia).

Buses to Yerevan run from Tbilisi (Georgia) and Tehran (Iran). Accordingly, from these countries you can get to Armenia by car.

In the FAQ section, we talked in detail about trips to buses and trains.

What to do in Yerevan

Yerevan is the largest city in Armenia, and the capital has many places and activities worth your attention. Let's talk about some of them. If you want to visit all the iconic places in one trip, we suggest renting a car in Move2Car.

Museums and galleries

History Museum of Armenia and National Gallery of Armenia

Many tourists, arriving in a new country, first of all go to the historical museum and gallery. These are suitable places to get an idea of the state from its inception to our time.

The History Museum of Armenia and the National Gallery of Armenia are located in the very center of Yerevan, on Republic Square. In 2023, several halls are under restoration, and only a smaller part of the exposition is open. However, this does not interfere with getting to know Armenia at all. The historical museum exhibits ancient exhibits, for example, the oldest shoes in the world, found in the Areni cave. There is also an impressive collection of traditional Armenian jewelry.

The gallery shows the works of Armenian impressionists, various exhibitions are constantly held. For example, several halls are occupied by the exposition “Martiros Saryan. Book and Art”, which presents illustrations by the great Armenian artist.

We conclude that the historical museum and gallery is a must-visit.

The city and the country are known through their inhabitants, so we suggest looking further into several museum houses.

House-Museum of Lusik Aguletsi

Lusik Aguletsi is a unique woman. You can say, a true Armenian. All her life she has been collecting pieces of Armenian traditions: dolls, carpets, jewelry, antique furniture and various household items. In everyday life, the artist wore the national costume taraze, and now the workers of her house-museum greet guests this way. To feel the Armenian spirit, you need to go to this place.

The museum houses an art cafe. After viewing the exposition, you can sit down at a table there, take a breath and comprehend everything that you have learned and seen. We offer to order dishes of national cuisine, or maybe just a cup of Armenian coffee. It has not been scientifically proven, but it seems that this is how information about Armenian culture is better perceived.

House Museum of Sergei Parajanov

Director, screenwriter and artist Sergei Parajanov has his own unique style. He looked at the world, at various objects around him and saw harmony. He understood how disparate things can be combined into something beautiful. Sergei Parajanov created unusual collages, paintings, his films are like nothing else. To get acquainted with this extraordinary personality, come to visit him at the house-museum.


Matenadaran is one of the largest manuscript repositories in the world. Here is the largest collection of manuscripts in the ancient Armenian language. There are manuscripts and books in foreign languages donated to the research institute and the museum. You can see the world through the eyes of your ancestors with the help of the maps presented in the Matenadaran. The building in which the museum is located will also surprise you. It looks majestic and monumental - a real temple of science. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet. Come inside, climb the wide staircase with columns and immerse yourself in history.

Museum-Institute of the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute is a place that is emotionally difficult to be in, but a must visit. The genocide, without exaggeration, affected the life of the entire Armenian people. And it is impossible to understand Armenians and Armenia without studying these difficult pages of history. Come to the museum, view the exhibition and spend a few minutes in silence alone with your thoughts.

You will find even more interesting places in our article. "Top 20 museums and galleries in Armenia". Also Move2Armenia Culture organizes free excursions to museums and lectures on the history of Armenia.


Armenian National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. A. Spendiaryan

The main theater of Armenia is the Opera and Ballet Theater in Yerevan. Walking around the city, you will certainly find yourself at this large, but elegant building. On the square in front of the theater life is always in full swing, they ride scooters, roller skates, relax in a cafe. But we offer not only to inspect the building from the outside, but also to go inside. Namely, to watch performances filled with national Armenian flavor. These are the Gayane ballet and the Anush opera. Spectators will enjoy traditional Armenian dances, music and stories.

Russian Drama Theater named after K.S. Stanislavsky

You can continue your cultural vacation in the capital together with the theater. Stanislavsky. In it, productions are performed in Russian, but there are “Armenian” performances in the repertoire. “Brave Nazar” is a play based on the fairy tale by Hovhannes Tumanyan. Through the drama “My name is Komitas”, the viewer will get acquainted with the famous Armenian composer and learn about what the Armenians experienced at the beginning of the 20th century. "Khanuma" is a colorful, bright vaudeville comedy that moves the viewer to Tiflis of the 19th century.

Walk around the city

After a rich cultural program, we suggest taking a walk around the city.

Republic Square

When people talk about the center of Yerevan, they mean Republic Square. It is surrounded by government buildings, the Marriott Hotel, a historical museum and a gallery. There is a large fountain right in front of the museum. From the end of May to October, from Tuesday to Sunday from 20:00 to 22:00, the fountain is transformed. Both locals and tourists gather near it to watch the light and music performance. In clear weather, if you stand with your back to the fountain and look through the arch in the post office, you can see the top of Mount Ararat.


One of the main attractions of Yerevan is the Cascade. In front of this huge staircase there is an alley with unusual modern sculptures. To climb to the very top of the Cascade, you need to overcome several levels. They have fountains and various sculptures. The cascade has not been completed, but nevertheless, the city and Ararat are perfectly visible from its upper point. Exhibitions are held inside the Cascade and there is even a concert hall.


According to the idea of the Soviet and Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan, the center of Yerevan was supposed to be a garden city. And in modern Yerevan, as the architect wanted, there are many parks, squares and alleys.

You can walk from Republic Square to Yerevan City Hall without leaving the "green path". First, you enter the park of the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan, followed by the square named after him. Shaumyan. It passes into the park of the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan. To the right and left of it are two more parks: English and Children's. And everywhere you will see fountains, various statues and green spaces.

The so-called old Yerevan is surrounded by the Yeritasardutyan park. There are rides and a skate park, small ponds and fountains. The northern part of the park smoothly turns into a sculpture garden in front of the Cascade and squares in front of the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

We have already written about the Armenian Genocide Museum. Here we say that it is located in the large Tsitsernakaberd park, where locals like to spend time. Near this vast territory there is another park named after Tumanyan. Children will like it there, because there are several playgrounds and sports grounds in the park. The park offers a view of the Hrazdan Gorge and the Kievyan Bridge.

Botanical Garden

One of the best places for nature walks is the botanical garden. It is good to walk along the alleys, look at unusual plants. You can also go to the greenhouse: according to the idea, it should resemble a flying saucer. A museum of botany is open on the territory, in which there is a laboratory of molecular biology. Unusual plants are grown there and scientific research is carried out.

Modernist Yerevan

Yerevan as an album for studying the architecture of the era of modernism. Walking through the city center alone, you can see the building of the former international telephone exchange, the Rossiya cinema. We have listed the masterpieces of modernism in a separate article. Also we talked to the historian of architecture and art historian Anna Bronovitskaya, which is also enthusiastic about Armenian modernism.

Art Quarter

While walking around the center of Yerevan, you can notice how many people turn and pass under the arch near the house number 4 on Pushkin Street. The fact is that there is the Art Quarter - hidden from the eyes, but a very bright place. Here and pulls artists, artists, creative people. In the courtyard you will see a lot of art objects and greenery. They are good to consider, stopping at a small cafe. You can look into the art gallery, which is located in a former wine cellar. Exhibitions of contemporary artists are regularly held here.

And don't leave empty-handed: the Art Quarter sells works by local artists, as well as vintage shops. Why not a souvenir from Yerevan? Speaking of souvenirs...

Souvenir trip

Souvenir shopping can also be an interesting activity if you know where to go. In the part about the history of Yerevan, we have listed several local brands whose products could be a gift from the capital of Armenia. Here we list a few more places with interesting gizmos.


“Ah, vernissage, ah, vernissage. What a portrait, what a landscape,” one wants to sing as one approaches this place. In Yerevan, Vernissage is a flea market in the very center of the city with various souvenirs, unusual products from local craftsmen. People also come here in search of vintage and even collectible items. Someone is selling an old family library, someone is a whole bag of old coins. There are decorations, paintings, and in general everything that you can imagine.

Nrneni House

The shop at 21 Pushkin Street sells Armenian products: dried fruits, sweets, tea, coffee, alcohol, jam, etc. Such a souvenir will help convey the taste of Armenia. In addition, here you can find dishes with traditional patterns, of course, magnets, as well as jewelry and unusual notebooks.


This gift shop is located on one of the busiest streets in Yerevan, Abovyan Street. The shop has an unusual shape - it looks like you are entering a small tunnel, or maybe a carax - a vessel for wine. There, of course, you will find an obligatory souvenir - a magnet, but also traditional Armenian dolls, dishes with national patterns, skillfully made chess and backgammon - the favorite games of Armenians. Please note that some store visitors do not linger at the gifts, but go straight to the opposite wall and disappear somewhere. The fact is that the souvenir shop is also the entrance to the Abovyan 12 restaurant (it’s easy to understand what address it is).

The restaurant is located right in the courtyard. Be sure to walk along it, look at the pigeons living here, take photos against the wall with painted plates and at the truck / stage for musicians. Then climb up the carved wooden stairs and walk through the Dalan Art Gallery.


Wine cellar Dalan

Do not go far from the restaurant "Abovyan 12" and the gift shop. There is also a wine cellar where wine tastings are held. You will be introduced to the history of this drink, they will tell you how to use it correctly. A bottle of alcohol you like often becomes a souvenir from Armenia, both for relatives and for yourself.

Yerevan brandy-wine-vodka factory "Ararat"

Who does not know about Ararat cognac? This is perhaps the most famous Armenian drink. You can get to the Ararat factory with a tour and learn the secrets of creating cognac. This is followed by a tasting, where visitors will be taught how to properly use a strong drink.

Yerevan brandy-wine-vodka plant "Noy"

We cross the bridge and find ourselves at the building of Ararat's competitor, Noah. We go on a tour with a tasting to compare drinks from different manufacturers.

This plant is located in the building of the former Erivan fortress. Visitors can descend into the cool cellars and even walk through the still-functioning underground tunnel.

If you want to buy cognac, but do not know which one to choose, read our article. There we collected the top 10 best Armenian cognacs and highlighted gift options separately.

Tastings are great entertainment, but far from being the only one in Yerevan. Let's share how else to have fun in the capital.


flow house

As you know, there is no sea in Armenia, but there are waves and surfing. How can this be? The Reebok Sports Club is open Flow House Yerevanwhere they learn to surf on artificial waves. Move2Armenia team there once visited and was very impressed. There were many failures, but also many successes. The flow of water in the Flow House is strong, the water is at a comfortable temperature, the trainers are professional and pleasant to talk to. You can have a great time, learn to ride, to fly to the sea-ocean to surprise others with your skills.

Yerevan Park

Yerevan Park is a large amusement park for the whole family. What is convenient, the carousels are both outdoors and under the roof, so the park is open all year round, you can always find something to ride. Yerevan Park has its own fairy tale, its own heroes, with whom the rides are associated. The characters go to the parade once a day, and then walk around the territory and communicate with the guests.

If you are interested in entertainment for children, then consider offers from our catalog.


Various festivals, bright holidays and other events are held in Yerevan. They can be good fun too.

Yerevan Wine Days

At the beginning of summer, the streets of Saryan, Tumanyan and Moskovyan are blocked in Yerevan for the Wine Days. This is a large-scale event, for which tourists from different countries specially come. Representatives of wineries from all over Armenia are located on all three streets and offer their products for tasting.

But this is not the only alcohol festival. Is there some more…

Yerevan Beer Fest

This is a beer festival or "Beer Days". For two days in a row, on Zakyan Street, breweries introduce their products to guests. Also at the festival, you can try various snacks and dishes that are suitable for an intoxicating drink, listen to live music, participate in games and get prizes for it.

Holiday Vardavar

People come to Armenia and in particular to Yerevan in late July - early August specifically to get to the Vardavar holiday. On this day, it is customary to pour water on each other. Real water battles are organized on the streets. Even the police and fire service take part in the celebration. No one will come out dry from the water.

On the eve of Vardavar 2023, we published an article where we talked about the history of this holiday and how it is celebrated in our time. go over linkif interested.


As we wrote at the beginning, more and more unusual local brands are now appearing in Yerevan. In order for more people to be able to learn about them and purchase products, they organize markets. The largest is the Christmas market at the end of December, markets from and Move2Armenia Market. Every time the organizers try to surprise visitors, introduce them to new brands, organize master classes and draws, and choose non-standard locations.

Follow the announcements of new markets on Instagram.


We talked about places that you can visit on your own or, as in the case of museums and galleries, take a tour inside. Now let's share some companies that organize city tours.

Walk Yerevan

Walk Yerevan leads their guests along unbeaten paths. The most popular route is through the old district of Yerevan, Kondu. Architectural treasures can be found in its courtyards. Here is Yerevan, mothballed in the 18th century. The team also organizes photo walks, trips to the Yerevan Zoo and other exciting excursions.


Excursions with Erevan_online is always well-thought-out, verified routes, comfortable transport and, most importantly, knowledgeable, sensitive, kind and cheerful guides. After exploring the main streets and sights of the city center, guests go to a master class in the Nork area. The company does not reveal all the secrets of what they do at this master class, but we know that not a single guest has ever left dissatisfied and ... hungry.

Talk City

One of the most unusual city tours is the tour with Talk City. Guests are introduced to the city by its residents, famous Armenians, even monuments and the Cascade itself. It is enough to put on the headphones, and the story about Yerevan will begin to the perfectly matched soundtrack. Travelers laugh with the "guides", worry, dance. Sometimes they shed a tear from tenderness, quiet joy and awareness of the opportunity to contemplate beauty.

"Yerevan through the eyes of an engineer"

The team of "Yerevan through the eyes of an engineer" for eight years of work has created unique excursions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi and now came to Yerevan. Guides teach guests to understand the language of architecture. They organize excursions to modernist and constructivist places, to bourgeois Yerevan and scientific centers. They take you to the Kond area, tell you what the uniqueness of its buildings is, and then invite a local resident to the house.

Urban Armenia

If you like extreme sports, unusual, even secret, and sometimes abandoned places, then you are on an excursion to Urban Armenia. The Unusual Travel Agency descends into the salt mine in the Avan district, into the unfinished subway and walks around the Khosrov Reserve near Yerevan.

If you would like to hire a private guide, contact details are given in directory. A here even more travel agencies.

Where to stay


Marriott is the closest hotel to the city center. Its windows overlook Republic Square. The hotel has five stars, conferences, business meetings and receptions are often held here. An outdoor pool and a gym are at guests' disposal.

Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express is suitable for both family and business travellers. The rooms are modern, tasteful and stylish. The hotel is a five minute walk from Republic Square.

Monument Guest House

For those who prefer to stay in guest houses, Monument Guest House is a good choice. Its name is not accidental: from the window, guests see the Mother Armenia monument. In front of the house there is a patio with a swimming pool, where it is good to cool off in summer. And in winter, you can light a fireplace in the house. This is a comfortable stay for the whole family in a quiet area near the center of Yerevan.

MidCity Hostel

MidCity Hostel is located near the Northern Avenue, which leads from the Historical Museum to the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The hostel is comfortable, there is a lounge area and a terrace for relaxation. The reception is open 24/7 and always ready to help guests.

RetroCity Apartments

This hostel is cozy and bright. Guests feel at home thanks to the surroundings and attentive and friendly staff. Nearby is the Opera House, Yeritasardutyan Park and Yeritasardakan Metro Station.

Many other hotels, guest houses and hostels are listed in directory.

Where to eat: cafes and restaurants

Let's say at the very beginning about the popular fast food: there is no McDonald's in Armenia, but there is KFC. You can order delivery from this and other establishments, for example, using the Glovo service. There are often discounts.

De Angelo

De Angelo is the place that comes to mind when you imagine a restaurant somewhere in Paris with tables outside. French music plays here, polite waiters, pleasant atmosphere and European dishes.

Buzand Cafe Restaurant

Buzand's priority is customer comfort. Cafe design in warm colors, so that the guest would like to stay, relax, chat with friends, relatives, colleagues. To European dishes you will be helped to choose the right wine.


Yasaman strives to create a homely atmosphere. This is a large restaurant with several indoor halls for a friendly company, family. Dishes from different cuisines, both European, Russian and Armenian.

Gluten free bakery

A find for vegetarians, vegans, those who do not consume gluten, lactose or sugar, but at the same time love desserts and pastries. Gluten-free bakeries bake pies, breads, cakes and pastries without sacrificing taste, proving that sweets can be healthy.

Crumbs The Bread Factory

Crumbs The Bread Factory combines a cafe, a bakery and a patisserie. Chefs prepare dishes, pastries and desserts by hand every day and only according to proven recipes. Everything here is fresh, fragrant and filled with bright flavors.

Buddha Hall

Buddha Hall is a restaurant-club. As in a good restaurant, there is a wide selection of Asian and European dishes. And like in a good club, there are parties with DJs, entertainment, live music and cocktails.

Beer Academy Ethnograph

The Beer Academy Ethnograph bar has an unusual concept: the owners of the bar found and recreated old recipes of Armenian dishes. You can order craft beer and watch the food being prepared in the gastro-yard. The location of the bar was also thought over: it is located in a building built at the end of the 19th century.

Even more cafes and restaurants for every taste and means in our directory.

The capital city of Yerevan is a center of attraction for tourists from different countries. Having visited the main city of Armenia, we suggest going to explore the country further and get acquainted with other major cities: Dilijan and Vanadzor.

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