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10 private and fee-paying public schools in Yerevan

10 private and fee-paying public schools in Yerevan

Foreigners in Armenia are accepted into local public free schools. Many of them even offer Russian-language classes. However, some parents prefer to choose educational institutions on a fee basis. Often, training in them takes place according to the original program, they devote more time to specific subjects and in particular languages, and a variety of electives are open. If you are considering a fee-paying school option, this article is for you.

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  1. Primary School
  2. Primary and secondary school
  3. All school levels

Primary School


In this school students study from the first to the fourth grade according to the Armenian educational system. There are Russian-language classes with no more than 15 children. The Armenian language is taught from scratch, and English classes are often held, for example, in the third grade, five hours a week. There are electives, excursions, and classes in the pool. Parents especially note the work of the theater club: in the third grade, two large performances were staged in a year. The tuition fee - 150,000 drams per month - includes three meals a day and an after-school period in which children do their homework. Transfer to school is available for a fee.

Addresses: st. Adontsa, 4/3; st. Adontsa, 6/2 

Telephone: +374 99 950440

Social network: Facebook, Instagram

Innovative educational platform "Dragonfly"

Strekoza has organized a mixed part-time and part-time education system under the School of Russia program. First-graders are enrolled in the International School of Tomorrow (private Moscow). There are about 10 people in classes. Students not only gain knowledge in compulsory subjects and in accordance with Federal State Educational Standards, but also acquire soft skills, learn to communicate, show their emotions, and express their own opinions. Teachers encourage creative thinking and innovative solutions. The price of training is 80,000 drams per month, the price includes an extension. Upon completion of four classes, schoolchildren are enrolled in the Russian Educational Center "Perspective". We will talk about it below.

Address: st. Henri Barbussa, no. 2

Telephone: +374 93 096902 (WhatsApp)

Social network: Facebook, Instagram

Photo: CDC

Primary and secondary school


The Yerevan school is a branch of the Sophia Nyberg Mathematical Lyceum in Moscow. Students are assigned to it, accordingly, training takes place according to the Russian program, and upon completion they are issued a Russian certificate. Children are accepted from first to seventh grade. The cost of training in the seventh is $400, in the rest - $570 per month, four meals a day are included. As in Moscow, mathematics and English are studied in depth here. Children and their parents are delighted with the variety of clubs and the author’s methodology. For example, children learn sword fighting and create their own science projects. From time to time, specialists are invited to the school for those wishing to delve deeper into the subject. After school there are additional classes that even adults can attend.

Address: st. Nairi Zaryana, 2/3

Telephone: +374 98 980755

Website and social networks: nyberg.am, Facebook, Instagram

"Free School"

A private school in which training is carried out according to Federal State Educational Standards standards, but enhanced by proprietary methods. Children come here with joy and do not want to leave, they are interested in learning, they are ready to communicate and make friends, and are not afraid to make mistakes. Here, from the first grade, English is studied in depth, and in secondary school you can choose a subject that will be entirely in a foreign language. A compulsory subject is Armenian. After classes, after-school activities, electives and sections are organized, for example, on financial literacy and programming, dance and art. Adults are also satisfied with the established community of parents. They can all get together over a cup of coffee, discuss teaching issues, and talk with teachers who are open to feedback. In classes of up to 16 people, tuition fees: grades 0–4 – 1,600,000 drams per year, grades 5–9 – 1,750,000 drams per year. There are no 10th and 11th grades, but the school organizes classes with tutors. If it is necessary to pass certification, students are assigned to a Moscow school.

Address: Mashtots Ave., 28/1

Telephone: +374 43 293849

Website and social networks: liberated.school, Facebook, Instagram

Azat Mitk ("Free Consciousness")

A small private school with classes of 6–7 students, in which each student is given as much time as he needs to fully understand the subject. At the same time, grades are not given, since a clear feedback system from teachers has been built, and children learn to evaluate their knowledge independently and determine their weak and strong points. Discipline does not suffer from this. Despite the fact that the education is 9 grades, teachers can prepare for passing both the OGE and the Unified State Exam, IB and Foundation. Homework is done at school, and on weekends they attend clubs, for example, “Young Millionaire”, or training in the martial art of kendo. Here they pay great attention to the health of children: they study on Tamagotchi chairs to maintain their posture. And another plus and distinctive feature of Azat Mitk is that school supplies are provided by the educational institution itself. The cost of training is 220,000 drams per month. Children from Russia go here and receive Moscow school certificates. And local students or from other countries can receive additional education at Azat Mitk.

Address: st. Nairi Zaryana, 28

Telephone: +374 91 247395

Social network: Instagram

Photo: Taylor Flowe

All school levels


They have been studying at Perspektiva for 11 years under the Russian educational program “School of Russia”, being attached to the International School of Tomorrow. Every school day is full of events, children engage in modeling, create their own board games, prepare interactive presentations, organize holidays and much more. There is no time to be bored. Despite the fact that the students are in a Russian school, a lot of attention is paid to introducing them to Armenian culture. Teachers organize visits to museums, the zoo, and talk about national holidays. Separately, we will say that children are involved in charity through fairs with handmade goods. School tuition fees: grades 1–4 – 80,000 drams per month, grades 5–9 – 90,000 drams per month, grades 10–11 – 110,000 drams per month.

Address: st. David-Bek, 7/5

Telephone: +374 55 401375

Website and social networks: enschool.am, Facebook, Instagram

"Mkhitar Sebastatsi"

The Armenian school “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” differs from the others in this selection in that it does not open Russian-language classes. How did she get into our review? The fact is that the school’s methodologists have developed a special program for the adaptation of Russian speakers. Children organically immerse themselves in the Armenian language environment without experiencing stress. Upon enrollment, the student’s area of interest is learned and an individual work plan is drawn up. Teachers and classmates help them during lessons, and free Armenian courses are organized after classes. If difficulties arise, you can talk to a tutor or psychologist. Newcomers here quickly make local friends, even among high school students who run the Adaptation Laboratory. In this school, children feel free, because there are no long narrow corridors, the spaces are spacious and bright; it is a suitable place to apply the latest educational technologies. Excursions and tent camps are organized here, and children participate in international competitions abroad. If you want your child to study remotely, then an individual program will be drawn up for him and he will be given access to a personal blog. Tuition fees: grades 1–5 – 20,000 drams per month, grades 6–12 – 35,000 drams per month.

Address: st. Raffi, no. 57

Phones: +374 10 747246; +374 91 431099

Website and social networks: mskh.am, Facebook, Instagram

RAU School "Usmunk"

The Usmunk school with Russian-language classes has been opened at the Russian-Armenian University. Children study for 12 years according to the Armenian system and, based on the results of final exams, can be enrolled in state-funded places at the RAU. This school is popular among Russian-speaking migrants, so parents say that there are not always free places in the classes. Please note that there are up to 14 people in one class. Since the school has strong ties with the university, in the 11th and 12th years of study, students are divided into areas: physics and mathematics, chemistry and biology, socio-economics and the humanities. A similar system is now in effect in many Russian schools. Students have full access to university facilities: gym, computers, library, etc. They take additional classes in the theatre, literature and film clubs. In primary school, homework is done in an extended day group. The cost of training is 1,250,000 drams per year.

Address: st. Hovsep Emin, 4 lane, next to the RAU building

Telephone: +374 10 201611

Website and social network: usmunk.rau.am, Facebook


The “Slavic” secondary school is included in the Register of Foreign Russian Schools, and the program is compiled on the basis of both Armenian and Russian requirements. At the same time, education is 12 years, and as a result, an Armenian-style certificate is issued. At this school, humanitarian subjects are studied in depth: languages, literature, as well as geography and history (including the Armenian church). As a result, students take the best from two cultures – Russian and Armenian. To make it easier for foreigners to adapt to a new country, they visit the Laboratory of Intensive Teaching of the Armenian Language. In addition, for successful passing of exams, our own Laboratory for preparation for admission is also open. The cost of training is 60,000 drams per month.

Address: st. Charentsa, 75

Telephone: +374 10 559404

Website and social network: slavyanskaya.school, Facebook (inactive)

Gymnasium named after A.G. Yeritsyan at the branch of Moscow State University named after. M.V. Lomonosov

The gymnasium at Moscow State University has a high level of education. Children are accepted based on exams and interviews from the 7th grade. Foreigners can study in Russian, but according to the Armenian system until grade 12. Here three subjects are studied in depth and intensively prepared for entering a university. At the same time, there is an opportunity to communicate with the teaching and student staff of Moscow State University. This is an excellent opportunity to understand what students are ready to connect their future with and which university is right for them. The gymnasium has a point-rating system of assessment, which makes it possible to more accurately convey the success of students. In addition, those who stand out are given discounts on training. In addition to lessons, you can engage in sports and creativity, and join hobby clubs. The cost of training is 1,100,000 drams per year.

Address: st. Vardanants, 17

Phones: +374 11 900111 (ext. 147), +374 55 900113 (WhatsApp)

Website and social network: school.msu.am, Facebook

Photo: Redd F

If you are choosing a school, or your child is already receiving education at a fee-paying school in Yerevan, share your experience of searching and interacting with educational institutions in the comments.

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10 private and fee-paying public schools in Yerevan
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